In Evading a CNN Question in the Debate with Bernie, Hillary Exposes Documentably and Sensationally Her Disqualification to Serve as Our President


May 18, 2016 by Alfred


Two videos, in juxtaposition, suffice to expose documentably Hillary’s most convincing lack of qualifications to, (a) be our President and Commander-in-Chief and, (b) to be an effective candidate who can easily defeat Donald Trump.

Video “1” documents evasiveness, dishonesty, arrogance in synergy with ignorance, cynicism, in conjunction with the determination to adulterate history, and with the use of a perverse Kafkaesque rationale, which Hillary Clinton, shamelessly exposed during a debate with Bernie Sanders, wherein she portrayed Israel  (the perpetrator), as a victim and charging Palestine, and most particularly Gaza, (the victim),  as a perpetrator.  This is what Uri Avner characterizes  as “absurdiocy”.

Video “2” documents the myth that Israeli leaderships were engaged in genuine peace talks with the Palestinian leaderships, and it most particularly exposes the most ruthlessly violent, hate and fear mongering, manipulative, and dishonest, Israeli misleader, Netanyahu, being caught on video – after requesting that the video camera be turned off – in the residence of a family of illegal settlers (which now number close to 500 thousand, built on land in brazen violation of international law)   boasting that he was proud to have scuttled the Oslo so-called peace talks.  This was in conjunction with his statement that,  when it comes to the Americans, they are easily manipulated and with them we can do anything we want.

This article further buttresses previous Argentum Post articles which expose the very dark side of the hawkish former Republican Hillary Clinton, who is totally deferential to Netanyahu, the American Israeli Political Committee (AIPAC),  and to the likes of casino mogul Sheldon Edelman, and to Haim Saban.  All of them donate to her campaign and shape her myopic and one-sided view that Israel-can-do-wrong.

From the warped perspective of Hillary Clinton, Netanyahu and previous Prime Ministers and their Zionist, extreme right-wing fundamentalist, obscurantist, hegemonic, belligerent power structure are the  “victims” while the Palestinian people and their leaders are the “perpetrators”,  who for 68 years were murderously abused by being told to abide, leave, or die, by invasions, occupations, annexations, house demolitions, collective punishments, incarcerations (even of children) without trial, and by massacres such as the most  the most recent one having been the Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre where some 3 thousand mostly unarmed civilians, including 500 children were killed.

In video “1” Hillary has the temerity to cynically declare that if Arafat had accepted her husband’s proposal, Palestine would have had a “state”, adding insult to injury as everyone with a minimalist understanding of the underlying conditions which were inherent in said proposal, rendered it a mere political ploy designed to be rejected by any self-respecting Palestinian leader, so that then belligerent and hegemonic Israeli power structures could go on with their non-sensical propagandist mantra that one cannot negotiate with “terrorists”.

Furthermore, the categorical condemnation of the bizarre insinuation that there is some kind of moral equivalence between the Israelis’ horrific and murderous abuses of the human, civil, and legal rights of the Palestinians for almost 7 decades,  and the reprisal violence which is meted out on Jews in Israel occupied Palestine is totally rationally and humanistically and factually understandable and soundly founded and therefore is clearly clearly unassailable.

It goes without saying that said reprisal violence is highly deplorable as it also affects often the most innocent Jewish civilians.

So, with this foreword, the above described videos “1” and “2” documentation is incorporated infra, however prior to this, the increasing number of readers who have not yet had exposure to the Argentum Post are informed the following.

The writer of this Argentum Post is of Jewish background, being the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, and he his the co-signer of statement by 40 living survivors of said Nazi genocidal crimes and of 287 direct descendants of those said survivors who categorically condemn the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people, and who most particularly condemn the 2014 massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.   This statement was published on August 15, 2014 in the London Guardian and on August 23, 2014 in the New York Times.

The writer of this Argentum Post also feels honored to be of the same conviction as some of the finest Jews in this world on Israel in Palestine conflict issue.

