Gideon Levy : Dazzling Star of a Human Being and a Constructively Israel Critical Inspiring, Incisive, Courageous, and Principled Jornalist and Author

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March 24, 2016 by Alfred

While this article goes beyond the focus on journalist Gideon Levyis presentation at a National Press Club conference was a major highlight and its link appears towards the end of this article.c

As a direct descendant of parents who survived the atrocities against the humanity of Jews and others by the Nazis, this writer had commended the The Washington Post as well as their reporter Carol Morello for their very objective article on how the U.S. and Jews in Israel and elsewhere, where they live happily assimilated in countries which are their “promised land”, just as America often feels like the “promised land” to this writer , and how Israel and Judaism is harmed by the U.S.’s uncritical support of the extreme right-wing, supremacist, Israeli power structure of Palestinian lands which were are occupied in defiance of international law and which, have insult added to injury by the U.S. provision of armaments costing  more than $  3 billion dollars per year, or close to $ 10 million dollars per day, of our taxpayer’s funds and in our name.

Yes Israel may have a right to defend itself, but it does not have a right to offend.

Since 1948, and most particularly since 1967, the atrocities meted out  on the autochthonous Palestinians in their land are unspeakable and fan the fires of violence in the Middle East and beyond.

During these troubled times of horrific violence generating violence, hardly any Congressperson, with some exception such as Senator Bernie Sanders, and Senator Patrick Leahy, and a few others, and hardly any mainstream media outlet, focus on the genesis of the Western colonialist, neo-imperialist, militarist interventions in the Middle East, as well as in Latin America, and elsewhere.

The GOP’s neocons, all of them without exception, as well as Democrats neolibs, most particularly Hillary Clinton, in their hawkish aggressiveness, greed for power and money, dishonestly, engage in highly provocative, purely reactionary, hate and fear mongering support for the militarization of our foreign policy, while hypocritically abusing the concepts of “freedom” and “democracy” to camouflage their perverse self-interests which violate the right of “we the people” to demand an immediate end to the perpetual wars which are carried out with our had earned tax-payers funds, for the parasitic well-being of the investors in the industrial-military complex, and for the delusional objective of establishing some kind of hegemony over the world based on the phony concept of “exceptionalism” which is self-applied by the hidden government actors of the political power structures of the United States and Israel.

The time is now for the United States to be governed by genuine representatives of its people, so that an authentically representative democracy is established which will not allow for trillions, even soon perhaps, quadrillions of dollars to be deflected away from our badly needed public health care, public higher education, public transportation, infrastructure maintenance  by our grotesquely bloated defense budget, not to mention  the consequent hemorrhage of blood of American soldiers and often innocent unarmed civilians which is literally wasted by our wars and invasions carried out on the basis of falsehoods, as well as it is wasted by our support of some of the most authoritarian, destructive, misleaderships of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Honduras, and elsewhere.

The Argentum Post has in the past extensively reported on most of these specific examples of colossally disastrous and counter-productive interventions recently as well as those in the not so recent past in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Grenada, Nicaragua, Cuba, Indonesia, and the list goes on and on.

To be succinct however, now to the point of this article.

As the writer of the Argentum Post, I have attended three annual events which take place at the National Press Club which analyze critically and very constructively the perniciously undue influence of the Israel lobby on our mostly neocon as well as neoliberal corruptible politicians, an influence which, most particularly when exercised by the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC), is based mostly on dishonest fear and hate incitement particularly focused on vilifications, particularly directed at  Iran now,  on specious grounds, and which therefore is damaging to the best interests of the U.S., of to the interests of all rational, decent, humanist,  progressive peace activists in Israel, and therefore damaging to Judaism world-wide as well since they portray falsely ALL of us who critique well meaningly the extreme right wing and supremacist violent and decadent Netanyahu et al. power structure.

It is has become an automatic reaction by AIPAC, Netanyahu et al. and past extreme right wing Israeli administrations,  to smear delusionally, oxymoronically and without exceptions, all who dare to expose the atrocious crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians whose lands were stolen, invaded, occupied during episodes which involved horrific massacres such as the most recent one in the Summer of 2014.

The tags of “leftist”, “anti-Semites” , “self hating Jews”, and therefore even treasonous, are instantly and hysterically applied to even the most refined, distinguished, scholarly, inspiring, Jews everywhere who dare to speak out, and that tag gets even hurled recklessly at Jews in Israel of are members of the Peace Now movement, of the Breaking the Silence movement, and of Jews in the United States who are members of the Jewish Voice for Peace movement (a movement this writer actively supports), as well J-Street, and most particularly the peaceful members of the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions (BDS) movement who are vilified calumniatingly as “treasonous” for working for an end to violence and for the peaceful conflict resolution of the Israel implant into Palestine.

