The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd


July 7, 2016 by Alfred

On June 10, 2014, Hillary Clinton published her book titled Hard Choices.

In it, she claimed that she managed to enlist the help of the first democratically elected leader of Egypt, namely Mohammad Morsi, in negotiating a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.  She then characterized in her book said cease-fire as “…having lasted to this day…”

On July 8, 2014 Israel unleashed the horrifically terrorizing “Operation Protective Edge” which in effect was a veritable bombing massacre which resulted in the death of close to 3,000, mostly innocent and unarmed civilians, including some 500 children, some of who were hiding in United Nations built schools.

Hillary Clinton failed to unequivocally condemn this atrocity against the people of Palestine and “…not only has she failed to even once raise concerns about the thousands of civilian deaths inflicted by Israeli forces, she has been a harsh critic of human rights organizations and international jurists who have…” (See Stephen Zunes of The Progressive, May 26, 2016).

Furthermore, it was  the democratically elected President Mohammad Morsi who really deserves most of the credit for the supported  plight of the Gaza Palestinians, and that was one of the reasons for which he was overthrown by his lawless and brutal General Sisi in a similar way as General Augusto Pinochet of Chile on 9/11 of 1973 overthrew the democratically elected President Dr. Salvador Allende who was then assassinated, and at that time it was the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and President Nixon who supported that atrocity against the people of Chile and their democracy.

Without a proper trial, the democratically elected President Morsi was fist condemned to death and later, due to international pressure, to 40 years in prison for obscure and invalid reasons.

In both cases, Egypt and Chile,  what has followed, and incredibly with U.S. support, was a period of fascist repression characterized by incarcerations without the due process and torture. Thousands of civilians were “disappeared” and or killed in massive murderous actions, one of which, in the case of Chile, was the terrorist attack ordered by General Pinochet to be carried out in Washington, D.C. on Sheridan Circle, whose objective was to assassinate Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier by blowing up his automobile.  The ambassador was killed and his American secretary, Renee Moffitt, was also killed and her husband was seriously injured.

The support by Hillary Clinton for “regime changes” of democratically elected leaders abroad is well documented and so his her support keeping in power  oppressive dictatorships whenever they serve our political/economical interests.

During the Obama administration, this strategy of non-violent “regime change” in Latin America has gained increasing favor, as with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s decisive support for the 2009 ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya who had pursued a moderately progressive domestic policy that threatened the interests of the Central American nation’s traditional oligarchy and foreign investors.  (See the Consortium News, inter alia).

During the ruthless dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak which preceded the only democratically elected Presidency of Mohammad Morsi, the U.S. provided $ 2  billion each year in mostly military support to said decadent dictatorship.

Hillary Clinton in 2009, insisted that a violent coup against the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras who was abducted from his residence in the middle of the night, would not be called a “coup” since the use of that term would trigger the legal ramification which calls for an end in military aid to Honduras.  It turns out that the U.S. has a military base in Honduras which was used by during the Johnson, Nixon and Reagan years to launch in interventions in Central America and in the Caribbean  whenever a populist, progressive leader Washington did not like, would come to power.

In contrast the following appalling remark was made by Hillary Clinton in support of the corrupt and ruthless dictator of Egypt for  about the 30 year   “...I really consider President (sic) and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family…”  (See The Intercept, Oct. 2, 2014).

Currently, the autocratic fascist regime of General Abdel Fatah el-Sisi,  which imprisons journalists, dissidents, and other “disobedient” people without any due process and often conducts mass, (so-called “trials” of hundreds of people and often sentences all of them to death,   is  the recipient of about one half billion dollars in military aid per year. (See BBC June  22, 2014)

So, to sum  up, given that now, added to the above facts, we have FBI director James B. Comey issuing a report on the FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton which reveals her utterly careless handling of classified information and which furthermore contradicts much of what she has been saying publicly about the issue of her private server use,  we have an issue of recklessness clearly suggesting incompetence added to dishonesty in her character.

So, at this time when the American people is being presented with the bizarre and downright perverse proposition of having to choose to elect for our nation’s presidential  post one of two totally unacceptable and unqualified candidates, “we the people” must press that the DNC get a reality check and seriously consider Bernie Sanders as the only reasonable nominee choice to be given to sapient, rational, Americans so that we do not undertake a path into the future by going backwards and most importantly so that we all take our civic duty and privilege to exercise our vote.

We have a right to usher in a new era in our nation when we can aspire to be liberated  from the imposition of, (a) having to stand by while we hemorrhage treasury and blood for endless wars, (b) having to fear terrorizing reprisal attacks generated by our hegemony seeking aggressions abroad, (c) having to fear being caught up in a terrorizing automatic assault weapons attack in our country, (d) being liberated from the toxic undue influence special interest lobbies of such organizations as the NRA and AIPAC and the industrial-military complex ones, (e) being provided with a single payer health care system, (f) being liberated from the cost of financing hundreds if not a thousand or more military bases throughout the world, (g) being provided with the opportunity for an affordable college education without having to incur in tremendous debt, (h) being provided with an electoral reform which will once for all illegalize politician bribery and limit campaign spending, (i) being provided with a network of European style bullet railway transportation which will obviate he need for choosing aircraft in most national travel instances, and so on.

In other words, we need to emulate, and be inspired by (inter alia) our loyalist neighbors to the north, namely Canada, who have all of the above plus are a more socially and economically equalized society and hence enjoy a more harmonious and higher quality of a more refined life and life style.

In more other words, Trump and  Clinton have been no go from the gitgo and are out.

Sanders, and whoever he chooses as his nominee for his VP,  are in.





3 thoughts on “The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd

  1. Change is possible. We do need to organize. We need to define the problem, develop solutions and then take the reforms to the state legislatures to ratify. That is the procedure set out in the Constitution. Politicians will not reform themselves or the system but, we can, we must, and we will. We are trying to start this discussion. You can find us at unrigging america on wordpress and facebook. Yours would be a valuable voice. Please join us. We need you.

    • Alfred says:

      Dear Marie,

      I am shocked and saddened ! I did not know about this. will write an addendum to my article to make the due adjustment / correction…

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