It Is The Moment for the Movement of the Internationalization of The Solution of the Israel Implant into Palestine Conflict


June 3, 2016 by Alfred

At long last we have now arrived at the initiation of a crescent solution via the French leader Hollande initiative for an “internationalization” of the Israel – in – Palestine conflict resolution, a conflict whose genesis is the 1948 event which was euphemistically characterized by the misnomer of “War of Independence” , when in reality it was a horrifically violent terrorist series of episodes characterized by the metamorphosis or the Judaic religion a nationalized “state” embodiment on the basis of ancient biblical beliefs, followed up by the forcible implant of said so-called “state”  into the midst of the land of the autochthonous Palestinian without any consideration given to them notwithstanding that Palestine has been their land for centuries, and for centuries a smaller percentage of Arab Christians and Arab  Jews lived along them in harmony.  The Palestinians had 75% of their land literally stolen from them and at the onset close to one million had to flee Palestine.

Illustrious Jewish Israeli scholar and humanist Ilan Pappe, inter alia, described this tragedy in his book aptly titled “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

This process was led by two organizations, with the acquiescence of the British empire which was occupying Palestine after it forced the Ottoman empire to relinquish its occupation.  These organizations used terrorist tactics to accomplish their objectives of forcing the legitimate owners of Palestine off their lands.

One organization was called Irgun and it was led by the subsequent Israel PM Menachen Begin. The other organization was known as the Stern Gang,  and this one was led by the subsequent Israel PM Itzhak Shamir.  The oppression is  something which was followed up relentlessly to this day by international law violating invasions, expulsions, persecutions, collective punishments,  house demolitions, massacres, and occupations, and annexations in  violation of international law and numerous UN resolutions,  of Israel in Palestine.

The time is now more than ever ripe for the French proposal to be taken up by the global community which calls for the “internationalization” of the resolution of the conflict.

If necessary this process will have to involve the imposition of draconian economical sanctions on Israel, a total freeze of U.S. aid to Israel which at this time amounts to an obscene $ 20 million per day, plus an agreement to provide an additional $ 40 billion dollars in armaments for a decade.  Additionally this process may need to be applied in conjunction with accelerated divestments, and applications of blockades.  The precursor to this process is already in effect and is known by the acronym “BDS”.

With the U.S. on board for this internationalized conflict solution, which must happen prior to the end of the mandate by President Obama and must be codified into an inviolable international agreement, it is virtually a guaranteed solution which may be contagious and jump start the latent Arab democracy spring leading to the point that peace may break out through the Middle Eastern region.

Accordingly we learned today, June 3, 2016, that Secretary of State John Kerry is listening with interest to the French internationalization  proposal in Paris, while of course the right-wing extremist, obscurantist, fundamentalist power structure of Israel is hysterically opposing it because it fears that its cynical and kafkaesque charade of pseudo “peace talks” which were never meant to do more than to stall forever genuine “peace talks” is now approaching the end of its permissibility, and therefore these hegemons will no longer get away with their grand and delusional design of an Eretz Israel, i.e. and Israel which will not stop expanding and engaging in literal ethnic cleansing of Palestinians as it does, a process which has literally become a veritable generator of terrorism, particularly after the calamitous and criminal invasion of Iraq on a false claims by the reckless neocons of the Cheney/Bush et al. junta which still may have face a war tribunal such as the International Criminal Court.

Of course, what this bizarre and delusional power structure wants and will not get away with is largely becoming  irrelevant as the reality of the Apartheid nature of the Israeli “state”  is now setting in, and Israel is now the last Apartheid state in the world.   Of course  huge tsunami of Jewish progressive organizations within Isreal, in the U.S. and world wide is now coalescing and organizing to end the by peaceful means the reign of the present organized crime type power structure, the most extremist right wing in the history of Israel,  particularly now that Netanyahu has nominated a loose canon such as Russian Avigdor Lieberman to the Defense Ministry.  This man has suggested for no rational discernible reason that he thinks Israel should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran where tenths of thousands of Jews live in harmony with their fellow Iranian citizens.

Ironically, by the way, in the mid 80’s Israel did not seem to have any problems in becoming an ally of the other white supremacist racist Apartheid state of South Africa.  Israel went as far as proliferating to Apartheid South Africa its nuclear energy weaponization technology which it acquired secretly as the result of an agreement between former disgraced President Nixon and former Israel PM Golda Meir.

The internationalization conflict solution worked in the past in many other conflicts, and most particularly in the P5+1 successful agreement with Iran, so there is absolutely no rational basis that it would not work in the case of the  Israel implant in Palestine phenomenon.

