An Argentum Post Response to the Washington Post’s Article By Former Senator Bob Graham: “It ‘s Time We Release the Uncensored Truth About 9/11”


May 16, 2016 by Alfred

 As  subscriber of The Washington Post, this writer of the Argentum Post commended the Washington Post for its publication of former Senator Bob Graham’s article ,  “It’s Time We Release the Uncensored Truth About 9/11“.

Former Senator Bob Graham’s article is about a document that has been locked in a vault under the Capitol building which links the criminal attacks on the World Trade Center towers to Saudi officials.

Given that the Saudi Arabian government is vehemently opposed to allowing the American people to read the 28 page document of, heretofore withheld information, so much so as to invoke some reprisal in form of a threatening extortionist dumping of U.S. savings bonds, it obviously seems to be hiding something which we cannot but become fully aware of, in toto, we have the obligation to demand said document be released, and therefore we must support the noble and dedicated efforts by Bob Graham.

It is inconceivable that any decent American would countenance being told that for the sake of the Saudi dictators comfort, we  must not act in accordance with our rights and in accordance with our ethical duty and respect to the 3 thousand victims of 9/11  and their loved us, as well as to the heroic first police and rescue responders who also became casualties.

Anything short of the full and uncensored disclosure would be tantamount to our protecting those who have possibly and even probably been involved in assisting and/or sponsoring the horrifically terrorizing attacks on the World Trade Center and this is unthinkable and unacceptable.

This evidence is clearly in no way characterizable and dismissible  as a 9/11 so-called “conspiracy theory” lack of evidence.   The evidence has been in said vault for 15 years, for some obvious reason having to do with some obvious validity which the Saudi Arabian government does not the American people be aware of.

Furthermore, Bob Graham was a co-chair of the Joint Inquiry Into the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001 and has read this 28 page document.

It is incredible that on May 1, 2016, CIA Director John Brennan appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press and argued that the 28 page document not be released because “…the American people are incapable of accurately evaluating them…”?!

Provided here is the link to the article written by the knowledgeable, dedicated, principled, and courageous former Senator of Florida, Bob Graham.

One thought on “An Argentum Post Response to the Washington Post’s Article By Former Senator Bob Graham: “It ‘s Time We Release the Uncensored Truth About 9/11”

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent idea – lost past due. Don’t anyone hold their breath!

    While they’re on a ‘truth-admitting’ kick, how about telling American citizens
    about the Israeli bombing, shelling, strafing of the U.S. Liberty, sailing in international
    waters off the shores of Gaza during the 6-Day War, causing hundreds of
    naval crew deaths and wounded casualties. To this day, Israel refuses to admit this
    act of war upon our country even though several Israeli pilots were heard
    questioning their orders over their planes’ radios. Pres. Johnson and the U.S.
    Navy highest echelons were, and continue to be, part of the cover up.
    Remaining living U.S. Liberty survivors have testified several times about
    Israel’s unprovoked attack upon their ship to no avail.

    As we know via the courage of whistleblowers, past and present, this story and
    others represent only the tip of the iceberg of covert human rights horrors
    that have been perpetrated by our armed forces at the behest of our government,
    including the CIA and NSA — in the name of American citizens.

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