The U.S. Electoral System is Managed by Gatekeepers Who Decide Who Wins


March 1, 2016 by Alfred

On this “Super Tuesday” candidate nomination contest of March 1, 2016 it is worthy to keep in mind that the way the system  works, one vote does NOT necessarily count one vote.

The U.S. presidential electoral system is also not based on a direct count of votes where one person = one vote.

In other words, the system is managed by “gatekeepers” who may cast their vote presumably on the basis of the democratic vote, but not always necessarily so.

In the case of the contest for the presidential nomination, the gatekeepers are party designated “Super Delegates”.

In the case of the presidential election, the gatekeepers are the members of the “Electoral College”.  The process for selecting electors varies throughout the United States. Generally, the political parties nominate electors at their State party conventions or by a vote of the party’s central committee in each State.

This phenomenon seems rather bizarre to most foreign observers since inherent in this electoral process is a certain anti-democratic dimension.

The campaign for 2016 presidential election, has in itself become a rather bizarre phenomenon as regards to the Republican party as it has degenerated into circus-like show of mostly extremist right wing candidates who can variously be characterized as xenophobic, racist, misogynist, Islamophobic, authoritarian, dishonest, ignorant, and, to boot, grotesquely offensive to each other.   This spectacle reflects a state of political, ethical and intellectual putrefaction of the GOP establishment.

On the Democratic side the tone is much more civil, rational, respectful, and particularly as regards to the most independent candidate Bernie Sanders, based on a narrative which reflect the merits of his platform’s agenda, and is characterized by an almost total absence of ad hominem attacks.   The same cannot be said about his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

Be it as it may, the independent social democrat Bernie Sanders candidate seems to be inaugurating a historic moment in history by leading a veritable movement which supports his not accepting any super PAC funding and by emphasizing his priority, if elected, as being directed to the establishment of  a single payer public health care system, and as being directed to the elimination of the democracy corrupting effect of special undue influence interests from every sector of governance wherever it is possible.

It is clear that while Bernie Sanders is by far the highest integrity superior candidate particularly favored by people of age 45 and under, he is considered by the oligarchic establishment as a “threat” to its mostly self serving interests.

With this foreword therefore, it becomes evident that even if Bernie Sanders continues his impressive performance which started in New Hampshire, the “gatekeepers” may be prompted to not view this candidate favorably since the whole system of “gatekeepers” was instituted to prevent what some derisively and offensively characterize as “grassroots activists” to become electable.

So, in order to clarify this “gatekeeper” electoral  management system more vividly it is herby depicted in a brief video presented the young intrepid and professional TV journalist Gayane Chichakyan of RT.

One thought on “The U.S. Electoral System is Managed by Gatekeepers Who Decide Who Wins

  1. aliceny says:

    Thank you, thank you, Alfred. Knew you wouldn’t let me down.
    This is a clear explanatory piece about the delegate system — in particular, the super delegates.
    And the linked short video is concise and to the point.
    Thanks for your civics lesson.

    I think that one of the American citizens’ problems is that we do not know ”how’ the system
    works — or should work. We are realizing, however, that it surely is NOT working as our Founding Fathers and our Constitution intended.

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