A Minor Revision of Major Relevance Re: [The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd ]


July 7, 2016 by Alfred

With trepidations, despondency, and sadness this writer is compelled to make a minor revision of major relevance to the Argentum Post article published yesterday, July 6, 2016 and titled ” The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd “.

The “minor” dimension of said revision is as follows :

The last two sentences in said article which read,

”  In more other words, Trump and  Clinton have been no go from the gitgo and are out.

   Sanders and Warren are in.  ”

must have the name “Warren” (i.e. Elizabeth Warren ) deleted and therefore must read,

In more other words, Trump and Clinton have been no go from the gitgo and are out.

  Sanders and whoever he chooses as his VP nominee is in

That article has already been edited to reflect this revision.


So, now, as to the “major” relevance of this revision, it is as follows.

One of the most favorite followers of the Argentum Post who has an above average heightened sense of awareness of current events as well as a heightened sense of awareness of developments which affect us locally and globally and therefore impinge one way or another on our common values and principles in support of justice, peaceful/rational conflict resolution,  in support of transparent and genuinely participative democracy, and who, incidentally, happens to be the author of “OUTCRY : American Voices of Conscience, Post 9-11“, has informed this writer that Elizabeth Warren, who tried to avoid discussing her stand on the Israel into Palestine implant conflict, turns out to have views on this sensitive subject of huge importance, which are similar to those of Hillary Clinton, and these are views which are unacceptable for anyone seeking a federal executive position in the White House or in the State Department or in the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

One of the sources of solid information on which this assertion is based is The Intercept, an organization of investigative journalists run brilliantly and truly independently and therefore objectively by Glenn Greenwald.

In the Intercept, Greenwald stated the following about Elizabeth Warren as regards to the millions and millions of dollars which Israel receives in military aid while it  brazenly sits on Palestinian occupied territory in violation of international law, and this is territory beyond the 75% of Palestine taken by the Zionist settlers in 1948 when the British occupants of Palestine turned it over to the Zionist settlers who declared their “War of Independence” by violent means which comprised the terrorizing attacks by the Irgun organization headed by Menachen Begin, who would later become the Prime Minister of Israel, and by additional terrorizing attacks by the Stern Gang organization headed by Yitzhak Shamir who also went on to become a Prime Minister of Israel.

Warren steadfastly defended her “pro-Israel” vote, invoking the politician’s platitude: “We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one.” According to the account in the Cape Cod Times by reporter C. Ryan Barber, flagged by Zaid Jilani, Warren was also asked about her Israel position by other voters who were at the gathering, and she went on to explain:

“I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right. America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren’t many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law. And we very much need an ally in that part of the world.”

So, without judging Elizabeth Warren’s character, her either passivity and / or ignorance about the historical reality of Israel disrespects profoundly the history of the Palestinian people, and thereby the Palestinian people themselves,  whose legitimate claims have been not only grotesquelly and brutally denied but furthermore whose human rights have been  execrably trampled on for decades during which the American people has been exposed to  a silence and/or an insidious cultural programming propaganda so as to not become aware of the monstrous injustice it is to portray the Palestinian victims of aggression as exclusively perpetrators of reprisal violence.

Said violence is real, and cannot be condoned but in contrast to the Israeli aggression violence it is extremely minor, and furthermore it is understandable as this is a phenomenon of reprisal violence which desperate people undertake when the world authorities ignore their plight of endless and torturous suffering meted out on them by Israel.

Prior to the forcible and violent implantation of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion into the land of the autochthonous Palestinians,  Palestine Jews, Christians, and Moslems lived in harmony with one another.

The grandfather of this writer, after, to survive as a Jew,  leaving Nazi Germany for the USSR prior to the war,  left at the end of WWII the USSR for Haifa, Palestine where he became a Palestinian citizen, only to feel compelled again to leave again and this time because of the brutality of the partition of Palestine to accommodate said nationalization embodiment of the Judaic religion.

After its 1967 invasion of the remaining 25% of Palestine, with its U.S. enabling support (some  $ 20 million per day) of our taxpayer’s funds, Israel particularly now under the obscurantist, repressive, corrupt, ultra rightwing regime of Netanyahu, continues to severely abuse the Palestinians whose lands it has brazenly stolen, and does so with relative impunity.

This state of affairs has now lead to an “Apartheid” status so-called state entity which is not sustainable, but most notably is now criticized by millions of decent, rational, humanist Jews in Israel and in the rest of the world where Jews have been living all along in a very well assimilated manner, notwithstanding Netanyahu’s ludicrous and false claims that he “speaks for all Jews” and his feeble-minded attempt to suggest that Jews in Europe must come to live in Israel, invoking false threats of rampant “anti-Semitism” .

Elizabeth Warren is seemingly an intelligent and progressive values imbued woman, but it behooves her to either renounce her offensive passivity vis-a-vis Israel’s atrocities in Palestine, or to educate herself about the real history of said violent Israel implant in Palestine so as to allow that passivity to simply evaporate.

In the meantime though, she most definitely does not qualify to run for the VP position for someone like Bernie Sanders.

Meanwhile, the voter turn out for this election, given that there is nobody there to vote for, will probably be lower than that for the Reagan presidential elections, and this is not the way we should go forward in this country at a time when, as the British Chilcot enquiry which has been just released clearly documents,  the 2003 war on Iraq was initiated on fraudulent grounds and has resulted in the catastrophic state of affairs we now witness in our daily lives.

PS Provided here is The Intercept report by Glen Greenwald on the Elizabeth Warren startling revelation which disqualifies her from being considered an independent and progressive candidate for the presidency or vice-presidency.

One thought on “A Minor Revision of Major Relevance Re: [The Electoral Presidential Choice “We the People” Are Asked to Undertake is Literally Absurd ]

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Kudos for writing such a thorough and prompt retraction, Alfred. Let’s hope Warren Wakes Up!

    One day I hope to see a national and international organization much like EarthJustice, but for world peace: PeaceJustice. ALL war and military aggression must be made illegal, and those who incite or start wars made accountable! Otherwise, history just keeps repeating itself.

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