An Illustrous Standford U. Professor of Middle East History Exposes Hillary’s Outrageous and Brazen Falsehoods as Regards Israel/Palestine


April 16, 2016 by Alfred

Joel Beinin, as this writer of the Argentum Post, was raised by a Jewish family.

Joel Beinin was not only raised in an American Jewish family, but he was raised as a Zionist in said family.

Why is this information relevant ?

This information is crucial at the onset of this article, since automatically, the slightest even mildest, and constructive, criticism of Israel and its neocon as well as neoliberal and fundamentalist Evangelist acolytes and enablers, is bizarrely and reprehensibly met by the mainstream media,  by extreme right wing supremacist Zionists, and in general by the present day American political establishment,  with suspicion, derision at best, and  by unfounded scorn and insults at worst, with epithet being hurled at academics and investigative journalists, and others who dare to go where the truths takes them, by such disparaging and abusive epithets of such messengers,  which characterize them as being “anti-Semitic”, or being “self-hating Jews”, or being “traitors”.

These brazen knee jerk ad hominem attacks via epithets that are utterly specious and oxymoronic,  and hysterical, are the product of decades and decades of cultural programmation by our politicized and corporatized mainstream media which is literally corrupted to the core by toxic special interest groups and their financial pollution of objectivity power and effect.

The distinguished, dedicated, academic Joel Beinin,  an illustrious professor of Middle East history at Standford University, in response to  Hillary’s vitriolic attacks on Sanders which are standard for her feeble-minded  defense of her utterly false narratives of the Israel in Palestine history,  has set the record straight on her slanderous unacceptable record of blank support for Israel-can-do-no-wrong, a so-called “exceptionalism” which is ludicrously non-existent in reality.

Hillary has consistently demonstrated extreme and perverse cynicism, arrogance, ignorance,  greed, hypocrisy, and corrupt values, when it comes not only to the reality of the Israel in Palestine conflict, but furthermore when it comes to truthfully supporting authentically representative democracy  that comes with respect for human rights and freedom for all.

Hillary’s support of ruthless and murderous dictatorships when they happen to align with the neocon and neoliberal interests which exclusively benefit the industrial-military complex which President Eisenhower warned the American people about in his farewell speech, when he also warned the American people about its need to “beware of becoming involved in foreign entanglements“, are actually amply documented and do not take a research project to be exposed.

As often pointed out in the Argentum Post, Hillary supported and protected the thugs who abducted in the middle of the night, the democratically elected populist President Zelaya of Honduras in 2009.

She not only actively supported the ruthless authoritative 36 year dictatorship of Mubarak in Egypt, going as far as stating that she felt for him as if he was a friend of her family,  she opposed President Obama’s commendable commitment announced in 2008 to negotiate diplomatically with the Iranian government as regards to the issue of its legitimate right to use uranium refined to the 4% level which renders it applicable for peaceful energy generation and medical applications.

She opposed the use of diplomacy to normalize relations with Cuba,  as the neolib she is.

She supported the Cheney/Bush et al. neocon war on Iraq on false claims, a war whose catastrophic consequences in terms of the wasteful hemorrhage of precious American and foreign blood we are still dealing with as it destabilized the region to the extend that it conditions were rendered ripe for the horrific Al Qaeda and Daesh invasion of Iraq.

She supported the destruction of Libia’s state institutions and infrastructure, celebrated the killing of its leader Gaddafi, and the chaos which ensued was also opportunistically inviting for Al Qaeda and Daesh in the region something which resulted in the death of our ambassador there.

She supported the Saudi Arabian interventions in Bahrain when its dictator carried out lethal attacks on democracy activists there and she supported the Saudi intervention on behalf of said dictatorship which then punished physicians and nurses who came to the aid of said democracy activists.   Of course, the fact the U.S. has its Fifth naval fleet base there contributed to said support of the killing of democracy activists.

She supports Saudi Arabia’s invasion of Yemen where 6 thousand have been killed and she now supports the continued sales of weaponry to that decadent human rights most egregious violator of human rights in the world.

She supports the present murderous and authoritarian regime of General Al Sissi whose government has carried out countless summary executions of dissidents and supports the U.S. sale of weaponry to that yet additional regime of murderous killers, just as she did not express any opposition to Al Sissi’s empowerment via a coup against the first and only democratically elected government of Morzi, a former chemical engineer who speaks fluently English, and who now is in prison expecting the likelihood of being executed for the only “crime” being his support of the Moslem Brotherhood, an organization which has been on record for decades of being peaceful in and involved in infrastructure repair as well as in running clinics.

If one continues to list the egregious and national security endangering positions of Hillary the supra paragraphs would be so long as to render this article tedious.

Now, as regards to Hillary’s bizarre and so unacceptable support of Israeli aggression on its neighbors and support of its obscurantist, fundamentalist, racist supremacist, hegemony quest addicted misleaders, namely Netanyahu et al, (i.e. his Likud party) it is so unreal and so corrupted that it clearly exposes her to not only just as unqualified for the presidency of the U.S., if not more so, than Cruz and Trump are.

