The Republican Obstructionist Stance Hours After the Death of Scalia Reveals the Advanced State of Their Decadence

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February 18, 2016 by Alfred

Supreme  Court Justice Scalia used his power as a Supreme Court judge to deny people human rights on the basis of his false  doctrine or notion of “strict interpretationism” or “originalism” or some other” ism” demonstrated by his warped reading of intent of our “founding fathers”, and as regards to his reactionary, impulsive, and repulsive reading of the concept of “human rights”.

Scalia was considered an icon of judicial virtue by the Republican obstructionists, although not necessarily such an icon from the perspective of decent, moderate, conservatives,  who have long ago distanced themselves from the Republican party, just as decent, moderate, rational, humanist, Jews have and are distancing themselves from the right-wing extremist Zionist demagogic ideologues of the political mislearderships of Israel.

Denying women’s human rights, denying gays and lesbians and transponders their human rights, were just some of the egregious elements of Scalia’s misuse of his own intelligence in addition to his misuse of his power of a Supreme Court judge.

A rudimentary reading of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution makes it 100% clear that U.S. citizens cannot be denied to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.  It must be borne in mind that Justice Scalia was a Catholic linked  to the Opus Dei order, (see the following paragraph)  and this may enhanced his extremists views, something which is not acceptable for anyone who has been chosen to be a member on the nation’s highest court.

An article published by the prestigious organization Americans United for the Separation for Church and State declares the following : ” Newsweek magazine reported in 2001 that Scalia’s wife has attended functions at the Catholic Information Center, and his son Paul, a Catholic priest, has spoken there.

Scalia’s fierce objection to equal marriage rights, is just one illustration of his absurdly biblical reading of the Constitution.   It is not necessary to focus on the biochemical reality of homosexuality to understand the humans of the same gender have are endowed with the same marital rights than humans of opposite genders.

There are millions of humans who are asexual.  There a millions humans who stopped to engage in sexual intercourse .   As Pope Francis so heroically proclaimed, “who am I to judge”.  Exactly on that basis Justice Scalia’s vote against the legalization of same gender marriage was a miscarriage of a vote on his part

As Garrett Epps stated in an article published by The Nation, titled “Stealing the Constitution : Inside the Right’s Campaign to Hijack Our Country’s Founding Fathers”, published February 7, 2011, ” The notion that there’s a fixed, binding, single intent hidden in each phrase of the Constitution confuses the Constitution with the Bible “.

The Bible has nothing to do with our Constitution.  We are not a Christian country.  We are, or at least are supposed to become  after this years presidential election, a vibrant and inspiring participatory democracy which will forever maintain a strict separation between state and religion and which will guarantee that our freedom of religion and our freedom from religion will coexist in total harmony.

On the abortion issue, Scalia was also out of touch.

The biochemical reality of a fertilized woman’s ovum is less complex than the organism of a fly.   Fertilized ova are most frequently eliminated naturally from a woman’s body or in fertility clinics.    It is an infringement on the most fundamental right of a woman to enjoin her from having an early stage abortion of such an ovum, which right-wing extremists falsely, and sensationalistically characterize a “baby” or a “child”, most particularly if said woman’s life would be endangered by pregnancy or if she was a victim of a rape or incest.

Hypocrites such as Rubio, Cruz, and most the Republican right-wing extremists who assert that under no circumstance a woman has a right to an abortion, not withstanding the Supreme Court ruling of Roe v. Wade, have no concern when it comes to the killing of innocent human beings  if they happen to be living in an areas where the government happens to have decided to undertake carpet bombings such as in Vietnam, in Panama, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Libia, in Yemen, in Gaza by our great ally Israel, and in other future places such as in Iran where Senator McCain asserted he would “…bomb, bomb, bomb…” it.  They also have no concerns to see to it that criminals be executed even though it is proven that as result of the death penalty countless innocent people have been executed.

On the affirmative action issue, Judge Scalia also could not see the wisdom in giving Afro-Americans an equalized opportunity for an education if they were too poor to pay for it as a result of the history of how their ancestors were hunted down, chained, and brought to the United States to be used and abused at time under conditions worse than animals had to endure.

May Mr. Scalia rest in peace, if he can…

The Republican party, led by mostly perversely self-serving, greedy, destructive, obstructionists will seemingly not rest in peace or event arrest their violently anti-peace agendas which is doing severe damage to our nation’s prestige abroad and at home,  as it paralyzes and often derails and sabotages the process of progressive construction and renovation which evolutionarily every advanced democracy of the world  must continuously undergo for the common well-being.

