An Addendum to Two AP Previous Articles Which Shed Light on Hillary Clinton’s Disqualifying Background Dimensions


February 25, 2016 by Alfred

As an addendum to two previous Argentum Post articles which focused on the track record of Hillary Clinton which had established her as a hawkish neocon in disguise  and which therefore renders her a disastrous neocon Cheney/Bush-era values and judgement reflecting as one characteristic of a chameleonic politician who is untrustworthy and dangerous to our nation’s best interests and national security, the following excellent and comprehensive article by author Nicolas J. S. Davies is provided to the readers of the Argentum Post.

These real factual dimensions of Hillary Clinton, which the corporatized media will deliberately not report, are crucial for the American electorate’s criterion formation when it comes to the nomination campaign, since while she brazenly and shamelessly copies from Bernie Sanders’ narrative in order to generate political capital to deceive the uniformed electorate, she has the temerity to call him non-electable.

The previous two articles by this writer of the Argentum Post on the negative dimensions of Hillary’s character and decisions, clearly demonstrate that if her true record is exposed to broad sunlight, it would render her most non-electable to even the most moderate and rational voter.

These articles are the following :

The Spectacle of So-Called Debates Among Republicans and by Hillary Clinton Reveals the Imperative of a Bernie Sanders Victory”   (published 2016/02/15)        and

The Bernie Phenomenon Has Finally Hillary Clinton Ebbing Her High Water Mark and In Desperation  She Now Talks Her Talk In Part Plagiarized from Bernie But Has Not in The Past Nor Will in the Future Walk the Walk”   (published 2016/02/10)

Adding and enriching the factual information provided in those articles is an article Nicholas J.S. Davies which is provided infra.   Nicolas J.S. Davies is an author who published, inter alia,  “Blood On Our Hands: The American Invasion and Destruction of Iraq”  and of the chapter on “Obama At War” in “Grading the 44th President: A Report Card on Barack Obama’s First Term as a Progressive Leader”.

Given the present state of putrefaction of the Republican entire establishment, there was never a clearly vastly superior, genuine, most dedicated, competent, and deserving candidate than Bernie Sanders to lead our nation towards a historic new direction which will once for all take dirty money out of the quest of corrupted and prostituted dishonest politicians.

This will finally  lead to creative and reconstructive incremental reforms era which will bring us genuinely affordable health care, affordable or low cost higher education, effective security, but not “security”  by the example of power but by the power of inspiring example, and by diplomacy.

This in turn will mean a drastic cut and deflection to social programs and infrastructure and transportation job generation programs,  away from  offensive defense spending by said corrupted neocon and neoliberal politicians who cannot say no to Wall Street, to the military industrial complex, to the pharmaceutical industrial complex, and to the undue influence of hate and fear mongering super pacs such as most prominently AIPAC.

So, with this preface this article by Nicolas J.S. Davies is hereby introduced as it supplements excellently and comprehensively the supra two Argentum Post articles,

Said article is titled “Hillary Clinton & the Dogs of War” .

One thought on “An Addendum to Two AP Previous Articles Which Shed Light on Hillary Clinton’s Disqualifying Background Dimensions

  1. aliceny says:

    These articles are great, Alfred.

    Keep it up.

    I wish there were others courageous to follow you….

    If HC gets in, we are doomed.

    Another four (or eight) years of the same lunacy and deceit

    that has brought our once-admired nation to the point

    could bring us to the point of no return in this oligarchy.

    What the hell is wrong with the American people?

    Are they so busy watching rag right-wing print

    and TV controlled by the puppet masters – who

    delightfully provide them with all the smut and inane

    material that ensures that they will never know what

    is truly going on!

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