At a Historic 2016 Bifurcation for the U.S., Bernie Sanders is the One and Only Presidential Leader Who Will Depolarize and Render the U.S. All It Can and Must Be, Sustainably and Inspiringly

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April 7, 2016 by Alfred

As most of the readers of the Argentum Post who have become familiar with its content, since October of 2013 when it was founded, know, its writer is an independent progressive thinker who guides himself by rationalist, naturalist, secular humanistic values.

Having said this, it is important to point out that the following article is not guided by political motivation, and is therefore not some kind of a “political” endorsement.

This article is a genuine heartfelt statement, appeal, aspiration, warning, exhortation, to all Americans, be they decent moderate conservatives or decent moderate liberals of be they decent independent eclectics who, as this writer, defy some ideo-political characterization as their yearnings, objectives, hopes, expectations for this country are common to the vast majority of us which are, broadly, to live in a nation reunited from the grotesque polarization which we have been living through since the reckless and irrational  Ronald Reagan Deregulation and massive military spending era which followed by social stratification, massive job losses for the middle and low-income classes, and by a horrific string of seemingly perpetual wars generated by fear and hatred incitement, which have led to an intolerable hemorrhage of precious American and foreign blood and American treasury, and subsequently by a financial meltdown which took the U.S. close to a major financial catastrophe.

Probably never in the history of our nation have we been at the crossroads of an either potential incremental reformist change path or of a potential aggravation of the destructive path which has been engendered mostly by neocon Republicans, but as well by the collaboration of said destructive path by some Democratic neoliberals.

Never in the history of our nation have we been confronted by a circus of incompetent, dishonest, greedy, sleazy, right-wing, supremacist, pseudo religionist, racist, misogynist, candidates for a presidential election such as those representing the tea party/neocon Republican party, most particularly Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz, but as well as all others, and never in our history have we been confronted by a single Democratic party candidate who is a hawkish, dishonest, greedy, war mongering and destructive regime change enthusiastic supporter as that represented by the neoliberal candidate Hillary Clinton.

A plethora of documentation supports the characterizations in the supra paragraph and these have been duly noted in many previous articles of this Argentum Post.

When it comes to the Republican candidates it is now more than obvious that they and their party have exposed their darkest sides ever, and therefore it became obvious with an abundance of redundance that the Republican party has run aground, reached rock bottom, and apparently has led itself into a period of self-extinction as it clearly is now in a state of ethical, intellectual, and political putrefaction.

When it comes to the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, it may be not quite as obvious to the general public that she, as a neoliberal, has a track record that renders her categorically unqualified to become the president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton has not only firmly supported the neocon war on Iraq concocted by dishonesty, greed,  corruption, and hegemony driven lust of the Cheney/Bush junta, a war which had, and to this day continues to have, catastrophic consequences for us and for the whole Middle East, as it engendered the Al-Qaeda in Iraq genesis, later coupled by its evolution into the nightmarish so-called “Islamic State” , better characterized as the Daesh phenomenon which Ted Cruz imbecillically deems to be destroyable by “...carpet bombing…” when in reality such a phenomenon is driven by an idea, which no matter how gruesome it is, it cannot be simplistically bombed away, just as John McCain, imbecillically declared that when it comes to Iran “…bomb, bomb, bomb…” is the solution never mind that Iran is NOT a terrorism supporting nation but which the neocon/Zionist extremist hegemonist propaganda  machine has managed to characterize it as such in the minds of the uninformed.

Hillary Clinton has also been the architect of violent stable regime changes in Libia, and in Honduras.

In the former she was instrumental in the bombing of Tripoli and other regions in Libya, thereby opening the country up to the opportunistic Al Qaeda and Daesh criminals who to this day bring nothing but death and suffering to its people.

In the latter, again, Hillary Clinton became instrumental in supporting the coup against the populist democratically elected President Zelaya in 2009, when she insisted that the U.S. must not call it a coup so as to allow the corrupt junta to succeed in their criminal overthrow, a junta which has gone on to impose the most violent repression on its people, while rewarding its criminal elite, by carrying out assassinations against labor association leaders and most recently by the assassination of Bertha Caceres, a highly popular, human rights activist, and environmental activist whose only “crime” was rallying the people to speak out against the injustices perpetrated by the gang which carried out the coup.

Hillary Clinton’s links to Wall Street and her six-digit “speaking engagements with Goldman and Sachs as well as the millions of dollars her super PAC’s have received from Wall Street while at some point dishonestly stating that she was “…broke…“, are amply documented.

