An Unusual Argentum Post SPECIAL, A Memorable Interview by Amy Goodman of British Labour Secretary Jeremy Corbyn

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December 8, 2015 by Alfred

This is truly a “Special” hence no detailed article by this writer on what this extraordinarily principled and highly respected head of the British Labour party, namely Jeremy Corbyn,  expressed in an interview while in  Paris for the  UN Climate Conference, by equally highly acclaimed, principled, bright, dedicated host and producer of the prestigious Democracy Now program, Amy Goodman.

The subject matter is not the Climate Conference, but the Middle East crisis which engulfs us all as a result of its ramifications.

One salient observation though.

Jeremy Corbyn, for opposing the bombing of Syria, as this writer naturally opposes, was characterized by the Conservative Party head and Prime Minister of Britain, David Cameron, incredibly, and bizarrely, as well as ignominiously, a “terrorism sympathizer“.

At a dramatic moment, Jeremy offered Cameron an opportunity to apologize for his insult, but Cameron declined.

So, with this foreword this writer focuses the limelight on these two stars of progressive and humanistic values and effective activism, Amy Goodman interviewing Jeremy Corbyn.

Enjoy the radical departure from the mainstream media slants coupled to the decadent circus of Republican’s and Israeli Zionist’s  repulsive hate and fear mongering, reckless, opportunistic, and  dishonest sound bytes on the current crisis the world is facing.





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