Hidden in Plain Sight is the Outline of a Potentially Peaceful Solution to the Violence in the Middle East


November 17, 2015 by Alfred

This writer humbly submits a proposal for an end to the nightmarish violence by government actors and non-government actors which is wreaking havoc and terrible tragedies for all affected in the Middle East as well as in America and in Europe.

Hidden in plain sight is the historical reality which when studied from a scholarly perspective reveals that after this most recent explosion of anger and brutally lethal violence in Paris which has victimized innocent unarmed civilians of all backgrounds, the national and international reactions in the past and now being undertaken by France within the context of its revenge bombings of Syria are part of an untenable and failed response which only exacerbates the problems it allegedly is attempting to solve.

The world’s poorest countries in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and in the Middle East have during the colonialist era been ruthlessly, violently invaded and colonized for the exploitation of their natural and human resources.

Spain, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France were the worst colonialist powers during said colonialist era.   In addition to using recklessly and brutally  weapons to put down the resistance fighters against these plunderous and murderous assaults, the conquerors of these so-called “Third World” nations abusively used their pseudo – Christian religious cultural programmations  to attempt to bring about the complacency and submission of the conquered.

Fast forward to the post-colonialist era of neo-imperialist, neo-conservative, and even neo-liberal rationalizing modification of the colonialist era tactics, we find mostly Britain, France, and the U.S. involved in the implantation and support of corrupted elites of puppet regimes in the afore-mentioned regions while simultaneously and dishonestly proclaiming the glories of freedom and democracy only to the go about becoming complicit in the crushing of such democracies when they actually have evolved as in, inter alia, Iran, Guatemala, Chile, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Egypt, and many other countries,

In the Middle East most particularly the West divided to conquer and imposed dictatorial regimes in its pursuit of control of fossil fuels.

This first was threatened seriously during the mid 50’s when the peoples of the Middle East under the leadership of Gamal Abdel Nasser decided to manifest their quest for a united Arabia under the name of United Arab Republics.

This happened about a decade after the violent British-facilitated violent implantation of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion, which was opposed by most Jews at the time, but supported by the West and by the Zionist * Jews and their Zionist Evangelist supporters, an implantation which resulted in  75% of the lands of the Palestinians being stolen from them on with close to one million being expelled from Palestine on the pretext of the Nazi genocide of Jews and others.    Prime Minister Golda Meyer falsely characterized Palestine as ” a land without people for people without land  “.

Fast forward now to the present day era, particularly after the 1967 war of hegemonic expansion by the Israel-in-Palestine implantation of said nationalization embodiment of the Jewish religion,  and coupling this to the 2003 invasion and destruction of Iraq on the basis of false claims by Cheney/Bush et al., we are now in the midst of the most violent period in history in the Middle East as a result of the accumulation of hate and exasperation of all affected by the U.S. and the Israeli aggression in the region.

This period is indisputably on the basis of the  scholarly analyses of the objective historical documentation,  the product of decades of mostly U.S. continued support of Arab dictatorships, and of an irrational policy of unconditional support for the Zionist* power structures of Israel, both of which have wrought endless suffering for the peoples of the Middle East, and most particularly for the Palestinian people.

The result has been that “we the people” in America as well as the peoples of the former colonialist European powers, are finding themselves increasingly in a hostage kind of situation, being in the crossfire of Western government’s aggression and terrorizingly violent reprisal attacks by the victims of the West’s supported Arab dictatorships.  These attacks are meted out on innocent citizens of the West.

This unacceptable cycle of violence has become like a competition game which must come to an end now.

Additionally, of course, as result of the destruction of Libia, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan as viable states, sectarian Sunni -Shiite battles have further terrorized the innocent moderate Moslems in the Middle East, thus generating millions of refugees who are fleeing to Europe and who, today were told by the governors of 27 American states, will not be allowed to seek refugee in their states.  Another manifestation of what can reasonably characterized as an un-American behavior on part of said governors, since these people are fleeing the people who are terrorizing them and the innocent people in the West, namely us as well.

