The Long Awaited and Expected “Berlin Moment” Has Arrived in Tel Aviv


May 25, 2016 by Alfred

The Israeli Defense Minister, to his credit, has on May 20, 2016 resigned in protesting and denouncing Israel’s Prime Minister and Israel’s misleader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

The former General and highly respected, Minister of Defense of Israel, Moshe Ya’alon,  declared that he  “…lost confidence in the prime minister ‘s decision making and morals…“.

He also declared that “Israel has lost its moral compass

At the onset it must be noted that the U.S. corporatized mainstream media, as well as the U.S. contenders for the presidential nomination, namely Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump agree, both, to tendentiously and corruptly abide by a policy of “Israel-can-do-no-wrong” since their campaign’s pronouncements are brazenly unprincipled, dishonest, and misleading, and therefore both are acolytes of said PM’s misleader of Israel for exclusively and obviously financial and political gains, and thereby follow the AIPAC misleading propaganda line.    The independent, progressive, rational, and most popular contender for the presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders, who happens as well to be a progressive and humanist man of Jewish background, is the exception to this sordid norm.

It must also be noted that, the Washington Post, to its credit, did report on this stunning moment in the history of Israel, in an article published by the objective and professional reporter William Booth in an article published on May 21, 2016.

This stunning moment must be embraced by the U.S., as it has the potential to bring down walls, literally and metaphorically, and to  lead to peace with justice for all. Contrariwise, the future looks grim since the apparent nominee for the Defense Ministry, Avigdor Lieberman, is an obscurantism, fundamentalist, ultra radical rightist who is hell bent on provocations which will do nothing but add more fuel to a ravishing fire of violence.

Most importantly though, this event constitutes a milestone in the history of Israel and is likely to bring down the Netanyahu entire power structure and that would set the stage as well for him to face the International Court of Justice at long last.

Avignon Lieberman is a Russian emigré who is known for his hate and fear incitement on specious grounds and for his abominable inflammatory views such as suggesting at the forcing all Israeli citizens of Arab background out of Israel and into the Israel occupied West Bank, a  Palestinian land which was invaded, fragmented, occupied, and is continuously is being annexed for the purpose of accommodating what now amounts to about 500 thousand illegal settlers, all of which are brazen violations of United Nations Resolutions, of international law, and of the Geneva Convention, given that since the so-called euphemistically characterized by Israel “war of independence”, close to one million Palestinians were forced out of their homes and farms, followed by the jailing of some 10 thousand, mostly without charges, bombing of Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon as in 1982 when some 17 thousand Palestinians were killed by bombings,  and by massacres such as the one ordered by PM Ariel Sharon in Sabra and Shatila.

Additionally since said violent “war of independence” which was led by two terrorist organizations, one called Irgun which was led by the future PM of Israel Menachen Begin, and the other called Stern Gang which was led by the future PM of Israel, Yitzhak Shamir,  Israel carried out relentlessly horrific “collective punishments” and house demolitions of the families of Palestinian resistance fighters or of “suspected militants”, always characterizing Palestinians by either that catch-all misnomer and qualifying adjective “terrorist” or when it and its affiliated lobbies of undue influence, such as the American Defense Initiative led by Pamela Geller characterized Palestinians as “savages” in posters they sued to be allowed to post on Metro station and buses in our nation’s capital.

The summer of 2014 massacre of Gaza under orders of Netanyahu, became a turning point for the huge segments of the decent, law-abiding, humanist, rationalist, members of the Jewish communities in the U.S., and elsewhere abroad, and in Israel.  Some 3 thousand mostly unarmed civilians, including 500 children were killed.

Gaza is now an unimaginable inferno for close to 2 million Palestinians who are forced live in this embargoed and blocked largest concentration camp in history.


Such prestigious organizations as J-Street, Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Council for Judaism, Jews of Justice for Palestine, Breaking the Silence, the New Israel Fund, and the orthodox organization Neturei Karta, among others, have eloquently and courageously spoken out, and have exposed the literal crimes against the humanity of Palestinians which have in the past and continue in the present to be perpetrated by  right-wing extremist, criminals, who dishonestly and perversely portray themselves as “victims” with  legal and political impunity, all along fabricating propagandistic lies, purporting falsely that they “speak for all Jews”, all the while they insult those who protest this by blasphemously and oxymoronically characterizing them variously which such obscenely slanderous epithets as “anti-Semite”, “self-hating Jew”, “traitor”, “leftist”, and more.

The readers are reminded that when Netanyahu went to Paris whereto he was asked not to come, to exploit the protest against the killings after the Charlie Hebdo provocative cartoons, he repulsively and dishonestly announced the he speaks for all Jews, and further had the “chutzpah” to urge all Jews to leave France for the Israel-in-Palestine implant ongoing project since 1948.   He had the unbelievable audacity to say the same when he entered the our Congress, in a grotesque insult to President Obama,  via an intrusion by collusion with utterly corrupted most neocon Republican senators but as well a few neolib Democratic senators, in order to incite and thereby attempt to sabotage the President’s successful negotiations through the P5+1 negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue.