Furthermore, to add insult to injury, Hillary Clinton was an outspoken opponent of President Obama’s declared intention to engage the democratically elected moderate and reformist President Rouhani of Iran, in the P5+1 in the now successfully achieved negotiations on the issue of Iran’s legal use of nuclear energy generation.   She even said to Barack Obama during a debate with him in 2008, when he announced his intention to engage resolve peacefully the impasse with Iran by diplomacy , “...have you no shame, Mr. Obama, to negotiate with Iran…” (?!).

Just as Hillary Clinton’s connectedness with Wall Street is well documented, so his her total uncritical, corrupt, deference to the Israeli lobby AIPAC and to the misleadership of the international law violating Israeli PM, Netanyahu who in the  summer of 2014 launched one to the most horrific massacres in the history of the Middle East by his relentless bombardment of the greatest concentration camp in history which Israel has created in Gaza, where close to 3,000 misty innocent an unarmed civilians, including 500 children, were killed.   Even though the mainstream media has not bothered to report on it, the fact is that Netanyahu has been indicted in Spain for a murderous crime on volunteers associated with the unprovoked Israeli attack in international waters of the Freedom Flotilla which carried humanitarian supplies to Gaza.

Recently at an appearance before an AIPAC event at the Brookings institution, Hillary Clinton declared that the first thing she will do when inaugurated will be to invite Netanyahu to the White House.  The same Netanyahu who by now should be facing the International Criminal Court for his crimes against the humanity and for his war crimes, in Gaza and in the occupied West Bank, is the man who engaged in an uninvited intrusion by collusion with 47 Republican Senators into Congress to feeble-mindedly and egregiously attempted to sabotage the President’s P5+1 negotiations in Iran which resolved the nuclear issue.

Israel has been documentably a generator of terrorizing reprisal attacks on decent people inside Israel and abroad.   As the illustrious and highly respected Israeli investigative journalist Gideon Levy has stated recently at the National Press Club at an event this writer attended, and as he has declared in his book “The Punishment of Gaza”, “…U.S. Presidents fund, equip, and arm Israel…Such is the classic friend of Israel – a friend who is an enemy, an enemy of peace and an enemy of Israel…”   We must not have such a president in the White House and that means we must not have Hillary Clinton in the White House to further aggravate an already incendiary and criminal state of affairs in our relationship with Israel and with the rest of the Middle East.

Finally it is noteworthy that one of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends and allies, is the former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright who had the temerity to state while campaigning for Hillary that “,,,there is a place in hell for women who do not support Hillary…

The same Madeleine Albright, when asked by a TV journalist whether,  as a result of monstrous bombing campaign during the Republican war on Iraq coupled to the infrastructure destruction which contaminated the water supply of Baghdad with sewage which according to the World Health Organization has led to the death of close to 100 thousand people and children,  was worth it, replied “…yes, I think it was well worth it…

Enclosed here is a link to a previous Argentum Post article on Hillary Clinton’s background with documentation which clearly and totally disqualifies her from the presidency.

So, with this background, it becomes more than obvious and undebatable that by far, the only candidate for the 2016 Presidential election who is incorruptible, has a fabulous background, has a major following among young Americans particularly but as well among Americans of all backgrounds and even respectable moderate conservative Americans, is the noble, bright, energetic, transparent, humanist of Jewish background, the Senator of Vermont, Bernie Sanders.

This writer met Bernie Sanders and chatted with him twice.

The first time it was in a café in Greensboro, Vermont, while vacationing in January of 1989.   We chatted for a while and at the end of the conversation he told this writer that he was the Mayor of Greensboro.  Subsequently this writer wrote Bernie Sanders expressing interest in becoming a member of the Progressive Coalition which he had referred to in an article published by The New York Times.   Bernie Sanders kindly replied in a letter he personally signed.

The second time this writer met Bernie Sanders at the prestigious Institute of Policy Studies where Bernie Sanders had come to give a presentation as he was about to start his campaign for the position of Senator of the State of Vermont.

The Institute of Policy Studies was co-founded by illustrious and dedicated Marcus Raskin who had been a White House national security aide to President Kennedy.  Marcus Raskin broke with the Kennedy Administration, commendably, over the Vietnam War.  His son, similarly illustrious and dedicated Jamie Raskin, is the present State Senator in Maryland and his currently running for the 8th Congressional district.

