As El Salvador’s Ruthless Misleader Robert D’Aubuisson, the Misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu Can Also Be Documentably Characterized as a “Pathological Liar”


November 13, 2015 by Alfred

During the horrific years of Ronald Reagan’s support of the murderous autocratic regime of the right-wing extremist Arena party leader D’Aubuisson, our high integrity, formidably principled U.S. Ambassador Robert F. White, refused to go along with the Reagan administration’s attempt to white wash and/or dismiss D’Aubuisson’s egregiously dishonest and murderous suppression of El Salvador’s people, and at some point characterized D’Aubuisson correctly as a “pathological liar.”

D’Aubuisson was also known as being an admirer of Hitler, but that did not seem to bother President Reagan. The Hitler-loving D’Aubuisson was quoted as saying, “You Germans were very intelligent. You realized that the Jews were responsible for the spread of Communism and you began to kill them”.

This prompted Ronald Reagan to request his Secretary of State Alexander Haig,  to not only remove this our superb career diplomat, Robert F. White from his post in El Salvador,  but to boo he decided to force him out of the Foreign Service altogether.

Currently we have the bizarre scenario of  having President Obama being apparently forced to put up with a similarly decadent misleader who carries out crimes against humanity, who violates brazenly international law, and who in effect generates reprisal violence by the victims of his brutal repression, who also happens to be characterizable as a “pathological liar” and has been thusly characterized by former President Sarkozy  of France (who is Jewish)  when he told Obama that he considers Netanyahu a liar, in response to which, President Obama said, “you are fed up with him, but I have to deal with more than you do” .

The name of this misleader is, as most Americans would immediately guess it correctly, Benjamin Netanyahu.

With this short preface, this writer calls attention now to the fact that during his most appearance in Washington, DC on November 9, 2015, to demand more billions of dollars of U.S. military aid, and to be honored by the extreme right-wing American Enterprise Institute by the same award it has bestowed on the prime driver of our invasion of Iraq in 2003 on the basis of fabricated falsehoods, we now can see the ten most outrageous falsehoods which PM Netanyahu  uttered during this recent visit.

It is also of major importance to note that these were the lies Netanyahu got away with uttering in response to soft-ball questions by an inexperienced interviewer of the Center for American Progress (CAP), which apparently fails to be progressive when it comes to Israel issues as a result of undue influence of AIPAC and Clinton.

As it turns out, thanks to incisive Intercept investigations, and leaked e-mails, it seems that its staff is censored and had its work edited so as not to appear critical of Israel, and furthermore it seems that both Hillary and Bill Clinton have a lot to do with CAP assuming this outrageous politically correct stance which in effect covers up the truth.

One thought on “As El Salvador’s Ruthless Misleader Robert D’Aubuisson, the Misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu Can Also Be Documentably Characterized as a “Pathological Liar”

  1. aliceny says:

    And ‘dealing with him,’ is the hypocritical excuse that no-guts Obama uses as an excuse not
    to do the honorable, courageous thing when he is boldly and unashamedly blackmailed
    by the criminal Netanyahu?

    I remember the Central American bloodbath – under the aegis of the C.I.A. in conjunction
    with major American corporations — AND carried out by death squads trained by American
    military in Georgia. The name has since been changed but the dirty work still continues!

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