Given that both, Trump and Clinton, are now wholly committed for political reasons and not principles,  to Netanyahu and AIPAC – as elaborated on supra – our embrace in support of the high integrity and highly competent and humane Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon must now be prompt and led by President Obama.   The election of either candidate could spell disaster to our national security, if by then we still continue to give Israel a blank check by sycophantically and mindlessly supporting a misleader of Israel who has been condemned by   the illustrious former General and Minister of Defense.

The notion that either Hillary Clinton of Donald Trump are “friends of Israel” would be risible if it were not so deplorably absurd, dangerous, and counter productive to our nation’s, Israel’s, and the Middle East’s best interests.     Illustrious Israeli author and journalist Gideon Levy, who this writer has met more than once at conferences on the undue influence of the Israel lobby, has extensively elaborated on this subject, as in (inter alia) his book “Punishing Gaza”.

Countless scholars of Jewish background in the US, Israel, and abroad have expounded on the need to use sanctions, disinvestments, boycotts to end the rogue behavior of  Israel, and yet, bizarrely, the Democratic establishment politicians are deaf and dumb on this subject and so is the mainstream media.

Netanyahu never was a partner in peace talks, turning them into perverse charades, and one of the most glaring proofs thereof is that in 2001, when visiting settlers in land occupied in violation of international law, Netanyahu was caught boasting  (assuming the camera was off) that he was proud to…” have scuttled the Oslo Peace talks ” and (b) of speaking derisively of Americans by saying that “…we can easily manipulate Americans…” and “…we can do anything we want…”.  This fact is documented and easily retrievable via cursory IT research.

So, it becomes an imperative for the U.S. to rescind immediately the $ 30 billion dollar financial and military aid package (Netanyahu now wants $ 40 billion) since its continuation would be tantamount to making us accomplices as enablers of the horrific violence which is running out of control in the Middle East, and fueling the fires of real Al Qaeda terrorists, Al Nousra terrorists, and the mind blogging despicable acts of terror being carried by Daesh.

By ending the military support for Israel which, as a result of a secret agreement between disgraced President Nixon and Israel’s PM Golda Meyer, not only developed an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction but had the temerity to disseminate the nuclear weaponization technology to the racist white supremacist power structure of Apartheid South Africa which it assisted in   the detonation of a nuclear device off the coast of South Africa as a CIA analyst have admitted to this writer at a conference at the National Press Club to being aware of, Israel broke all norms of civilized conduct and it is in this content which it is really an “exceptionalist” so-called “state” which happens to be the nationalization embodiment of a religion which suffers from such a morphosis of its good teachings.  More information is documented in “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa, by Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky.

No more hemorrhage of U.S. Treasury and of Palestinian and Israeli and American blood  by violence which further generates and fuels Daesh violence.


Daesh can and will be defeated when peace through negotiations, reform and unity breaks out, as these are the quintessential elements on which a healing recovery with sustainable hope can be visualized by the Arab masses which yearn for as much or more freedom and democracy we experience at home, notwithstanding the present Congressional disfunctionalities.

Netanyahu and Lieberman and his fundamentalist and racist followers are part of the problem, and in no way part of any solutions.


In case it is relevant to readers not aware of the Argentum Post , this writer is of Jewish background and the direct descendant of parents who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against Jews and many others.    Along with many prominent Jews who are survivors of said Nazi genocidal crimes, or who are direct descendants thereof, he is a signatory to the a statement printed by the New York Times on August 23, 2014, which unequivocally condemns the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and everywhere else.

PS  Breaking News as this article is being composed.

The Israeli State Comptroller has issued a report declaring Netanyahu guilty of failing to declare trips which he took abroad as being funded by foreign donors and additionally of engaging in “double billing” the government for trips abroad.

This is not the first time that Netanyahu has come under a criminal investigation by watchdog authorities of his own country, at a time when he faced scrutiny for excessive spending on his residences at the taxpayers’ expenses.

3 thoughts on “The Long Awaited and Expected “Berlin Moment” Has Arrived in Tel Aviv

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    If either Trump or Hillary is elected, I don’t see an end to this ongoing tragedy. It’s also profoundly sad that the rest of the World doesn’t intervene on behalf of the Palestinians! Thank you for your unwavering dedication to the ideal of peace and justice for the Palestinians and Israelis.

    • aliceny says:

      I, too, have wondered with much sadness and unbelief that other countries are denying,
      ignoring the suffering and injustices toward the indiginous Palestinians by the corrupt government of Israel that continues in its policy of genocide against this group of people.

  2. aliceny says:

    Keep it up, Alfred. The sources for honest reliable news about Israel’s corrupt government and the plight of its indiginous peoples are becoming more difficult to find. I already have listed the organizations that you cite here and visit their sites often.

    The one thing that puzzles me is why the Israeli citizens – especially those who fled Europe
    before and after the Nazi genocide against them and other peoples (as well as American Jews) – seem to accept the
    status quo that Netanyahu and his fellow criminals foment. They are dooming Israel and its
    people to a very dangerous future – if not total annihilation. That would be a terrible loss for
    our civilization. The Jewish people have contributed much to our common good that has had, and continue to have a lasting influence.

    Thank you.

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