The GOP Candidates, as Well as Hillary Clinton, Expose Failures and Their Unsuitability of Their Election to the Presidency


March 15, 2016 by Alfred

The Florida Democratic debate has now fully exposed the plethora of documented evidence, some of which has been published by the Argentum Post in previous articles, that Hillary Clinton’s neoliberal domestic and particularly foreign policy, when objectively analyzed, clearly establishes a track record of the same kind of pernicious perversely self-serving policies as those of the neocon Republican domestic and also particularly foreign, policy objectives.

In her foreign policies, H. Clinton has followed the same drummer’s beat of the string of regime change by the imposition of threats, sanctions, and militarized projections of power wherever nations leaders, democratically elected or not, do not align themselves with the dictates of the “invisible actors” of the upper billionaire elite represented of Wall Street financiers, corporate executives, and undue influence, pernicious super pacs, most particularly the American Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC).

And so,  does the whole   circus of Republican incompetent, hawkish, dishonest, supremacist, fundamentalist, and self-destructive candidates and politicians who have practiced the capitalism run amok strategies going back to the Reagan years establish their track record.

The synergy of neocon and neoliberal collusion particularly after the end of the cold war, some 20 years ago, created a “uber” class of corrupt politicians whose sole objective is that of propping up a pseudo-democracy which projects false images and is bereft of substance when it comes to the dire needs of the destitute poor class, and from the Reagan years on, as well as of the shrinking middle class.

Perpetual wars for perpetual oil and the reckless exploitation of other natural and human resources has become the name of the game for neocons and neolibs which has been in part driven by the military-industrial complex which President Eisenhower warned the American people about during his farewell speech.

The neocons are not decent, competent, rational, humanist, moderate, conservatives any more, just as neoliberals are not decent, competent, rational, humanist, moderate liberals,  any more.

Every day and every hour it becomes clearer that the American people really gets this, even if the mainstream media on paper and via the major three networks is derelict of duty in informing the public objectively.

The result of this repulsive feeling for the status quo political system which has rendered democracy non-participative any more and has thereby made a mockery of our constitutional democracy, is the revolt against the establishment in the embodiment of the Trump popularity on the right, and the Sanders appeal in the center and left.

It goes without elaborating that, every day and every hour that goes by,  precious time to commence a national reform is being wasted as a result of the polarization which has ensued by the demand for peace, justice, reconstruction, control to neutralize the  deregulation run amok stared by Ronald Reagan administration.  This has also resulted from  unlimited powers of said “invisible actors” which have incrementally infiltrated and taken over every sector of societal control.

It also goes without elaborating that by far, the only leader of the populist movement which demands action in the direction of constructive reform, is the incorruptible, principled, rationalist, humanist, Senator Bernie Sanders.

The National Debt Clock, outside of a Manhattan IRS office is now showing that the U.S. is approaching the $ 20 trillion-dollar debt level, which amounts to a debt of $ 160 thousand dollars for every American family.

While China bashing, just like Iran bashing in synchronization with the hegemony objectives of the Zionist misleadership of Israel, is in vogue, ironically it is the bank of China which is our creditor.

Yes, the bank of the socialist People’s Republic of China has given Uncle Sam a credit account which our misleaders have squandered abusively in , inter alia,  waging trillion-dollar treasury hemorrhage and American and Iraqi blood hemorrhage causing wars on fraudulent claims, such as the criminal war on Iraq by the Cheney/Bush junta which had been visualized before the 9/11 attacks, and started a short time after it.

This was a tragedy which was exploited by the GOP neocons to falsely link it to Iraq, and which neoliberals such as H. Clinton, and Tony Blair, and decrepit and corrupt to the core Italy’s Berlusconi supported  while tenths of millions of Americans of all backgrounds as well as tenths of millions of Europeans, strongly opposed.

It did not take being a “scholar” to see through the smokescreen of deception which was generated by the same kind of hate and fear mongers such as Israel’s PM Netanyahu and his cohorts have proven to be, particularly lately when they did everything to sabotage the commendable diplomacy President Obama via our P5+1  partners succeeded in to bring about a diplomatic solution to the  Iran nuclear energy issue.

Yes, it was the same H.Clinton, who teamed up with such shady characters as now under indictment New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, as well as Maryland Senator Cardin, and who is an ally of the dishonest israeli misleader Netanyahu, all of who, along the Republican senators who colluded with Netanyahu to sabotage the President’s effort with our European  leaders and with Russia’s leader to resolve the nuclear issue with Iran peacefully, who now uses pathetically and cynically that expression “…if I knew then what I know now...” in reference to her shameless support for the war on Iraq which has brought us now al Qaeda in Iraq and Daesh all over.

Hillary uttered such nonsense as if she did not know then what a scam Cheney, and Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz, and Condoleezza Rice, and many others were concocting in our name, with our taxpayer’s funds and with the blood of our soldiers and that of the innocent countless Iraqi men, women, and most particularly children, the latter of which died by the tenths of thousands, something former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright deemed to be a price  “… worth it…” when asked about it on CBS.

Albright, by the way, who feigned not knowing she was Jewish prior to her confirmation, as if that should have mattered, remains a stalwart hawkish neoliberal supporter and personal friend of H. Clinton.

H. Clinton in fact has been a supporter of ignominiously failed and immoral neocon policies in the following such countries as,  Cuba, Nicaragua, Honduras, Iraq, Libia, Iran, Israel in Palestine, to name a few.

This H. Clinton, who severely criticized President Obama for engaging in diplomacy with the reformist democratically elected President Rouhani of Iran and who in 2009 supported the violent overthrow of the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras, who was replaced by a highly corrupt government which now authoritatively terrorizes its people, and denies them their due process, this Hillary Clinton is now dangerously close to becoming the President of the United States and this must not happen given that no one qualifies for this post more than Senator Bernie Sanders.

It suffices to understand that, while neither the GOP’s contradictory and incompetent, and hate and  war mongering contenders for the nomination display any qualifications which would dignify he office of the Presidency, nor does Hillary Clinton’s background quite obviously on the basis of her track record,   the only candidate which does qualify, is also the candidate most scholarly Americans support and to wit , the example of pronouncement by two history professors, namely Andrew Bacewich of Boston University and Greg Grandin of New York University.

Therefore, presented infra are the links to video streams of memorable interviews by Amy Goodman, host of the prestigious Democracy Now program,  which include segments of Professors  Andrew Bacewich  and of Greg Grandin opining and demonstrating their support for Senator Bernie Sanders.


2 thoughts on “The GOP Candidates, as Well as Hillary Clinton, Expose Failures and Their Unsuitability of Their Election to the Presidency

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent summary – needed to be put ‘out there.’
    If citizens don’t take the time to read truths like this then
    they deserve to live under intolerable conditions
    in our continuing oligarchy ruled by a few immoral evil persons.!

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