From a Secular Humanist Perspective, A Vision for Morphing the Current Middle East’s Violent Destruction into a State of Sustainably Healing Reconstruction


December 19, 2015 by Alfred

From this writer’s perspective based on secular humanist teachings and values, the following is posited as regards to turning around immediately and sustainably the current catastrophically vicious spiral of violent destructiveness in the Middle East into an irreversible healing and reconstruction project.

With such a broad strokes language foreword, this writer will proceed in a rather succinct fashion to elaborate on this proposal.

First of all, there is no dispute with the historical fact that the genesis of the extremely violent uprisings in the Middle East which currently have reached critical mass, that they are directly attributable to the almost 100 years of Western ruthless, greedy, oppressive,  and violent colonialist and imperialist militarist power projections in the Middle East,  coupled to its implantation of corrupt, dictatorial Arab regimes of misleaders of their own peoples,  for their and the Western powers benefits in their objective of the unobstructed exploitation of  fossil fuel resources and for their strategic geo-political control benefits rooted prior to and during  WWI, and further accelerated prior to and during WWII and their aftermath, as the West’s corporatist capitalist system competition with the East’s socialist alternative system became acute and intensive as it was represented by the USSR and its third world allies.

Having stated this, this writer proceeds to describe the following only realistic, humane, democratic, sobering, ethically principled, abrupt end to this path by the Western powers as well as by Russia,  which will be the seminal path to a turn around of the violence-generating-violence which is a fire that if not extinguished threatens to engulf and ignite the whole world in a potentially nuclear conflagration.

(A)   The  E.U., the U.S., Russia, and France (hereinafter called the “Group of Four” ) must end their hysterical  and reactionary  waves after waves of drone and bomber devastation wrought on Syria.   This is an obscenity which discounts the millions and millions of unarmed civilian populations which are left with horrific options of dying and becoming what is perversely and euphemistically called “collateral damage”, or escaping and becoming refugees in a torturous quest for their acceptance as human beings caught in the crossfire.    The number of those killed and the imagery of this outrage is rarely quantified and/or even brought to into the living rooms of the residents of the Group of Four nations which are involved in this savagery.

(B)  The peoples of the Group of Five must be educated about the historical realities of the Middle East.   They must, for example,  become aware that particularly what is now Syria and Iraq is part of an ancient sophisticated civilization, in many ways comparable to  that of the civilization of the  autochthonous Mayas, Mixtecs, and Zapotecs in the Mexican Yucatan region where its people had a numerological system before the Europeans learned theirs from the Arabs.    

The peoples of the Group of Four must be educated about the historical fact that Moslem Arabs and Jewish Arabs lived in peace and harmony in areas on North Africa such as particularly Tunisia, and in areas such as Palestine, where this writer’s grandfather emigrated to from the USSR and became a Palestinian citizen two years prior to the violent and unjust implantation of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion, something which forced him to emigrate again, this time to Brazil.

The peoples of the Group of Four must be educated about the Anglo-American support of the dictatorships of Mubarak in Egypt, of General al Sissi in Egypt after he led the violent overthrow of the only democratically elected government of Morzi.  Also the peoples of the Group of Five must learn about the violent crushing of the democratically elected government of the Tudeh party (socialist) of Mossadegh in Iran, for the implantation of the tyranny of the Shah in Iran, by the intervention of the Anglo-American alliance.

The peoples of the Group of Four must become aware of the world’s most egregious violator of human rights which is Saudi Arabia, a country run by a dictatorship camouflaged as a “King” and his 71 “Princes” , in defiance of Quranic teachings which ban the use of “royalties” in governance of its followers.   Furthermore,  Saudi Arabia executes its citizens a la Daesh style, by public decapitation, even if many of said citizens are only guilty of victimless “crimes” which often are not even crimes, but the mere participation of criticism of their “monarchy” or involvement is democracy activism are severely punished.   Saudi Arabia is also were most of the Al Qaeda individuals came from who perpetrated the 9/11, and Saudi’s private sector is known to have funded Al Nousra, an Al Qaeda affiliate.  Nevertheless, the U.S. refrains from criticizing Saudi Arabia and sells it billions of dollars worth of advanced military equipment.

The peoples of the Group of Four must become educated about the crimes against the humanity by the Zionist power structures of the Israel state entity which is a bizarre nationalization conversion of the Judaic religion implanted on Palestine since 1948.  They must understand that Judaism and Zionism are not be conflated since the former is an ethical universal religion and the later is a supremacist nationalist right-wing ideology which has harmed the best interest of Judaism and which has collaborated with the Nazis and has been documentably involved in the proliferation of the weaponization of nuclear energy which it has acquired via a secret agreement between Israel’s PM Golda Meyer and President Nixon, and therefore has proliferated to and assisted in detonating, a nuclear explosion under water, by the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 1980’s.