The September 11, 2001 attacks on the Trade Towers committed by 9 out 11 Saudi Arabs attackers was instantly exploited politically to invade Iraq by Cheney/Bush et al.  on the basis of outright fabricaticated claims,  and from then on, something which gave rise to Al Qaeda crystalized and now the Islamic State has come into being.  The former was designated mostly to carry out terrorizing attacks and the latter to engage in and hold land grabs.

So, at this point this writer comes to the point of this article.

With the attack on Paris and President Hollande’s decision to send an aircraft carrier to Syria, to carry out massive bombardments of Syria,  we are now at a bifurcation which will either lead us in the direction of even more catastrophic destruction at home and abroad, or contrariwise will allow us to use the opportunity for us to unite and embrace what is in effect, as the title of this article described as ,  “Hidden in Plain Sight is the Beginning of a Peaceful Solution to the Violence in the Middle East“.

The former option is the one disseminated in propagandistic and inflammatory ways and is an irrational, unwise, reactionary option, laden with mindless macho bravado testosterone bereft of substance, pushed forcefully by mostly right-wing neocon Republicans and a few neo-liberal  Democrats, who are only responsive to the agenda of the special interests of the industrial-military complex, and the toxic agenda of the super PAC right-wing extremists of such lobbies as the AIPAC lobby, which are un-American and do not represent us.

The latter is the one which can and will lead us once for all away from the self-destructive as well as blood and treasury hemorrhaging hate and fear mongering tactic bereft of a strategy of adding more fuel to the fires raging in the Middle East and possibly thereby speeding them to our homeland.

So, this writer therefore posits the following constructive alternative.


  • The U.S. and Europe end immediately all military aid to the murderous dictatorship of General Al-Sissi in Egypt whose military crushed the only democratically elected government Egypt ever had, namely that of President Morsi, and whose government subsequently carried out a massacre of democracy activist killing some 1,500, and whose government incarcerates bloggers and journalists, including foreign ones without a semblance of a due process, and which has now in prison some 8 thousand members of the Egyptian Islamic Brotherhood which for more that two decades was involved in running networks of clinics, and was involved in electrification projects and was not involved in violent activities.


  • The U.S. and Europe end immediately all military aid to the most egregious generators of violence, suffering, and anger in the Middle East, namely the Wahhabi  regime of the Saudi Arabian dictators, euphemistically called “Crown Princes”, a regime which practices decapitations and other mutilations for even victimless crimes.   This regime additionally has now bombed Yemen and killed some 5,500 of its inhabitants and rendered some 2 million homeless.


  • The U.S. and Europe end immediately all military aid to the dictatorship of Bahrain which called in Saudi Arabian troops to attack and kill democracy activists and which then punished with jailing Bahraini physicians and nurses who tended to the needs of the injured democracy activists.


  • The U.S. and Europe end immediately all military aid to the Zionist power structure of Israel which continues its state-terrorism tactics against the people of Palestine whose land it occupies in defiance of international law and of UN resolutions.  Israel can and will thereby sober up and learn to live in peace in a vibrant Palestinian democracy in what can then become the province of Israel which will not have a so-called absurd “right of return” for people who never were there in first place, other than those based on ancient biblical mythology, something which never granted anyone a lien on the real estate of others.  Incidentally, the  Zionist * narrative which is responsible for the absurd notion that the world’s Jewry support its existence as an Apartheid entity is utterly false, and this writer is fully aware of this fact being the son of parents who survived the Nazi crimes against Jews and others.


  • The U.S. and Europe and China and Russia and Japan must unite in providing the Middle East with humanitarian support, medical, technological assistance, and reconstruction effort support without manipulating and /or intervening in its internal affairs.

