The NRA-GOP Axis of Hypocrisy And Corrupted Politicians Blocks Our Quest for Security and Peace


November 23, 2015 by Alfred

The NRA-GOP Impediment to Security and Peace

The previous trilogy of Argentum Post articles focused on (a) the dearth of any comprehensive national conversation on a non-militarist (or minimalist militarist) alternative to contain and defuse the Daesh violence in the Middle East and in Europe, (b) the woefully inadequate reporting by the mainstream media on the massive infrastructure destruction and killing of the unarmed civilian populations in the Arab world as a result of the massive aerial strikes now by France,  Russia, and the United States, something which has been since the U.S. invasion of Panama under George Herbert Bush, insultingly and frivolously characterized as merely “collateral damage“, and (c) the ignominious lack of a national conversation on the direct consequence of the militarist approach which in effect, most scholars agree, actually increases the recruitment objectives of Daesh and therefore results in an increase in blowback attacks by Daesh.

What is most obscenely and conspicuously absent in the conversations of politicians and in the mainstream media,  as we mourn day after day the more than 100 murdered victims in Paris, is that the literally surreal availability of weapons, in the United States most particularly, goes on unabatedly mostly because of the right-wing extremist mentality of predominantly Republican but also some Democrat politicians, who in synergy with the undue influence lobby of the National Rifle Association have in the past and are presently  endangering our individual and national security by a deliberate misinterpretation of the Second Amendment of our constitution which thwarts  the obvious imperative for an immediate enactment of strict weapons acquisition and possession federal legislation.

This state of affairs contradicts and undermines the right “we the people” have in being properly protected from mass murder.

To document what this writer has just expressed the following must be noted.

On a daily basis about 100 Americans are killed by guns.  This is the number of people who were killed in Paris.

It gets worse.

The individuals  listed in the FBI’s consolidated watch list of “known and suspected” terrorists are freely buying guns in the United States !

From 2004 to 2014, the Government Accountability Office has recorded that 2,233 times such “known and suspected” murderers have attempted to buy weapons from Unites Stated dealers, and – incredibly – 91% of the time they have succeeded in purchasing such weapons, i.e. automated human being killing machines.

This is a huge scandal and reveals a state of ethical decadence in our democracy  which is enabled by sociopathic and corrupted politicians who brazenly  ignore their duty to the electorate and abide by temptations of money and the political power  of such a wealthy weapons lobby as the NRA to relentlessly block legislation to enact strict weapons control laws as well as, as has been the case in the nation’s capital, to overrule bans on carrying weapons in public when said Republicans in Congress overruled the Washington, DC citizen’s democratically voted ban.

The Washington Post writer, Christopher Ingraham, needs to be lauded for breaking this silence of this grotesque anomaly in our society.

Additionally, Democrats such as Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) and Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) and many other Democrats also need to be commended  for their efforts to revive measures to expand weapons control restrictions.

The road to enhanced homeland security and thus peace at  home is clear, the NRA and the obstructionist GOP politicians are irrelevant and must be sidelined, and the undue influence of the military-industrial complex must also be checked, as President Eisenhower presciently  warned the American people about at a time when no one would have imagined the Supreme Court would rule in Citizen United v. FEC that “corporations are people”  and hence they have the “freedom” literally to do what amounts to engaging in the processes of   politician bribery.

One thought on “The NRA-GOP Axis of Hypocrisy And Corrupted Politicians Blocks Our Quest for Security and Peace

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Yes, it’s definitely surreal. We really need a reincarnation of Dwight D Eisenhower. Thank you for another desperately needed article on matters of desperation ignored by the mainstream media.

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