Whistleblowers Break the Silence on How Terrorizing and Lethal Drones’ “Collateral Damage” Generate Blowback Terrorizing Attacks

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November 21, 2015 by Alfred

This is the third of a three-part series of Argentum Post articles dedicated to the same subject, namely the imperative that (a) “terrorist” attacks be scholarly analyzed as to their historical genesis, (b) that such attacks be prevented by a synergy of means which must include political negotiations with all affected and concerned, (c) that it be clearly recognized that the synergy of banal clichés, insidiously inflammatory politically opportunistic agendas by right-wing greedy extremist hate and fear mongering corrupted politicians and governance officials, who invent scape goats and who call hysterically and endlessly for militaristic solution, are irrational, inhuman, unethical, and illegal and so counter-productive that they in effect exacerbate the problems, and (d) in the case of the Daesh phenomenon, containment, and defusion by substitution of air bombardments with its massive destruction of innocent human lives and infra-structure will be a more effective and sustainable approach if followed up by massive humanitarian/logistic/technological non-military aid for the resettlement of the refugees.

So, with this preface this writer chooses now to introduce by way of another video interview by Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman, the following USAF now former drone operators who have decided to resign from their positions in protest of the huge damage these aerial attacks have done to the best interests of our nation, to the countless innocent people maimed and killed by them, and to the said drone operators themselves.

These heroic, principled, selfless, former drone operators wrote a letter to their Commander-in-Chief, President Obama, exposing the damage this highly counterproductive and “terrorist” recruitment enhancing program of human extermination does.

Documentary production director Tonje Hessen Schei, has recently produced a documentary on this urgent matter which is now playing in New York City and Toronto.

Interviewing these inspiring young whistleblowers with Amy Goodman is the co-host of the Democracy Now independent news program, Juan Gonzales who was just inducted into the New York Journalism Hall of Fame on Nov. 19. He will become the first Latino journalist to be selected.

These drone operators have carried out bombings in Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

Never quite seeing the people they have been ordered to kill, but only seeing their silhouettes and subsequently when the smoke and dust of the attack lifts the pools of blood drained from their bodies, some of said operators have become so stunned and shocked with what they have done under orders that they have developed post traumatic stress disorders.

The names of these men of extraordinary strength of character and courage for breaking the silence and speaking out are, Brandon Bryat, Michael Haas, Stephen Lewis, Cian Westmoreland and they operated out of the Creech Air Force Base in Nevada.

The USAF has offered them huge bonuses to reconsider their resignations amounting to sums ranging from $ 50,000 to $ 190,000 dollars, but these men have refused to reconsider.

This interview of these brave men speaks for itself,  and so does the documentary “Drones”.

PS The previews two Argentum Post’s article related to this third and final one on this subject are :

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