Here is Hillary supporting a man who was caught on video telling international law violating violent settlers that he is proud to have scuttled the Oslo Peace talks (documentation which the Argentum Post previous articles has provided via video clips of Netanyahu’s shameful and incriminating admission), while she is also shockingly stating now during the campaign that when elected her first act will be to invite this criminal Netanyahu to the White House, i.e. the same man who so dastardly insulted President Obama when he decided to follow through with more peace talk sabotage and hate and fear incitement on the basis of falsehoods by entering the Capitol via an intrusion by collusion with the 47 shameless neocon “Contra” senators who along withe their counterparts in the House have done nothing but attempt to sabotage anything and everything which our popularly and democratically elected President Obama took the initiative to propose.

Hillary has stunned those who do not live in what Gore Vidal aptly called the United States of Amnesia.

By having had the temerity to declare during her vitriolic attacks on Bernie Sanders, that Israel does not provoke the reprisal attacks by Gazans, particularly, and Palestinians in general, she exposed the depth to which she can go when she is determined to satisfy her insatiable lust for power and financial gain.

This Kafkaesque lie is outrageous beyond words.  Since Israel declared its weirdly called “war of independence” in 1948 when the terrorist gangs Irgun, led by later Prime Minister Menachen Begin, and Stern Gang, led by later Prime Minister Ytzakh Shamir, Israel never ended provoking the autochthonous Palestinians in their weak but at times fatal reprisal attacks on the European, and North American supremacist extremist right wing invading settlers of their homeland where for centuries they lived in harmony with a small percentage of Christians and Palestinian Jews.   In fact to this day Hanan Ashrawi, the Palestinian Authority foreign affairs minister is a former Christian teacher.

It goes without saying that the home-made Qassam rocket attacks caused casualties among the settlers who in violation of international law either took over or demolished the homes and farms of their legitimate Palestinian owners.

It also goes without saying that every time such a desperate act of violence was undertaken by Palestinians, the Israeli’s retaliated with monstrously  disproportionate military devastation and did so gleefully.

In the summer of 2014, close to 3 thousand most unarmed civilians, including some 500 children, some of them hiding in UN built schools, were murdered by Netanyahu’s et al. savage bombings.   Hillary’s reaction ?   “Israel has a right to ‘defend’  itself ” !

Finally the world is now witnessing an increase at a geometric rate of acceleration of resistance to the crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian people, and most notably this comes in conjunction with the support of such global indignation and calls for the International Criminal Court and the UN to intervene and bring about a final resolution to the metastastacizing  violence which threatens to engulf the rest of the world in this conflict.

We owe such decent, academic, humanist Jews as Professor Joel Beinin, Israel’s journalist and author Gideon Levy, legendary Israeli academic, author, journalist, and documentary  producer Ilan Pappe, and many, many, countless other progressive and humanist Jews, including of course, the only man who is eminently qualified to be nominated and elected to the presidency of our nation, namely Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, a lot of credit for this beginning of a global conscientiousness to set in and demand the same that Jews demanded when the Nazi slaughter of Jews – and others – occurred some 70 years ago, namely “never again“, except that this time it is the decadent misleaders of the state which in effect is the result of a hasty and reckless synthesis as a result of the nationalization of the Judaic religion, a phenomenon which – by the way – is considered as bereft of historical and legal legitimacy not only by Palestinians but by countless and well-meaning, decent, rational, and humanistic Jews.

We must also laud the formidable contributions of such Jewish organizations which are pushing back on the undue influence gangs in our highly corrupted Congress, most particularly the AIPAC pernicious buyer of votes on the basis of hate and fear incitements which are groundless and fraudulent, against now, most particularly, Iran which in stark contrast to Israel, has not acquired clandestinely nuclear weapons of mass destruction and has not invaded its neighbors.

Among said organization are, Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Council for Judaism, J-Street, the New Israeli Fund, the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network, Breaking the Silence, Tzedek Chicago, the Neturei Karta group, Rabbi Lerner’s Tikkun organization, the Israeli human rights organization Bet’Selem, and even now the first anti-Zionist evangelical organization founded by Lynne Hybels and called the Willow Creek Church, and many others.

It is risibly and deplorable for Hillary to state that she is a “friend of Israel“.

A genuine friend of Israel does not behave the way she does.  In fact there is very little about Hillary which is “genuine”.  Hillary is running on the record of her last name, and even with that, said record is extremely questionable.   Bill Clinton’s “triangulation” was only partially successful and is not suited for the present era, as it was then.

The illustrious Israeli journalist Gideon Levy, who this writer had the wonderful opportunity to meet twice in as many years at the National Press Club, stated in his book “The Punishment of Gaza” that “the current bout of official support for Israel is not genuine“.  He furthermore added that ” A true friend of Israel, one that is sincerely concerned  for its fate, is only that friend who dares to express sharp criticism of Israel’s policy of occupation, which poses the most serious risk to its future, and who takes practical steps to end it.”


This writer ends this article with this incorporation of a video clip of an interview of Professor Joel Beinin by Amy Goodman the producer and host of one of America’s most objective and viewer supported program Democracy Now.

2 thoughts on “An Illustrous Standford U. Professor of Middle East History Exposes Hillary’s Outrageous and Brazen Falsehoods as Regards Israel/Palestine

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for sharing this excellent article about ‘Killary.’

  2. aliceny says:

    Hope millions are ‘listening’ and reading out there, Alfred — not only to you and your great” documentation and objective pieces – but to all who try to put the truth ‘out there.’
    It IS there! One just has to have the courage (guts) to let it all out.
    Thanks for this. Our primary in NYS is this Tuesday.

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