Hillary Clinton Has Also Disqualified Herself from the Presidency

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December 9, 2015 by Alfred

President Obama correctly said that Trump disqualified himself from the presidency with his bizarrely absurd statement about banning all Moslems from entering the U.S.

The same, it seems, would apply to Ben Carson who maintains that God paved his path to the presidency and  who compared Syrian refugees to dogs and mad dogs.

Rubio’s grotesque dishonesty when he tried to generate political capital by lying about his parent’s background, falsely claiming that they were “victims” of the Cuban revolution, when in reality they emigrated to the U.S. four years prior to the revolution, seems enough of a reason to disqualify him from the presidency as well.

Jeb Bush stated, when he opposed President Obama’s diplomacy with Iran (along with that of our European and Asian partners), that he would not negotiate with Iran at all, and instead would send Israel more armaments.  No further comments needed here either about the absurdity of this statement.

Furthermore, and most astoundingly, when asked if he would have invaded Iraq knowing what we know now, his response was an affirmative, “yes“.

To anyone of just average informational background about recent events, these three statements or replies to questions by Jeb Bush, are scaringly bizarre and enough to dismiss him from consideration as a viable presidential candidate.

But, there is more and on June 6, 2015, this writer further elaborated on how on the basis of Jeb Bush’s background he seems to have disqualified himself from the presidency in an article titled “Again Jeb Bush Drops the Ball by Ineptly, Contradictorily and Dismissively  Criticizing Pope Francis’s Encyclical

So much for the main Republican contenders self-disqualifications for their quest for the presidency.

The present article now, exposes how Hillary Clinton, alone on the basis of one series of statements made on December 6, 2015 while speaking in Washington to the annual Brookings Institution Saban Forum on U.S.- Israeli relations, disqualified herself from the presidency.

On December 7, 2015 in a Washington Post report by  Anne Gearan,, Hillary Clinton was reported correctly Gearan as making appalling statements  on Iran and on Netanyahu, and thereby having exposed how biased, dishonest, misguided, and misleading her foreign policy as regards to both would be if elected, this alone leaves no question about her disqualification.

Clinton’s views reflect a clear and brazen lack of judgment, greed for political power,  and a shameless and unobjective pro-Israel super lobby AIPAC slant that does not differ from that of the Republican neocons.

For Clinton to have the temerity to state, without any valid substantiation,  that “Iran is sure to violate the international nuclear pact” and that “It’s just their nature” followed up by a pledge to”,,, invite Netanyahu on my first day in office…”,  is to totally ignore reality while reading a script that seems dictated by the Iran vilifying propaganda machine at a time when Iran is the only stable and rational player in the turbulent Middle East and an ally in the struggle to contain and defuse Daesh,  as well to follow a script which propagandistically still glorifies the criminal misdeeds of Israel’s misleader

Iran vilification campaigns in sensationalistic tabloid style by neocon Republicans and some neoliberal Democrats have relentlessly and spuriously accused Iran of developing nuclear weapons,  and of sponsoring terrorism.

The utter absence of any evidence that Iran is developing to nuclear weapons, while Israel has not only clandestinely developed them, buy has refused to sign on to the Non Proliferation Treaty of such nuclear WMD’s, and to boot, has not only proliferated them to the odious former Apartheid white supremacist regime of South Africa, but has even assisted said regime which the testing of a nuclear bomb off the coast of South Africa, exemplifies the hypocritical double-standard which corrupted politicians and the mainstream media applies when it comes to ignoring this reality.

The book “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa” by  author Sasha Polakow-Suransky, who happens to be a Jew and a son of parents who had to flee white supremacist Nazis in Austria and once again were forced to leave the white supremacist pro-Nazi regime of South Africa, coupled to the awareness of the CIA as corroborated to this writer in person by, inter alia, a 28 year career CIA analyst, namely Carlos Pillar, when during the Summit to Reassess U.S.-Israel “Special” Relationship on March 7, 2014 at the National Press Club he replied to a question by this writer that the CIA was aware of that nuclear exposition off the coast of Apartheid South Africa, provides just one example of a plethora of documentation proving false and utterly hypocritical the accusations leveled against Iran on this issue.

Furthermore the other utterly spurious accusations that Iran is a terrorism sponsoring nation are as false and absurd as the outrageous accusation recently by British Prime Minister David Cameron of Jeremy Corbyn, the Head of the Labor Party of Britain, as being a “terrorism sympathizer” because Corbyn, commendably, does not approve of the mindless, horrifically destructive, refugee generating, and hence counter-productive bombing of Syria by the U.S., by Russia, by France, by Israel, and now by Britain.

