A Sequel to the Previous April 12, 2016 Argentum Post Article re: Saudi Arabian Government Support for the 9/11 Terrorists


April 15, 2016 by Alfred

As a sequel to the Argentum Post article titled “Secret Documents in a Vault Under the Capitol Reveal the Saudi Arabian Support of the 9/11 Terrorists” , which relates to a developing story which most mainstream media outlets have not yet reported on, with the exception of the CBS network in its 60 Minutes program of last Sunday, the following is reported today on April 14, 2016.

To refresh memory,  said previous article on this subject of the secret 9/11 document(s) of 28 pages is about an alleged direct link of high ranking officials of the Saudi government as having lodged, funded, and provided other help to the 19 criminal hijackers who flew airplanes into the the NYC World Trade Center twin towers, and into the Pentagon.

So this sequel to said previous Argentum Post article is essentially an update to this story which comes in the form of an article published by the Tampa Bay Times at 20:50 hours on Thursday April 14th 2016, wherein Lucy Morgan, a Times Senior Correspondent,  reports that former Florida Senator Bob Graham received a call from the White House informing him that the “declassification of the secret 9/11 document(s) is underway“.

What is most noteworthy is that this/these 28 page(s) document(s) was/were withheld from a report issued by a Joint Congressional Commission 13 years ago and were kept in a vault under the Capitol building, presumably to protect the Saudi officials and others.

Senator Bob Graham, took a highly principled stand since 2011 and demanded, for the sake of truth, for the sake of the American people’s right to know the truth, and for the sake of those who lost their family members and loved ones in 9/11 to have this/these document(s) released which the FBI had failed to disclose, after initially declaring that they did not exist.

Enclosed herein is the link to the Tampa Bay Article titled “Bob Graham Gets Call from White House and World That Declassification of the Secret 9/11 Documents is Underway


One thought on “A Sequel to the Previous April 12, 2016 Argentum Post Article re: Saudi Arabian Government Support for the 9/11 Terrorists

  1. Marie Spike says:

    What about Bush family controlling security for World Trade Towers allowing for planting of explosives for controlled demolitions? What about Building 7? What about NORAD being commanded to stand down? What about the Anthrax intimidation? What about Israeli involvement? Those 28 pages likely scratch the surface. Graham & anyone else who saw the 28 pages and agreed to remain silent to protect criminal behavior deserves to be convicted as well, top secret or not!

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