Some of the points in the supra paragraph are excellently as well as entertainingly documented by, inter alia, the recently released Michael Moore film “What Country to Invade Next”.

Now, we are facing a possible constitutional crisis as the Republican party is hell-bent on sabotaging the Supreme Court by threatening to block any nominee which President Obama has the prerogative and the responsibility to now propose.

While the term “sabotage” comes naturally in this instance to the mind of the most objective observers, it was actually used and published within this context by an op-ed published in The Washington Post on February 16, 2016.

Hours after Judge Scalia’s death, the gang of Republican contenders for the nomination of their party’s presidential candidate position, hysterically, insultingly, and irrationally demanded that President Obama refrain from performing this prerogative, and responsibility of submitting a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Rubio ran out to loudly proclaim that President Obama must not and cannot nominate a Supreme Court candidate for the Senate to vote on, as if he, as well as the rest of the Republicans decided that the President’s term in office was reduced from 4 to 3 years.

Rubio and others of the Republican gang fighting to become the nominees of their party, falsely, declared that it has been 80 years that a President in his last year in office appointed a nominee for the Supreme Court.  Facts have not in the past nor do now get in the way of Republicans uttering falsehoods.

As dishonest inciters of cultural wars by the dissemination of hate, fear with cheap and sensationalist threats, the Republican leadership and party members have for decades functioned not as a decent, conservative, opposition party, but more like an organized-crime mentality lynch mob “out to get” the President because in their warped and myopic perspective they deem it fit to simultaneously and therefore bizarrely portray to demonize our first Afro-American President variously as an alien born in Africa, a Moslem, a leftist, and more.

Bottom line is, the Republican party seems to have reached its very rock bottom level of depravity and it no longer functions as a legitimate, rational, party of reasonable and constructive opposition to the Democratic party which now encompasses not only democrats but independents and decent conservatives which are of the kind which elected General Eisenhower to the Presidency.

Eisenhower, while not a pacifist, had in his parental background a pacifist element as his parents were members of a Jehovah’s Witness church affiliation.     Although not well-known, he warned Americans to not get entangled in foreign wars and furthermore in his farewell speech he warned the American people against the industrial-military complex.

Republican misadministrations such as those of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and George W. Bush  (most particularly), embraced said industrial-military complex which has since siphoned off countless trillions of dollars and wasted countless precious American and foreign lives in their corrupted neocon ideology  pursuits of what Gore Vidal called “perpetual wars for perpetual oil” , something which now is more like perpetual wars for perpetual yet non-achievable global hegemony under the false and delusional rubric of that mythical “exceptionalism” which is also claimed by the Israeli Zionist right-wing extremist misleadership.

The precious theft of our taxpayers funds away from the urgently needed application to genuine homeland security projects such as our public health, public education, public transportation, scientific research, infra-structure maintenance will undoubtedly continue if any of the Republican neocons are elected and if the neoliberal candidate Hillary Clinton is nominated and elected, as her historical track record clearly reveals.  (See the prior Argentum Post articles on this subject).

This is first time in our history when an independent, incorruptible, sincere, intelligent, experienced, humanist candidate is within reach of not only becoming the next White House occupant, but given the state of putrefaction which has characterized now more than ever of the ethical, intellectual, and politically failed Republican party, said White House occupant is very likely to be capable to restart the Congressional engine of functionality since the Republican majority, particularly in the Senate, will thunderously collapse.

This will become then the beginning of an era of healing depolarization, characterized by peace at home and end in belligerent bombastic engagements abroad, something which will in turn save us those precious taxpayer funds for an era of reconstruction, drastic and sustainable “smart” prosperity, smart because it will not only be materialistic prosperity characterized by compulsive and conspicuous spending, but one characterized by the refinement of our culture in the areas of affordable health and education and subsequently a refinement which will bring innovative technology  to fruition which will heighten  and prioritize our badly lacking environmental awareness.

This is no way to be interpreted as  “paid political advertisement” as the Argentum Post is written by an independent writer, but nevertheless it is clear that the only possible alternative for Americans of all backgrounds who yearn for peace, justice, accountability, and for an electoral process which will have to be liberated from the toxic undue influence of money and of the literary bribing effect by special interest groups, will be to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders.




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