As the Daily Digest has noted,  “Of course, living so close to Iraq, the Iranians understand well what an attack on their country will mean—a destroyed civilian infrastructure and massive misery for the Iranian people because, as the Zionists have said for decades (although it is relatively unknown in America) the idea is to balkanize the region, break up Muslim states into ineffectual and powerless statelets ruled along ethnic and tribal lines, and—as the Palestinian example demonstrates—make sure pan-Arab nationalism is a dead letter, or rather that the nationalists are dead, due mostly to targeted assassination and intelligence penetration of popular organizations“.

Iran is indeed supportive of its Shiite community and reaches out to them.

In Lebanon, Iran has at times reached out to the Hezbollah movement, a movement which is part and parcel of Lebanese society and which was created in response to Israel’s massive invasion and air bombardments of Lebanon in the mid 80’s, bombardments which killed some 17 thousand unarmed Palestinian refugees and Lebanese civilians.

In Gaza, Iran has reached out at times, to Hamas, a Sunni and Shiite Moslem Brotherhood organization.   Hamas is a political party and movement that was legally elected as a result of Israeli aggression and in response to corruption within the Fatah organization which is the precursor of the Palestinian Authority which rules the Israeli illegally occupied West Bank.

While only the U.S. and Israel, characterize Hezbollah and Hamas as “terrorist” organizations, this is not the case when it comes to the European Union.

The EU has taken Hamas off the terrorist list. (The BBC – December 17, 2013 )

The EU does not regard Hezbollah as a terrorist group. (The London Guardian July 22, 2013)

Netanyahu coddling to appease and benefit from the financial largess of the Israel lobby AIPAC and from such decadent multibillionaires as casino gambling Sheldon Adelson, by Hillary Clinton, is more than what is needed to disqualify her from the presidency.

For starters, and that alone would suffice, Netanyahu carried out a monstrous massacre in Gaza which resulted in the killing of close to 3 thousand civilians, which includes 500 children, many hiding in U.N. schools which were bombed.   The verdict against Netanyahu by the International Criminal Court is still in progress.

Recently Netanyahu had a warrant for his arrest issued by the Spanish government for the assassinations of Freedom Flotilla volunteers on a ship which was bringing humanitarian relief to the close to 2 million inhabitants of Gaza who are tortured in their confinement by Israel.

Furthermore, recently Netanyahu designated a new Chief of Staff who declared that President Obama is an “Anti-Semite” and that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has “the mental abilities of a 12-year old“.

Frivolous, malicious, hyperbolic, and dishonest, incitement on Iran coupled to the coddling of Netanyahu is a non-starter when it comes to using professional statesmanship to engage in peaceful conflict resolution.

Hillary Clinton cannot use the phony excuse she used to compete with legendary Bernie Sanders, when in a flip-flop from her unequivocal support for the monstrous invasion and destruction of Iraq on spurious grounds by the Cheney / Bush regime, she disingenuously used that catch-all slogan “if I knew then what I know now”.

Hillary Clinton is not stupid or uneducated, she knows full well that she is being dishonest on both counts, when it comes to her repulsive statements about Iran and Netanyahu and hence she is not creditworthy.

Hillary Clinton has shown to be a political chameleon.  She is not a viable alternative for a return of an era of peace and progress arrived at by an end to the corrupting influence of neocons, supremacist Zionists, and the seemingly eternal military  power projections abroad which fueled by the addiction to war profiteering industrial military complex in effect generates terrifying reprisal attacks in ways that are analogous to the toxic undue influence of the NRA which has resulted in the killing of an average of 100 Americans per day, nowadays, a phenomenon not paralleled in any nation of the world outside of a war scenario.

We need and have in Bernie Sanders a principled, honest, bright, progressive democrat who can and will win the presidential election.


In a followed up addendum published on today (December 9, 2015)

the following was noted :

As an addendum to this writer’s previous article written today on December 9, 2015 and titled  “Hillary Also Disqualified Herself from the Presidency”, this writer includes two more facts about PM Netanyahu who Hillary said she would ” invite to the White House on her first day in office.”

The first fact is that, incredibly but indeed, Netanyahu declared that  “The 9/11 attacks were good for Israel...”

The second fact is that, just as incredible, but real leaked statement and video of Netanyahu declaring in the residence of settlers on land occupied in violation of international law, that he deceived the U.S. and thereby  “…scuttled the Oslo peace accords…”
No additional comments necessary.

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