As Netanyahu Returns for More Billions He Continues to Dissemble While the Washington Post Fails to Respectfully and Properly Report on the Protestors


November 12, 2015 by Alfred


This writer attended a “Rally Against Netanyahu Visit & Arms Giveaways to Israel” on November 9, 2015.

Unexplainably The Washington Post did not report on this event which took place in the evening during cold rain across the street from the venue where Netanyahu was addressing his guests.

The following is the text of a letter-to-the-editor of the Washington Post.


The PM of Israel, Netanyahu,  continues to insult the President of the USA.


He tried to sabotage the President’s diplomacy with Iran, he now has appointed as the chief of what is oxymoronically characterized by Israel as the post of “public diplomacy”, a man who slurred  President Obama an “anti-Semite” and who further insulted our Secretary of State, by stating that he has the “intellect of a 12-year old.”


This PM of Israel is in violation of international law having, inter alia,  carried out a monstrous massacre in Gaza in 2014 and having continued to refuse to abide by  the UN mandated withdrawal of invaded and occupied Palestinian territories.


Now he comes to Washington to demand billions of our taxpayer’s dollars in addition to those Israel already receives,  and he is in Washington also to be honored by the American Enterprise Institute which celebrates anyone who opposes President Obama.


Yesterday evening, in the cold rain, traffic was closed on 4th Street for an impressive rally against arms giveaways to Israel attended by people of all backgrounds and – most notably by scholarly, decent, progressive Jews and even  by some Orthodox Jews, all of who were denouncing the shamelessness of what Netanyahu demands from the U.S. , something which literally adds insult to injury.  The rally represented a coalition of 22 national and local organizations.


Nevertheless, if one read the Washington Post the morning after, one would know nothing about this reality !

It behooves The Washington Post to honor its readers right to be accurately informed and to publish a report on this matter.

Dana Milbank, to his credit, has written a good analysis on this subject but it did not address the evening articulate, orderly opposition rally in front of the venue where the American Enterprise Institute disgraced itself by  honoring this misleader of Israel by hosting and award gala attended by tuxedo and bow tie wearing guests.

Today, on November 12, 2015 the Post published an article under the risible headline “Netanyahu Tries to Heal Wounds Over Iran Deal” …

At some point in this article the Post reports that  “At the Center for American Progress, where a small group of protesters gathered in a light rain, to denounce his appearance, Netanyahu argued that taking too many steps on the road to a two-state solution to the Palestinian issue might be bad bargaining “.

How perversely pathetic.

Both, in the way the Post grotesquely under reports the protestors which were no “small group” and in any way quantity does not reflect quality and the quality of the speakers was superb as exemplified by a declaration by highly regarded Phillis Bennis, Director of New Internationalism Project of the prestigious Institute of International Policy, and in the way Netanyahu dishonesty distorts reality.

One thought on “As Netanyahu Returns for More Billions He Continues to Dissemble While the Washington Post Fails to Respectfully and Properly Report on the Protestors

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for always speaking speaking truth to power in this American age of corruption and cover-ups. Have shared your article on Twitter and Facebook. Would love to see more on Israel’s possible role in 9/11

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