Some of the most honorable, humanistic,  illustrious Israeli and non-Israeli Jewish scholars, journalists, authors, artists, and workers in a vast variety of sectors share the views that the time is long overdue for a solution to be enforced by the United Nations and with the involvement of the International Criminal Court must be arrived at NOW.  Furthermore, in order for this process to be launched, it is an imperative that all weapons shipments to Israel must be ended, coupled to the imposition of drastic economical sanctions, and of an end to the United States enablement of the Israeli violations of international law by an end to all financial aid and support of the BDS movement.

Among these noble men and women there are, to name a few, such individuals as Gideon Levy, Uri Avery, Ilan Pappe, Miko Peled, Gilad Atzmon, Edwin Black, Norman Finkelstein, Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Schlomo Sand, Richard Falk, and many, many more.  Some of these illustrious individuals this writer had the opportunity to meet at conferences at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, DC.

The most recently met distinguished conference speaker at said National Press Club was the journalist and author Gideon Levy.

Even though Hillary Clinton repetitively states that she is a “friend” of Israel, while in reality being more like a”friend” of such Wall Street firms as Goldman Sachs and of such Israel lobbies as AIPAC as well as a friend of the likes of casino mogul Sheldon Edelman, all for the generation of financial and political capital generation, according to Gideon Levy,and as expressed in his book “Punishing Gaza”,  ” A true friend of Israel, one that is sincerely concerned for its fate, is only that friend who dares to express sharp criticism of Israel’s policy of occupation, which poses the most serious risk to its future, and who also takes practical steps to end it. ”

With “friends” such as Hillary Clinton, Israel does not need any enemies.

With a “president” such as Hillary Clinton, our nation will inexorably be further drained of blood and treasury in the irrational and greedy pursuit of “exceptionalist” hegemony for the United States and for Israel, along a road which will take us, Israel, and possibly more nations into an abyss of violence generating violence which will produce nothing but terrible suffering and irreversible damage for all the innocent peoples caught in-between who genuinely aspire peace through diplomacy and justice to end once for all the festering wars in the Middle East and elsewhere,  wars which only satiate the endless and uncontrollable lust of the top elite involved in the industrial-military complex war profiteering, who recklessly  laugh on their merry ways to their banks.

This article is particularly directed to the attention of the Democratic super delegates who have the power to liberate us from the zero sum candidates for the race to the bottom by nominating Bernie Sanders as the only decent candidate for the nomination whose probability of defeating Donald Trump are immeasurably higher than those of the former Republican and hawkish pro-militarist foreign policy candidate Hillary Clinton.

“We the people” deserve to be liberated and be healed from the yoke of having to choose between the  two worse than mediocre but downright dangerous choices of Trump and Clinton,  when the ideal alternative is transparently at hand.

Accordingly, provided here is

Video “1” of the debate between Clinton and Sanders on Israel, and

Video “2” of  PM Netanyahu caught boasting of having scuttled the Oslo “peace talks”

PS  on video “2” the segment  when Netanyahu requests the video to be turned off starts at minute 4:10 .  At this point, Netanyahu boasts of having derailed the Oslo peace talks after previously having stated that when it comes to Americans, they are easily manipulated and with them we can do anything we want.



2 thoughts on “In Evading a CNN Question in the Debate with Bernie, Hillary Exposes Documentably and Sensationally Her Disqualification to Serve as Our President

  1. aliceny says:

    You are correct in all that you say here, Alfred. Unfortunately – for the nation and for all those who want this evil ‘Clinton empire’ to end and a return to some semblance of democracy – it does not mean diddley-squat!. The fix is in – here and within the
    corrupt Zionist government of Israel whose puppets have controlled our foreign policy for decades. .

    • Alfred says:

      Very well said, dear reader ! You enrich the Argentum Post reading experience with your articulate, precise, wise, comments which reflect your heightened social, historical, and humanist awareness. Thank you very much !

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