Risibly, if it were not so absurd and dishonest, is that the present misleadership of Israel has now stooped so low in its shrill hyperbolic hysteria and shamelessness that he it is characterizing the United Nations as “anti-Semitic”, since, heaven  forbid, the UN along with the International Criminal Court may, hopefully the sooner the better, indict it and finally hold those accountable for decades of atrocities.

Such a move could, and most probably would, usher in an unprecedented era conducive to a climate when peace talks break out, an era when both, Israeli Jews and Palestinians will finally establish an all-encompassing Palestine or call it Isratine perhaps, and this will then become the fertile soil for all to co-create, co-produce, co-educate each other, a mosaic effort which probably Moses, and Mohammad, and Jesus would applaud.

Such a developmental model in Isratine where everyone counts for one vote, and yes, where Palestinians and their descendants who were violently forced  out of their lands, will have a right to return.This phenomenon would do more to usher in a phenomenal era of peace with equal justice for all  and to end what is called “terrorism” more than any  drones, Israeli nuclear weapons, and quadrillions of dollars worth of weapons can ever achieve.

So, to finalize this article this writer provides his readers with the following infra.


(a) The link to the latest of three conference of hundreds of scholars, journalists, intelligence community officials, at the National Press Club which underscores the gravity of this status quo which must end now.  This is a link to an all day conference.

Prior to opening the supra link though, readers may be well advised to first read the links provided infra to the presentations by two of the most interesting panelists, from this writer’s perspective, namely that of journalist Gideon Levy and that of Dr. Roger Mattson.

The presentations of all of the approximately 12 panelist were highly informative, fascinating, at times touching.

Attendees were in the hundreds, from the U.S. and abroad, including very well known former officials such as the former Chief of Staff of Secretary of State Collin Powell and some not so well known, at least not in the U.S.

This writer has attended all three conferences starting in 2014 and has reported aspects thereof in the Argentum Post.

Incidentally, while the mainstream media has hardly referred to, much less given coverage of,  these conferences, it gives coverage ad nauseam to the AIPAC conference, whereto all the potential and corrupted nominees for the 2016 flocked, to sycophantically pander to the likes of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, because money talks, and who cares about the American voters, since sadly this well oiled machine of disinformation shapes minds of those not inoculated to their distortions of reality.

The exception of exceptional Senator Bernie Sanders,  must be noted,  since he chose not to attend the AIPAC conference and was busy campaigning and yet requested to make a statement to the attendees of the conference, something AIPAC has accepted in the past, but in the particularly case of Jewish Senator Sanders he was not allowed to do this since he does not speak the AIPAC party-line.

The fact that the corporatized mainstream media does not report on these conferences exposes the reality that it is derelict of duty to report the news objectively as they occur, and these conferences are very, very, newsworthy and highly informative.  This is an outrageous violation of the American people’s right to be objectively informed while at the same time it is drugged with propaganda of an undue influence lobby which is dishonest, and whose business is to incite hate and fear, for the benefit of its investors.

(b) The specific link to the presentation of Israeli journalist Gideon Levy is herein incorporated.

Since having met brilliant and affable and engaging journalist Gideon Levy who writes for the progressive Israel newspaper Haaretz, whose articles are more informative and hence contribute more to the aspirations of peace and justice by all,   this writer developed the  greatest respect and admiration for this inspiring, incisive, courageous, principled, legendary journalist.

His book “The Punishment of Gaza” is a must read for Congresspersons and for all Americans. Deplorably, the corrupted mainstream media is derelict of duty to give the coverage these three events deserved during the last three years, while giving an excess of coverage to the propagandistic AIPAC conference.

(c) The specific link to another scholarly panelist endowed with a heightened awareness of social consciousness, namely that of Dr. Roger Mattson is also herein incorporated.

Dr. Mattson gives us an analysis of how Israel, with the help of its American supporters, diverted weapons-grade uranium to its Dimona plant of nuclear weapons clandestinely established via a secret agreement between self-disgraced President Nixon and Israel’s Prime Minister Golda Meier who once had the temerity to state that “…there is not such thing as Palestine…”

BTW, Israeli whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu, who worked at the Dimona project, gave up his Israeli citizenship, emigrated to live with his brother in Australia, was called by the London Financial Times to give a speech in London, and on that occasion Vanunu announced that Israel had an active program of development of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and since it refused to sign on the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), it became actively involved in helping the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa to build a nuclear bomb.   Among sources which document this fact is the book titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa” by Austrian Jewish background author Sasha Polakow-Suransky.



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