A Peek into What “Pirate TV” has Covered : Ted Rall in “Snowden’s Courageous Betrayal of Big Brother”

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December 22, 2015 by Alfred

In case the Argentum Post readers wonder what “Pirate TV” is, as did this writer, Adam Poltrack of Digital Trends, provides a description and analysis of this alternative media phenomenon which, BTW, the Argentum Post neither endorses nor condemns.

Ted Rall is an author and  columnist who worked for the LATimes, and cartoonist who was interviewed by Paul Constant in a Seattle Town Hall on September 29, 2015.

The interview focuses on Ted Hall’s book “Snowden“, the interview event was called  “Snowden’s Courageous Betrayal of Big Brother” , but it goes beyond Snowden.

In this one hour fascinating video, Ted Rall shares tele-communication technology information, shares tidbits such as how Hillary Clinton ordered the chip on Edward Snowden’s passport to be turned off while he was in an Aeroflot flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, something which in effect rendered his passport invalid and thereby stranded him in Moscow where he now lives after having been granted political asylum status.

Ted Rall also addresses how the director of the NSA, James Clapper,  was caught lying under oath to Congress about the NSA’s collection of millions of data on Americans. and on how other high-ranking government officials and corrupted politicians get away with using pre – textual sophistry to get away with all kinds of nefarious activities.

Towards the end of this interview Ted gives an account of what happened to him when he was arrested for, incredibly, J-walking and how this act evolved into a bizarre confrontation with the police department.

Ted comes across as an intelligent, laid back, witty, and incisive analyst of history and current events, and this renders this interview of him not just informative, but also entertaining as he is endowed with that John Stuart type of humorous narrative gift.

So, with this foreword, enjoy this interview.

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