(C) The Group of Four people must and will be capable of modifying the incendiary and reactionary behavior of their governments which must become actors in extinguishing the fires in Syria and elsewhere in the Middle East by ending their ignominious practices of adding fuel to fire and thereby becoming part of problems rather than part of solutions.

( D) The Group of Four peoples must be led to understand that half a century prior the to onset of the Daesh phenomenon, there had been strong sentiments and a movement which aspired to establish a federation of united Arab republics.  One embodiment was the one visualized by the Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser who in 1956 conceptualized the creation of the United Arab Republic.  This project would then deal with re-mapping the Middle East since many of its present state delineations were the result of the West’s, most particularly the British, policy of divide – and  – conquer, which was reflected in Sir Percy Cox’s drawing the lines in the desert for the states the British empire considered to be in its interest.

Finally, here comes the salient part of this article.

First of all, none of the historical reality of the West’s invasions, occupations, and accompanying mass murder of reprisal fighters, in any way justifies the devastation which Daesh is presently meting out on its own people, as well as those attacks in New York, Paris, and other places for which it claims credit.   It does however provide a background to understanding by proper contextualization why desperate people join such extremist and criminal movements.

What is important though is the following.

Only Moslems in the Middle East and abroad can contain, defuse, and thereby extinguish the horrific ideology and practices of Daesh, or IS, or ISIS, or ISL as it is variously characterized.

Why ?  Simply and purely because, inasmuch as the Quran specifically bans all of the violent and humanity of women and men degrading acts of Daesh, Moslems do  not accept the designation of Daesh as the “Islamic State” as it in effect is neither, “Islamic” nor a “State”.   It is a repulsive ideology of criminals and as such it must be treated. Period.

Also, in direct equivalency to the above reality stands the fact that not only, but primarily, it is Jews in Palestine, and Jews globally, which can and must and will discredit and relegate to the dust bin of history the bizarre notion that is espoused by the repulsive ideology of Zionism which is responsible for the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people as well as against other autochthonous populations in Central and South America, whereto Israel, at times at the request of our own leaders, to wit President Reagan, who requested has asked Israel,  to bypass Congressional bans,  to send Apache helicopters, automatic weapons, and bombs which in turn were used, as in Guatemala, by dictator Rios Montt whose genocidal war on the indigenous population there ended in the massacre of about 80 thousand.  Similarly dictator Anastasio Somoza and his Contra terrorists received weaponry sent by Israel to thwart the Nicaraguan’s people quest for democracy.

Why ?  Simply and purely because, inasmuch as the Torah specifically bans  all of the violent, humanity of Palestinians and others degrading and destroying acts of the Zionist ideology component of Israel, Zionism is a repulsive ideology and as such it must be treated accordingly. Period.

Incidentally, it must be noted that a rapidly decreasing percentage of Jews subscribe to the Zionist ideology, and furthermore it must be noted that not only Jews are Zionist, but Christian Evangelists are as well Zionists in their so-called “dispensationalism” belief which is embodied by a literal reading  of biblical prophesy which makes conflict inevitable and which yearns for the Israelites return to the Holy Lands as required for their Second Coming of Jesus.

It is important to point out that, as is the case with Jews who embrace the Zionist supremacy ideology,  there has now been an evolutionary welcomed phenomenon observed of Zionist Evangelicals rejecting the Zionist ideology which until now had them supportive of Israel regardless of its horrendous mistreatment of Palestinians, and this has been actually reported by The Washington Post on December 19, 2015 in an article by Sarah Pulliam Bailey titled ” A New Angle on Peace in the Mideast ”   For advocating a pro-active stance which is inclusionist of the Palestinian civil, human, and legal rights, the leader of this a congregation of decent, noble, evangelicals from the Willow Creek Church of Chicago,  who are challenging decades of blanket support for Israel, namely Lynne Hybels, is now characterized by the use of the same spurious and specious and therefore inoperative slur of “anti-Semitism”.

What finally follows is two of the sources which underline the four preceding paragraphs.

As regards to the Quran specifically banning the practices of ISIS, one of the sources chosen for this article is titled “The Quran Speaks : ISIS and Islam are Opposites” by
Delilah Leval.

As regards to the Torah’s teachings not supporting the politicized, defamatory, idolatrous embodiments of the supremacist narrative and practices of Zionism, one of the sources chosen for this article is a New York Times article by Samuel G. Freedman published on June 25, 2010 which is based on an interview of the President of the prestigious American Council for Judaism,  Stephen Naman.  The title of the article is ” American Jews Who Reject Zionism Say Events Aid the Cause

In this article’s most relevant portion it says,

The rejection of Zion, though, goes back to the Torah itself, with its accounts of the Hebrews’ rebelling against Moses on the journey toward the Promised Land and pleading to return to Egypt. Until Theodore Herzl created the modern Zionist movement early in the 20th century, the biblical injunction to return to Israel was widely understood as a theological construct rather than a pragmatic instruction.”



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  1. Marie Spike says:

    Without a “vision,’ change isn’t possible. Let’s hope and work to make your vision a become a reality some day!

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