Senator Bernie Sanders towers way above the aforementioned neocon Republicans and the neoliberal Democrat referred to in the supra paragraphs.

As stated at the onset of this article, Americans are at a historical bifurcation in history.

This is a crucial moment for either embarking on a wondrous journey of recovery, reform, reunification, healing, and thereby prosperity with security by justice, education, and real single payer health care, all of which leading to the hope and energy unleashing prospects of prosperity and progress on the home front, as well as, engagement with our allies and foes in ways which they will recognize us as not so much “leading” but more so by inspiring and thereby invoking respect which has been lost by us for decades abroad.

We finally will be able to “…inspire by the power of example and NOT by the example of power…”

We will save trillions of dollars by cutting hegemony seeking and wasteful pandering to the industrial military complex which President Eisenhower warned us.

We will finally end the violation of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty’s article 6 which called long ago for the gradual and total elimination of all nuclear weapons and that means that the U.S., Russia, China, Britain, and France will dismantle said weapons while exercising all means available, including drastic sanctions, to push Israel, Pakistan, and India to follow suit.

We will reap genuine peace dividends which we never envisaged before, and rather than characterizing ourselves as a “melting pot” we will emerge as a powerfully united for good “mosaic” of a nation which will incrementally become equalized, something which will lead to unprecedented harmony among all social classes, among Americans of all religions comprising as well as the non-religious secular humanists, among all genders, all sexual preferences, all ethnic and pigmentatious heritages.

The undue influence lobbies which literally intoxicate and corrupt politicians will become museum pieces, and so will Citizens United v. FEC.

Or,contrariwise,  if “we the people” miss this very unique opportunity to allow our nation to become all it can and must be, then we will have abdicated tragically for a long time the opportunity to finally end the pernicious influence of the “invisible government” of the plutocracy which has warped our precious democracy and which is threatening the very foundation  of our constitution.

We will then face the outrageous program proposed by Secretary of Defence Carter which who called for trillions of dollars to be spent for “…modernizing our nuclear weapons…” while he also engaged in egregious and outdated cold war talk by inciting hate and fear against the following nations in the following order :  Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, and (lastly ?) “terrorism” !

This is an incomprehensible and irrational logic.    We need to engage with Russia in containing and defusing terrorism, we need to engage with China in containing and defusing North Korea, we already have engaged thanks to President Obama, with Iran, now the most stable and democratizing nation in the Middle East which nevertheless continues inexplicably the target of hate and fear incitement by Israel’s misleader and his neocon Republican and his neolib Democratic acolytes in Congress.   Yes, Iran reaches out to its Shiite communities in Lebanon, namely to Hezbollah, but this is not a “terrorist” organization as it is part and parcel of Lebanese society and time and again has been essential in defending Lebanon against Israeli air bombardments targeting Palestinian refugee camps which were created since the violent initial destruction of 416 villages and the violent expulsion of close to one million autochthonous Palestinians from their lands by terrorist gangs led by Menachen Begin (Irgun) and by Ytzhak Shamir in 1948.  Both men became later Israel Prime Ministers.

Secretary Carter’s outdated and bizarre perspective would have us confront militarily countries such as Russia and China at a time when China is our creditor and the IRS office clock in Manhattan shows that our debt is now $ 20 trillion dollars which is equivalent of a debt of $ 160 thousand dollars owed by every American family.

Secretary Carter probably would be retained by the neocon masquerading as a neolib Hillary Clinton if she managed to become President.  She incredibly, arrogantly, and literally stupidly declared that at a time when Russia was launching strikes on the “Islamic State” we must unilaterally declare a no-fly zone in the area, so that only the U.S. launches such useless strikes ?   By stating such nonsense she made it clear that she does not understand what she is stating,  and that means that she is wiling to impulsively do something that has a high probability to bring us closer to a nuclear war than we were during the Cuban missile crisis ?!

No, no more neocons, no more neolibs, no more wars.

The time for a populist social democratic reformist change is now, and it has been given to us in the embodiment of that noble humanist social democrat which Bernie Sanders is – a veritable “angel” who will lead us to “salvation” from ourselves and to an unimaginable homeland happiness and homeland security thereby, rather than by pseudo homeland security by never ending military power projection which generates more blowback in engenders a vicious cycle whose side effect is the enrichment beyond imagination of the investors of the military industrial complex.

BTW, in the last two years, 14 individuals saw an increase in wealth of US $ 150 billion dollars.  This is as much as the bottom 40 % of the USA.

Cheers to all.



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