Amnesty International Rally Protesting the Abusive of Palestinian Children by Israeli Soldiers on June 6, 2016


June 3, 2016 by Alfred

Normally the Argentum Post is not used to disseminate information about protest marches, but exceptions can, and in this particularly case, must be made.

On June 6, 2016 at 11:50 AM, the prestigious Capitol Hill Amnesty International Group is organizing a rally outside of the Embassy of Israel to protest the grotesque and criminal abuse of Palestinian children in Israel occupied Palestine.

The writer of this Argentum Post will attend this rally.

The embassy is located near Connecticut Avenue and Van Ness Street, which is by the campus of UDC (University of the District of Columbia) . It is easily reachable via Metro’s Van Ness UDC station.

Of course, given that literally an organized crime cartel is now mis-leading Israel, ideally we should have a one million people demonstrating in front of the State Department to make a real impact…

As pointed out by AI, here are some important facts to be noted.

♦ Around 700 Palestinian children are detained each year.

♦42% are arrested between midnight and 4 AM from their families’ homes88% of the time, parents are not informed of the reason for arrests or of the holding location

♦75% endure some form of physical violence following arrest

♦Children living in Palestine are the only children in the world who are routinely  prosecuted in military as opposed to civilian courts

♦Unicef has called the ill-treatment of children in the Israeli military detention system ” widespread, systematic, and institutionalized throughout the detention process

Also, during the Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre which killed close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilians, this number included some 500 children.   Some of these children sought refuge in  UN built schools which the Israelis bombed as well.

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