In a John McCain Stunning Judgmental, Political, and Ethical Blunder He Declares Obama Directly Responsible for The Orlando Massacre


June 17, 2016 by Alfred

Incredibly and inflammatorily in ways that defy reason, Senator John McCain had the grotesque temerity to declare on Thursday,  June 16, 2016, that our President Barack Obama was “directly responsible for the horrific massacre at the nightclub in Orlando.

In the wake of the worst automated weapon massacre in the history of the United States, McCain’s stunningly grotesque and manipulative tragedy exploitation, coupled to his absurd and hence irrational and brazenly specious insult leveled at our Commander-in-Chief,  reveals a new level of depravity in synergy with a  downright racist and perversely hysterical mindset which defies reason.

McCain was always documentably shown to have had serious issues with his lack of integrity, honesty, ethics, political judgment in his reckless acts and statements, yet the mainstream media mostly depicted him in accordance with the false and uncritical narratives propagated by an extremist right-wing, hawkish propaganda echo chamber generated misinformation which is aided and abetted by a compliant corporatized mainstream media.

John “bomb, bomb, bomb” McCain, is a fully credentialed right-wing extremist hawk, who as a result of his extremist views has not only disgraced himself long ago, but also has done tremendous damage to innocent people.   Iran from  McCain’s downright deranged perspective should be bombed, period.  No rational explanation seems necessary.

Ten myths about McCain’s background captured by Media Matters  describes a terrible and unnecessary accident caused by McCain  which resulted in the death of U.S. Navy crewmen on the Forrestal aircraft carrier, an event which was linked to McCain’s  “wet start” , which was a reckless practice among young “hot dog” pilots.

During his service in Vietnam he dropped bombs on the villages and rural areas of Vietnam where its peasantry naturally took arms to defend their country from, first the French colonialist occupation, and then the the U.S.  invasive aggression which killed some 2.5 million of them during a war which was intensified by Lyndon Baines Johnson on the basis of fabricated lies, namely the phony Gulf of Tonkin pretext which was debunked by legendary whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg.

McCain owes his life to the same members of the Vietnamese armed peasantry who defended their country when, during his bombing of said peasantry, he was shot down, and when he was wounded as his plane crashed into a lake, those he wrongly considered his “enemies” actually saved his life otherwise he would have drowned.

McCain  tried in vain a quest for the presidency, but in that failed campaign he distinguished himself as being endowed with mediocre judgment by having made the worst vice-presidential nominee choice in U.S. history, namely that of the utterly incompetent and unqualified, Sarah Palin.

One of McCain’s most spectacular melt-downs occurred  not long ago during an Armed Forces Committee hearing chaired by Senator McCain, when Henry Kissinger was invited as and advisor, and a group of brave democracy activists of the Code Pink organization briefly interrupted the event to bring to the attention of the public the true nature and background of this sinister man who has done enormous harm to innocent human beings globally.   Upon being ushered out, as these democracy activists  expected to be and complied with,  Mr. McCain disgraced himself by yelling at these democracy activists as they were leaving , ” … you low life scum…”

In a previous article published on January 30, 2015, this writer captured the video clip of this McCain melt-down moment, which was ironical in the sense that the vituperative expletive of McCain directed at the Code Pink democracy activists would have been correct if it had been applied to his friend  Henry Kissinger.

For those not familiar with Kissinger’s crimes against humanity for which he narrowly escaped detention by fleeing through the back door of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Paris when he got word that the French authorities were about to detain him, there is literally a plethora of documentation, a veritable abundance of redundancy of documentation in existence which backs up a long overdue indictment of former National Security Advisor and former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger.

One of the most informative and fascinating scholarly sources of information about Henry Kissinger’s role in crimes against humanity is that discussed by the director of the National Security Archive’s Chile Documentation Project, Peter Kornbluh, whose book titled “The Pinochet File” had our present U.S. representative at the United Nation comment on by stating “The smoking guns are all here“.   Samantha Power is also the author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning book titled “A Problem From Hell :  America and the Age of Genocide”.

Kornbluh’s book is 550 pages long.

So, the petulance of McCain to  calumniatingly  declare that the President of our nation, Barak Obama, is “directly responsible”  for this heinous crime in Orlando, because he started to withdraw American occupation troops from Afghanistan where they have been for 15 years and where 2,326 troops American invasion and occupation died as of October of 2015, is beyond words to describe.

Given that altogether, some 7 thousand American troops died in Afghanistan and Iraq, since 9/11 of 2001, and given that these mostly neocon, but as well to a lesser extend, neoliberal supported wars were conducted on the false claims that the governments and peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan were the culprits of the 9/11 attacks when in reality the 9/11 operation was carried primarily by Saudi Arabians, with Saudi private sector, and apparently now, on the basis of the 24 page document to be declassified and reported on by former Senator Bob Graham, indicates officialdom support as well,  the case can be made that if one needs to pinpoint “blame” for the Orlando tragedy, it can be factually credibly done so by basing it on the Cheney/Bush administration as these wars based on dishonest fabrications led to the totally destabilizing destruction of most particularly Iraq.

Hate and fear inciting lies were fabricated by the Republican power structure to galvanize public opinion into supporting these infernal wars, and the neocons of John McCain et al. were enthusiastic supporters of said wars, as well as neoliberal such as Hillary Clinton, while Senator Barack Obama firmly opposed them.

It is the utter destruction of infrastructure and of the lives of hundreds of thousands of Arabs in these countries which gave rise to the extremist Al Qaeda and now Daesh movement phenomena.  It is also, the uncritical support for Israel which, according to Allan C. Brownfield of the august and progressive American Council for Judaism, not only has violently and in violation of international law harmed the people of Palestine, but as as well threatens both, Jewish values and prospects for Middle East peace, which further is to blame for the blowback violence we now experience.

While this reality of about a century of Western violent divide and conquer strategies for the objective of fossil fuel control may partially provide an explanation for blowback attacks on Westerners by the affected people of the Middle East, it certainly does not condone such attacks, neither does it necessarily explain – yet – the actual motive of the Orlando outrage.

What is clear is that if we as a nation, banned automatic weapons of mass destruction of human lives, the chance of this massacre, the countless past ones, and the future ones would be virtually eliminated if the called for legislation was enacted which means that said legislation would have to order the confiscation of all of these mass killing machines.

We can and must be inspired by nations such as Great Britain, Canada, and Australia (inter alia) whose peoples enjoy the freedom of their national security, and BTW, whose people also enjoy the freedom the self-assurance their single payer health care systems affords them.

3 thoughts on “In a John McCain Stunning Judgmental, Political, and Ethical Blunder He Declares Obama Directly Responsible for The Orlando Massacre

  1. aliceny says:

    How about putting John McCain & Sarah Palin and Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton on ice floes
    and let them battle it out?

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Sickening! Thank you for your report and commentary.

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