This, and only this, approach will set the stage for the containment and eventual delusion of the appeal the so-called Islamic State has to the disenfranchised, frustrated, hopeless, humiliated masses which obviously submit to it in the absence of an alternative and/or even support it in the hope that, from their perspective, the concept of strength through unity will eventually lead to an end in terrorizing violence.

Of course the  underlying concept of a union of Arab states which transcend sectarian religious and/or geopolitical differentiations will also gradually reappear within a non IS lead context and, if that dream is realized within the context of the original “Arab Spring” which was born in Tunisia, then the Arabs and all of us will finally be home free.

The collaboration of the stable most countries in the region, namely Turkey and Iran, will also be essential for this scenario and it would also be  highly inspiring for the rest of the Arab world as the Turks have a relatively moderate Sunni Moslem population and leadership and Iran, has a relatively moderate Shiite population and leadership and if these two societies can enhance the prospect of a solution in internal strife then they can and must be emulated.

To sum up, the militaristic power projection has documentably not been in the past nor it is presently a solution to the so-called “terrorism” problem, in fact it exacerbates it.

Furthermore the trillions of dollars which are used in this mind-boggling militaristic race to the bottom constitute funds our taxpayers want and need to fund social programs, a really affordable single-payer health care system, the first substantive increase in the minimum wages in 40 years, construction of Chinese of European style bullet trains transportation systems, provision of free or low-cost college education, and badly needed infrastructure repairs and maintenance, most of which are creators of jobs.

This combination of a veritable arms embargo on the whole region coupled to the support of all nations capable to invest in justice, peace, and consequently in hope and prosperity, will unavoidably yield a plethora of dividends of all kinds for the present and future generations.

( * ) The characterization “Zionist” is not understood by a vast majority of Americans due to a lack of proper mainstream media coverage of issues relating to Israel, and due to an inadequate objective world history curriculum in our the high schools of America.
So, with this in mind, this writer will post a short scholary video which will prove to be educational, even though entire books have been written about this ideology which often is deliberately conflated with the term “Judaism” which is misleading since this qualifying adjective is also applicable to evangelist who are therefore called “Zionist Evangelists”.

What is most important to bear in mind is that often the most decent, humanist, dedicated, scholarly, peaceful conflict resolution supporting Jews, who can even be Torah scholars, as well as Orthodox Jews,  who however by virtue of their philosophy are opposed to the “Zionist” ideology, are often, but not always, unjustly defamed by Zionists as being calumniatingly, oxymoronically, and bizarrely characterized as being characterized as “anti-Semitic“.







4 thoughts on “Hidden in Plain Sight is the Outline of a Potentially Peaceful Solution to the Violence in the Middle East

  1. Aura Syed says:

    An appropriate backgrounder to recent violence in Paris and the consequent made-up ‘hysteria’ of political elites and mainstream media to perpetuate and intensify the same failed policies of war and domination that has led to the current horrible situation in the world. This world is on fire and something new–out of the box– has to urgently done to bring peace.

  2. JOHN TRIPLETT says:

    Certainly the points and explanations of this column are very educational and valid.

    It seems that our nation and leaders just cannot ween us off the Military Industrial Complex to even consider most of the valid necessary recommendations.

  3. aliceny says:

    This is magnificent, Alfred. Every statement that you make here can be verified – by many sources.
    It is especially important that you started with the roots of this hatred. That is the Colonial Era
    when the seeds were planted by Europeans and have been festering until the present day, resulting in a conflagration that could very well end in WWIII. I have been saying
    nearly the same thing as you have.

    (Looking, too, at the genocide and internecine warfare in Africa – that, too, is the direct result of the Colonial Era when
    the ‘wealth’ of those countries (gold, land, minerals, oil especially) were stolen and the indigenous
    peoples enslaved – long before they aided and abetted in selling their own people to the
    European slave traders.

    I hope that you find ways to get this message out, Alfred. There are things that you have said
    here that many Americans are not aware of.

  4. Marie Spike says:

    Kudos on your excellent, practical and rational first steps toward a peace in the Middle East.

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