The Brazen Putrefaction of the Netanyahu Misleardership Calls for A Paradigm Shift of U.S. Policy Vis-a-Vis Israel Now That He Charged UN Secretary General as Encouraging Terrorism


January 28, 2016 by Alfred

Today, as reported by,  inter alia,  the BBC reported that Netanyahu had the temerity of offending the Secretary General of the United Nations by falsely and hyperbolically charging, Ban Ki Moon,  of encouraging terrorism.
The misleader Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu,  has offended the leaders of the 28 E.U. members as a result of their resolution to demand that products made in the international law violating Palestinian territories be labelled as such.
Furthermore Netanyahu offended the Foreign Minister of Sweden for her urging an international investigation into the extra-judicial killings of Palestinians by the Zionist power structure of Israel.
He has additionally offended the Brazilian government for naturally rejecting the Israeli ambassador which Israel tried to impose via extra-protocolar proceeding because he is an activist ideologue of the illegal occupation.
Recently Netanyahu has offended our Ambassador in Tel Aviv, Daniel Shapiro,  for his characterization as “unacceptable” that the law in the occupied West Bank is applied differently to Palestinians and Israelis.
Netanyahu’s recently appointed  chief of staff has offended President Obama by stating that he is an “anti-Semite” and he also offended our U.S. Secretary of State by stating that he has “the intelligence of a 12-year old.”
This is the same unhinged and dishonest Prime Minister of Israel who, as reported and documented in this Argentum Post,  was caught on video telling illegal settlers living in occupied Palestine that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo peace talks.
The pernicious pronouncements and oppressive activities against the Zionist power structure are not limited to targeting foreigners of course.
The Israel Committee Against House Demolitions  (ICAHD) states,

” We would like to alert you to an ominous development in Israel. Having denied Palestinians under Occupation their rights to any form of political protest, the Israeli government is now in the process of doing the same to Israeli citizens who support the Palestinian cause. Israeli police have suddenly thrown two Israeli activists in prison, denied them legal representation, and issued a gag order barring any discussion of their cases in Israel. ”

