At Long Last the First Warrant for the Arrest of Israel Misleader PM Netanyahu Has Been Issued


November 18, 2015 by Alfred

The wheels of justice grind slowly but inexorably reach the objective of bringing to justice violators of international law.

For the crimes committed by the Israeli government during its criminal assassination of members of the Freedom Flotilla which in 2010 was bringing much-needed humanitarian relief supplies to what Israel turned into the world’s greatest concentration camp, Spain is now the first government to issue an arrest warrant for Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu along with other high-ranking Israeli officials, particularly former foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman.

The EU now must follow suit and have its parliament proceed accordingly.

As expected, Netanyahu and other Zionist members of his cabinet will issue the stale, inoperative, and dishonest declaration that now Spain is “anti-Semitic”, a declaration which is so bizarrely absurd that it acquires at this stage a truly risible effect.

In fact, more than once, Netanyahu was the object of criminal investigations by the Israeli police for his abusive spending of state funds.

On the basis of Netanyahu’s past record of characterizing even mild critics of the massacres he ordered in the Summer of 2014 against the innocent unarmed civilian population of Gaza,  one can plausibly assume that he would be tempted to characterize the Israeli Police “anti-Semitic” as well, if he could away with such nonsense.

One thought on “At Long Last the First Warrant for the Arrest of Israel Misleader PM Netanyahu Has Been Issued

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Wonderful news! This is the only peaceful and effective way to stop international criminals. Bush Cabal has to be next!

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