A Chris Hedges Book Presentation Which is a Masterpiece and Which Comes at a Crucial Time When Silence is Over and Action is Called For


June 23, 2016 by Alfred


The timing could not have been more opportune.

As in 1982 the Reagan administration initiated the infamous corporate “deregulation” era, it evolved steadily and stealthily  into a continuous process of deliberate erosion of our constitutional democracy to the point that we  have now entered into a stage of full-fledged capitalism run amok era characterized by the unfettered power of the elite multibillionaire class and their corporate monopolies toxic undue influences, which reflect those dialectical contradictions which were predicted by Karl Marx  more than a century ago  and which threaten the stability of our societies world-wide.

So here comes brilliant Chris Hedges with another of this books which he has written in 2015 titled ” The Wages of Rebellion : The Moral Imperative of Revolt “.

After the following foreword by the writer of the Argentum Post, readers will be introduced to the link of a presentation of said book by Chris Hedges.

Some of the AP’s readers will be quite familiar with Chris Hedges and his book(s).  However for the benefit of those among the some 10 thousand living in more than some 100 countries, this writer deemed this article of importance.

This comes at a time when as never before, Americans are not only rejecting the decadent Republican neocon establishment corrupted-to-the core dishonest politicians, but as well their mirror image with some exceptions decadent Democratic neoliberal establishment politicians.

It comes on the second day of a historic occupation of the House of Representatives by Democratic party and independent Congresspersons protesting the Republican neocon obstruction of any legislation which may prevent future massacres of the kind which resulted in the death of 49 people in Orlando, Florida.

Of course, not exclusively Republican neocon politicians are sold out to the NRA arms lobby.  Some Democratic neoliberal politicians are on the same page.

The presidential “choice ” of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is an insult to the majority of sapient Americans, even if Trump, unlike Clinton, is not “establishment” candidate.  Of course most of the Republican neocon establishment candidates for the nomination were not more suitable either, but were more “presentable” in their disguised agenda adherence which differs little from that of  Trump.

Americans are fed up with the neocon/neoliberal treasury and blood hemorrhaging wars for the benefit of the pernicious industrial/military complex, just as Americans are fed up with the 30 thousand deaths yearly of innocent men, women, and children by often automatic weapons of mass destruction of human lives and their NRA sponsor which has paid some 50 mostly Republican congresspersons some $ 30 million dollars to get them to block any gun legislation on their false mantra that such regulation would be a Second Amendment “violation” when in reality for the first 200 years of our nation the Americans had no right to personal arms something.

In fact though, the Second Amendment was never meant to protect and individual’s right to a gun, not to mention, an automatic assault machine which can fire 17 bullets per minute to maximize the efficiency of the mentally sick and/or terrorizing murderers whose freedom, incredibly, Republican neocons and their NRA sponsor want to protect for profitable reasons.

Americans can no longer tolerate that while our leaders espouse the words “freedom” and “justice” in their cheap and misleading speeches, our power structures are involved in the overthrow of democracies abroad and/or the oppression of democracy activists such as in Honduras, in Bahrain, in Saudi Arabia, in Egypt, and in the Israeli occupied Palestine, and particularly so when the people of these countries should vote for leaders not considered to be aligned with the powers that be in Washington.

Americans finally now realize that when it comes to the Middle East, the worst human rights violators and international law violators in that region, namely the same supra mentioned nations,  are the recipients of more aid from our taxpayers funds, than the rest of the world combined.

For the U.S. to additionally provoke militarily and politically Russia with NATO’s power encirclements and to provoke China likewise in its China Sea negotiations with its South China Sea neighbors who are attempting to violate the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea (UNCLOS), is appalling.

Americans are more than fed up with the bizarre Citizens United v. FEC decision which opened the floodgates for the top 0.1to 1.0 % elites in our increasingly socially and financially stratified and unequalized population to lose their right to a participative democracy by the process of undue influence via the bribery of said corrupt politicians by the undue influence super pacs.

Americans furthermore are dismayed that while decent conservatively run nations such as Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Canada and others, some of which headed by moderate and decent conservative parties, have a much better and affordable single payer health care system than the U.S. has.

It is no coincidence of course that while the U.S. spends more than the combined total of the rest of the world’s industrialized powers spending,  in its defense sector, a sector which often adopts more offensive than the needed defensive function which would insure our homeland security, it woefully lacks funds for infrastructure repairs and maintenance, for affordable college education, for an European or Chinese like bullet train transportation networks,  for maternity and paternity leave for lower and middle class families, for prison reforms, homelessness condition improvements, for a whole host of additional unexpected major spending programs needed to reduce despair which leads to sickness and crime.

So, without further elaborating on these dialectical contradictions which are engendered when nations develop hegemonic and net-imperialist interests while grossly neglecting the rights and well-being of their own people, and thereby eventually imploding by being derelict of duty to serve their citizenry with dignity, this writer now eager and pleased to pass on to its readers an electrifying  video of the one of a kind, intellectual, humanist, professor, journalist, author, the highly inspiring Chris Hedges.

Said presentation, as state supra, is on his 2015 book titled ” The Wages of Rebellion : The Moral Imperative of Revolt “.



2 thoughts on “A Chris Hedges Book Presentation Which is a Masterpiece and Which Comes at a Crucial Time When Silence is Over and Action is Called For

  1. aliceny says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Alfred. Just spent over an hour on YouTube listening to his and Noam Chomsky’s speech.

    Wonderful. Comforting.

  2. aliceny says:

    Thank you for this, Alfred. Will try to follow through and get the book asap.

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