 What is more concerning than what this dangerously deranged and dishonest Prime Minister states as well as how  pathetically and bizarrely he seems to suggest that the whole world is anti-semitic, is that he represent the power structure of Zionist extremist ideologues who have been, violently and in violation of international law and of the Geneva Conference accords, systematically abusing Palestinians with invasions, occupations, massacres, home demolitions since 1948 when the Judaic religions was morphed by Zionist supremacists into a so-called nation-state.  One of the worst massacres of mostly innocent unarmed Palestinians was the one carried out in Gaza in the Summer of 2014.
This state of affairs which has contributed to, and is the partial genesis of, the hatred generated in the Middle East directed at Israel and the West has now become utterly unsustainable and the United States must once for all end the enablement of this status quo which not only constitutes a veritable process of Palestinian ethnic cleansing, but furthermore accelerates at an exponential rate the threat to the security of decent Israelis themselves, not to mention the threat our insane policy of silence and support for Israel constitutes to our national security.
It is noteworthy that today, January 27, 2016, is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.
On this day is also worthy to point out that of the 189 thousand Holocaust survivors who moved to Israel, 45 thousand live below the poverty level and are lonely and reliant on volunteer support.  Yet the Holocaust is constantly used by the Zionists as a pretext for the violent invasion and occupation of Palestine.
Incidentally, the above paragraph is documented by incisive, courageous, and excellent RT television reporter, Paula Slier.
Netanyahu has relentlessly and absurdly claimed that (a) he speaks for all Jews, and (b) all Jews must move to Israel (to further populate the Israel entity implant into Palestine as this colonization project continues to expand hegemonically).
People such as the parents of this writer, who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, but who were totally assimilated in Germany and Austria prior to the take over of the Nazis and later became assimilated in the United States, are looked upon with a certain disdain by Zionist supremacist ideologues, and most particularly so, when people such as this writer, commit miscegenation, by marrying someone who is not Jewish.
Just as in the South African Apartheid system and in the early years of the United States, miscegenation was a crime.
This is primarily so, because the Zionist power structure of Israel falsely pretends that Jews are a “race” and not just a religion and a culture, and that therefore all Jews must “come home”, i.e. to the home stolen from Palestine who are often referred to as “savages”, to preserve their supremacist race.
The hate and fear mongering promotion of ghetto mentality is despicable, unwholesome, and cannot but lead to negative consequences, particularly when false characterizations are fabricated implying that whole classes of people or nations constitute some kind of “existential threat” to the people demagogues such as Netanyahu pretend to lead.
Honorable, legendary, humanist Jewish scholars have extensively documented this reality.  To wit, inter alia, Ilan Pappe in “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” and Norman Finkelstein in “The Holocaust Industry : Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering ” and “Beyond Chutzpah : On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History“, to name a very few.
Only President Eisenhower and President Obama took the principled stand and had the courage to take on the political flack of powerful undue special interest groups by sternly warning the misleadership  of Israel of the consequences of its outlandish and outlaw behavior.
What is of extreme concern is that no single Republican neocon candidate for the presidential primary nomination has the integrity and the intelligence to understand the serious consequences of our support of a literal organized-crime type Zionist power structure which feeds on hate and fear mongering, particularly against Iran, and thereby further fans the flames of violence and destruction in the Middle East.
Similarly in the Democratic camp, an extreme concern exists as regards to the Democrat neoliberal, Hillary Clinton, who very recently had the shameless and disgusting lack of principle display when, while addressing a mostly Zionist ideologue audience at the Brookings Institution, declared that the first thing she would do would to “invite Mr. Netanyahu to the White House”.   This was the former Secretary of State to President Obama who was grotesquely offended by Netanyahu’s intrusion by collusion into Congress with 47 corrupted Republican neocon Senators and a handful of Democratic corrupted neoliberal Senators such as Senator Cardin of Maryland and indicted Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey.   This was the Secretary of State who categorically opposed any diplomatic negotiations with Iran and who supported the Cheney/Bush junta’s war on Iraq on false claims.
It seems that the only hope “we the people” have when it comes to the election of a genuine, incorruptible, principled, “social” democrat, is Bernard Sanders.
Yes, a “social democrat” is a highly respectable and solidly democratic characterization of someone outside of the establishment who will serve the best interests of all of the well-meaning members of our unique American society which yearns for an end to the democracy corroding undue influence of the corporate / multi-millionaire and billionaire elite sector, and that means – it goes without saying – the repeal of the ignominious Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court ruling.
This noble man will also concentrate on ending the absolutely corrupted, counter-productive, destructive, irrational, monstrous wasteful wars for the benefit of the industrial-military complex and its stockholders, which General Eisenhower warned the American people about.
The presidency of Bernie Sanders could not come at a more important moment of history when neocons, neoliberals, and many top military commanders ignore the lessons of history and incredibly announce that thousands of American troops may be committed to deploy in Afghanistan for “decades” (see today’s Washington Post article titled “Exit Strategy for Afghanistan Fades”.
What must fade irreversibly  is the deflection of trillions and trillions of our taxpayer’s funds which must be applied to a genuinely “affordable” single payer medical care system, coupled to an enhanced and untouchable social security system, and to an affordable higher education system, not to mention infrastructure repairs and a bullet train transportation network.
What must fade the nonsensical notion that one nation, such as the United States, can or should deem itself so-called “exceptionalist” and hence insert itself in the internal affairs of all other nations under the pretext that this will bring them “democracy” and will give us security, when in reality the past and present are examples of what happens when we support and sell weapons to nations such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt and the opposite happens, namely their misleaderships misuse their weapons, and we expose ourselves to heightened ire of the victims of the abuse of said misleaders to the extend that we then experienced blowback violence.
We can and must allow our northern neighbors, the Canadians, inspire us and then we do not go back to the they we were, we really go forward they way we were meant to go long ago.

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  1. Marie Spike says:

    Power, Ignorance and Greed drive the World. Wisdom and Love are locked away in Ivory Towers.

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