Andrew Cuomo’s Stunning Judgmental, Political, and Ethical Blunder


June 16, 2016 by Alfred

This writer has had many of his letters published in periodical publications, and that includes     The Washington Post.

What follows infra is a copy of a letter to editor of The Washington Post which this writer submitted on the same day The Washington Post published an appalling article by New York State governor Andrew Cuomo which is meant to intimidate individuals and organizations and institutions which support the boycott, divestiture, and sanctions movement to bring Israel in line with international law requirements.

The Washington Post, typically, prior to publishing a letter contacts the writer to ask a few questions which include the question as to said writer has previously published said letter in any public forum.   So, this writer, after submitting such a letter waits 36 to 48 hours and then makes the decision as to whether publish said letter or a more elaborated version thereof in the Argentum Post.

It turns out that the letter whose copy appears infra, was not published by The Washington Post.

What The Washington Post did publish on June 16, 2016, to its credit, is another excellent letter on this very subject.   Said letter was submitted by Jenn Gorelik, and its title is ” Mr. Coumo’s Hypocritical Attack

Congratulations to you, Mr. Jenn Gorelik.

So, with this foreword, this writer’s letter appears below.



In the June 12, 2016 Op Ed published by The Washington Post written by NY State Governor Mario Cuomo, titled “If You Boycott Israel, New York Will Boycott You “, Cuomo bizarrely reveals an intolerable level of ignorance of historical reality, coupled to a lack of rational judgment by his unethical, unintelligent, threatening statements directed to those who justifiably and legally demand peaceful boycott, divestment, and sanctions ( aka as “BDS”)  against Israel in order to force it to end its grotesque violations of international law and of the Fourth Geneva Convention, since its violent take over of Palestine in 1948.

To add insult to injury, Cuomo had the temerity to state that “…we are Israel and Israel is us…”.    Did Mr. Cuomo forget that he represents ALL New Yorkers?  And that means ALL Jews in New York, not just those who follow the AIPAC propaganda line.

Does Mr. Cuomo have no shame ?  Is he so utterly out of touch with reality ?

It is unimaginable that a governor of New York state can so egregiously overplay his hand and be so out of line, and be so offensive to those Jews as well as their non-Jewish supporters who he chooses to ignore because, in his politically flawed self-interest he apparently feels that such an appalling statement is in the “political thing to do” for him to make.

This is an insult to countless decent, rational, humanist, peace-loving Jews not only in New York state, but throughout the U.S. as well as across the world, who are rightfully highly indignant and critical of Israel’s endless  violent, abusive, and criminal, oppression of the autochthonous Palestinians whose 75% of their land were occupied in 1948 and whose inhabitants were subjected since Israel’s creation,  to massive humiliations and human rights violations by forced evictions, house demolitions, collective punishments, and massacres such as the one in the Summer of 2014 when close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilians were killed, a number which included 500 children.

Unexplainably, Cuomo further incoherently inflames the issue by stating that “Across the globe, terrorist organizations are lining up, tearing at the very fabric of our democracies” !

How dare Mr. Cuomo stoop so low as to even attempt to speciously conflate “terrorism” with the necessary and legitimate BDS advocacy which is meant to render Israel an international law-abiding state.

Incidentally, for those readers not acquainted with this writer’s background it may be relevant to state that this writer is a direct descendant of parents who were survivors of the Nazi genocide against the humanity of Jews – and others.

2 thoughts on “Andrew Cuomo’s Stunning Judgmental, Political, and Ethical Blunder

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Are there any powerful government officials who have a shred of integrity? If sanity and justice were a species, it would be on the endangered list!

    • Alfred says:

      You are so right, Marie. But, there is Representative Hank Johnson who is calling for an end of ALL US military support for the thugs in Honduras, and he did that yesterday when in 10 US cities, and in 10 countries, Beta Careers was recognized and honored for her sacrifice in support of democracy and against the abduction and coup of democratically elected President Zelaya, a brutal coup which Hillary Clinton insisted must not be called a coup since we have “interests” in Honduras and we have the Palmerola military base there…

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