The concept that Israel is somehow a kind of an “exceptionalist” entity is risibly dismissible as absurd.  No nation-state or pseudo “state” is exceptionalist under the law, period.  There is no real “chosen people” and no real “promised land” in a rational and civilized world.

This writer has just learned that the country specialist and case coordinator for Israel/OPT from Amnesty International is meeting at the State Department after a rally to take place Monday, June 6, 2016,  in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC , to condemn the violent abuse of children in Israel occupied Palestine by the Israeli IDF (Israel Defense Force).

This could not come at a better time, since Secretary of State, John Kerry is now in Paris to listen and participate in the preliminary discussions of about the internationalization of the conflict resolution which most probably will be taken up the 28 members of the European Union,  and will involve the International Criminal Court, perhaps the progressive World Council of Churches, and many more nations, and NGOs.

Other conflicts have been resolved by internationalized diplomatic negotiations and solutions such as most recently the P5+1 successful resolution of the Iran nuclear issue.

It is most noteworthy that PM Netanyahu opposes strenuously this development.

Netanyahu is,  by the way, along with his wife,  again being investigated by the Israeli police for stealing taxpayer’s funds to use for illicit home enhancements and lavish trips abroad.

Netanyahu has also (a) been caught on video boasting to a family illegal settlers that he scuttled the Oslo Peace talks and that furthermore he finds it amazing that with the Americans he can do anything he wants since they are so easily  manipulated, and (b) he tried to scuttle P5+1 internationalized successful negotiations with the democratically elected President Rouhani of Iran on the nuclear issue by using outrageously and in brazen defiance and offense to President Obama an intrusion by collusion with   47 corrupted to the core neocon Republican senators to attempt to address our Congress to block this landmark achievement in peaceful conflict resolution.With respect to (a) the Argentum Post has documented this event in prior articles when  Netanyahu was not aware that the video camera which captured his boastful sabotage confession and his insult to the American government and its people, had not been turned off as he had requested.

The internationalization of the Israeli problem must proceed therefore most expeditiously since the present Minister of Defense of Israel has just resigned, expressing a total lack of confidence in Netanyahu’s competence and honesty, and furthermore said Minister of Defense  added that Israel has “lost the moral compass“.

Additionally some 200 officers of the former intelligence and military services of Israel have also issued a denunciation of the present misleardership of Israel.

And finally, it is now more than obvious, that neither Trump nor Clinton can be trusted to lead our nation by virtue of their total abeyance of honesty, and ethics, when it comes their perverse pursuit of self interests which lead both to unquestionably embrace AIPAC, casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, and Netanyahu et al for purely greedy and sleazy political motives.

This means that we are now at a historical bifurcation and with or without a victory of Bernie Sanders in the California primary, he is the ONLY candidate who will move this nation forward to an era of new deal type progressive evolution which will be characterized by an end to our perpetual wars for the benefit of the war profiteers, and era of social equalization, single payer health care, and reforms in the educational  and electoral fields.

Bernie Sanders, it turns out, also happens to be of Jewish background, as does the writer of this article who is a direct descendant of survivors of the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews AND others.

The relevance of the supra paragraph is self-evident, given that the mere appearance of a critical statement of anything about Israel is almost robotically and as well oxymoronically met by an accusation of “anti-Semitism” by the likes of the right-wing obscurantist extremist fundamentalists who continue to anachronistically retain power in Israel and in the U.S. via the propagandistic AIPAC undue influence lobby, but their power and numbers is no the wane and in direct proportion thereto, these elements manifest more bizarre and aggressive behavioral patterns.

If the DNC recognizes that Trump is more defeatable  by Sanders than by Clinton, and that he will bring in both, establishment Democrats, and progressive democrats, something which Clinton cannot do, and if the super delegates see the imperative for a Trump defeat, then Sanders will be the victor and that means America will be the victor, since moderate, decent, honest, sincere conservatives which have long left the Republican party as it has become clear to them as well that said party has been and is now in an accelerated state of  terminal decay, will also be brought on board to vote for Sanders.

This not a political advertisement.

This is an article written by an immigrant of German/Brazilian background who wants us to be all we can be in a country which will no longer be obsessed with being a leader hell bent on leading by the example of power, but will be a country which will start inspiring by its power of example.

This will then become an era of harmony and celebration of the rich mosaic “we the people” are, an era of peace and justice under a transparent democracy rendered a free of the toxic effect of the undue influence lobbies and of the contamination of the electoral process by unlimited funding, something which has spawned an era of literal political prostitutes with Citizens United enhanced by rendering the corporatized sectors the pimps of said political prostitutes.


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  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks to you for raising awareness and the French for initiating the Internalization of the Solution for Israel & Palestine!

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