The GOP’s Pandemonious Romney Attempt to Annul the People’s Vote in Support of Trump is Futile and Ignominious


March 3, 2016 by Alfred

He may be a buffoon, contradictory, insulting, histrionic but Trump has been the victor by virtue of the votes he has received from his constituency, a victory which clearly establishes that the GOP “establishment” has run aground and that the Trump’s voters clearly demand with their democratic vote that an “outsider” of said “establishment” be given an opportunity.

Now here comes Romney again,  the sore looser of the 2012 presidential election, and the former business partner and close friend of Netanyahu, the man who offended President Obama by engaging into an intrusion by collusion with GOP establishment neocons/tea partyiers, namely the extremist right-wing supremacist misleader of the  international law violating  Likud led misleadership of Israel, namely infamous Benjamin Netanyahu.  His was an intrusion whose objective was literally sabotaging President Obama’s successful diplomacy with Iran.   Now, sore looser Romney is given the job by the “establishment” GOP to feeble mindedly attempt to sabotage the clearly established vote of Americans for the “outsider”.

While putting on the  veneer of an urbane, affable, moderate Republican, Romney projects a false image and furthermore reveals once again, how typically again, the GOP uses extra-judicial – like, unethical, unintelligent, and politically disastrous tactics in order to thwart any and all democratic process which do not go their way.

In “Unprecedented 2000″ as documented by  Greg Palast,  the pandemonious hell Republicans raised to thwart the American people’s democratic vote of Gore for the presidency was epic in proportions.

While Gore won the election on the basis of the one man/woman one vote, the GOP went berserk and got away with their exploitation of a synergy of corrupt Secretary (Florida) State, Katherine Harris interference with in the vote count coupled to a Supreme Court decision to go along with an incomplete count to the point that an incompetent, dishonest W. Bush was selected via the electoral college decision, as the so-called “president” of the U.S.   The colossal failures of his presidency became his legacy and today, 15 years after the Cheney/Bush & neocon/neolib coalition invaded and destroyed Iraq and Libia, neither of which had anything to do with the 9/11 attacks or Al Qaeda, wars rage all over the Middle East and a hemorrhage of precious blood of Americans and Arabs coupled to the hemorrhage of treasury which has been deflected corruptedly from social programs at home, continues

The overwhelming majority of the Congressional Republicans have now, since the historic election of President Obama in 2008, become not the party of decent, moderate, intelligent, law-abiding conservatives which we needed , but instead became the party of the sabotaging “Contras” to whatever program or acts the Obama administration engaged in.

The term “Contra” refers to the organized crime military gangs which coalesced in the wake of the collapse of the bestial fascist dictatorship of Anastasio Somoza was overthrown by a popular liberation movement comprised of Nicaraguans of all backgrounds, which included yes, socialists, as well as Jesuit priests inter alia.   The Contras then started to carry massive assassinations of teachers, nurses, physicians, students, union organizers and so on.

It must be borne in mind that said Contras were supported by both, the Ronald Reagan and H. Bush administrations, and this led to the Iran-Contra scandal.    Weapons for Iran via Israel with funds secretly funneled to the Contras by Reagan so as to circumvent the Boland Amendment which barred support for the Contra terrorists.  Both Reagan and H. Bush should have been indicted for these veritable crimes against the humanity of the Nicaraguan people, and the International Criminal Court did condemn this atrocity.

It must also be borne in mind, that recklessly and corruptedly, the Republican President Reagan had the temerity to invite Contra leader Adolfo Calero the White House and at that occasion Reagan put on a T-shirt give to him which said ” I AM A CONTRA TOO“.

So now comes, Contra Romney, the looser, who BTW, when old enough to know better, cowardly joined a gang of students in brutally attacking a student who appeared to them to be “different” simply because he dressed “differently”, may have been or was – heaven forbid – “gay” (?).   Romney has raised sons who naturally supported their Dad during his debates with  President Obama in 2012,   but went one of them beyond the pale in said support in the sense that he was so “angry” with Obama for his superiority as a debater that he publicly declared that he “could have punched” President Obama.

To sum up, not only is the Republican party establishment now established as a  so-called “party” which in a state of putrefaction, but now, not even the generation of their “pandemonium” , a term which today’s The Washington Post uses on its first page, will save it from itself.

The best thing that can happen to America is for the GOP to declare itself as an extinct entity, and for this welcome event to be ushered in to inaugurate the commencement of a new era in American politics,  when America will become all it can be, by once and for all ending the toxic undue influence of corporate, Wall Street, and super pacs (most notably the American Israeli Political Action – AIPAC) on what must become a reformed program led by progressive Democrats, but not neoliberals who are essentially neocons in disguise, and a new high integrity opposition party, which will then together  lead us to a homeland reform program which we have not had since the New Deal era.

We must prioritize (a) an end to the offensive and corrupted so-called defense spending and close most, if not all, of our 300 or so military bases around the world, something which created that monster which President Eisenhower warned us about, namely the infamous military industrial complex which has us spending 60% of our budget for perpetual wars of aggression world-wide, something has generated perpetual terrorizing reprisal attacks, and (b) we must immediately establish a single payer health care system such as the ones of Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia, Scandinavian countries, and even Cuba, (c) we must provide free college education to students who qualify, (d) we must generate millions of jobs to restore and maintain and modernize our homeland’s rail transportation system, and our homeland’s infra-structure (today we learned that due to decades of neglect, Washington’s landmark Memorial Bridge may have to be closed to traffic because it is can no longer safely sustain it).

So, Romney the loser, and all other members of the GOP who are certified obstructionists, should get a life and go out and get a real job instead of not only being part of the problem in Washington, D.C. but being much worse by exacerbating it by their inflammatory, divisive, hysterical, and dishonest hate and violence mongering culture activities and false narratives as agitators for perverse self-serving objectives, something which has now been brought brazenly out into the bright sunlight.

The utter loss of any credibility by virtue of the obvious display of their intellectual, political, and ethical bankruptcy, is irreversible for the GOP and its only option is its virtual and literal disappearance from the political arena, so that “we the people”, united the best we can with respect and harmony can harness our potential creativities, productivities, an ingenuities and  move forward with the tasks of reform coupled to healing.

We are not “leaders of the world” , we are not exceptionalism, and no country can be regarded as such.   But, by being inspirational and leading by the power of example rather the example of power, we may recover some of the respect and admiration we enjoyed decades ago, before greed, military projectionist hegemony notions, did us in.

The sad and reckless cruel circus show is over.  Hopefully.



2 thoughts on “The GOP’s Pandemonious Romney Attempt to Annul the People’s Vote in Support of Trump is Futile and Ignominious

  1. DK Fennell says:

    The Republicans have worked long and hard to put themselves in this dilemma by using voting limitations, racial dog whistles, obstructionist parliamentary maneuvers, outright deception, all with a view of allowing unqualified, low-information or deceitful politicians to win office. (E.g., Steve King, Louie Gohmert, Michele Bachman, Sarah Palin, Jim Inhofe, Paul LePage, Darrell Issa, Sam Brownback, et al.). That never troubled them. But now they are unhappy. It can’t be because Trump is “dangerous.” All their Presidential candidates say pretty much the same thing. It can’t be because Trump University was a fraud–Mitt Romney actively supported the now defunct Full Sail University with which he had a business connection and whose owners were big donors to him. It can’t be because Could it be because he doesn’t want to dismantle Social Security or let people “die on the streets” as Ted Cruz colorfully put it?

    Who knows? But it is enjoyable to watch the chickens, finally, come home to roost.

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