“Breaking News” Which Is Good and a Reason for Celebration !


May 20, 2016 by Alfred

The Argentum Post is not a “breaking news” type blog.

But, there are exceptions when the news is good and calls for celebration.

So, in a very few words, a major step forward in the direction of the restoration of elements of rationality and humanism and obeisance in conformity with international law standards, in the behavioral conduct of the power structure of Israel,  the Minister of Defense of Israel just resigned in protest against Israel’s misleadership by Prime Minister Netanyahu and its deferential power structure.

The principled, courageous, Minister of Defense of Israel must be lauded loud and clear.

PS   Since Hillary Clinton (and the Israeli super lobby AIPAC) are as deferential and supportive of Netanyahu and his extremist right-wing fundamentalists, Clinton must now accept the justified criticism which has been levied against her for her uncritical, sycophantic, myopic, unconditional support of Netanyahu who, she declared, she would invite to the White House as soon as inaugurated.

This is the same PM who had the insolence to engage in an intrusion by collusion with  47 right-wing extremist Republican senators, by coming to Washington, DC and entering into the Congress building to incite against and attempt to sabotage President Obama’s successful diplomacy with Iran on the nuclear issue.

Said negotiations were conducted via the “P5+1” group of nations.

The “P5+1” group of nations refers to the UN Security Council’s five permanent members (the P5); namely China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; plus Germany.

This is the same PM who was caught on video camera as declaring in the residence of illegal setters in occupied Palestine in violation of international law, boasting that he was proud to scuttle the Oslo Peace Talks and further adding that – when it comes to Americans, they are easily manipulated and with them we can do anything we want.

See  PM Netanyahu caught boasting of having scuttled the Oslo “peace talks”

PS  The most relevant segment of this video is  when Netanyahu requests the video to be turned off, which obviously it was not, and it starts at minute 4:10 .

2 thoughts on ““Breaking News” Which Is Good and a Reason for Celebration !

  1. aliceny says:

    Good news indeed! Israel’s Defense Minister deserves our respect and thanks for his
    courage. His life will be difficult in certain quarters now. But that is often the
    price that must be paid for courage, integrity, and concern for justice and human rights
    for ALL peoples.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Yes, good news! Thank you.

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