An Upgraded Extension re: AIPAC Gets to Erase the Word “Occupation” from the Democratic Platform But “The Occupation of the American Mind” Documentary Exposes AIPAC


July 12, 2016 by Alfred

This writer has endeavored himself in updating the previous article of a similar title in view of additional facts which have come to light by more incisive research into the details and background of this formidable documentary titled ” The Occupation of the American Mind : Israel’s Public Relations  War in the U.S. “

The link to this documentary is at the end of this upgraded foreword article.

So, accordingly reproduced infra are segments of said previous article augmented now by additional relevant and revealing details.

The following additional notes are incorporated therefore into this updated version of said previous article.

(1) The documentary which is the highlight of this article was produced by Mundovision Productions ( and Media Education Foundation (documentary films.challengingmedia) and NRK Norway, UR Sweden.   The narrator is Roger Waters and an additionally Sut Jahly is assisting in the narration of this documentary and furthermore Yousef Munayyer, the former director of the Jerusalem Fund / Palestine Center in Washington, DC and currently a political analyst and writer, as well  the Executive Director of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation is as well contributing his extensive experience and expertise for this documentary.

(2) This documentary is available from the website of the link to it,  and viewers are asked to contribute what they can afford according to the specific conditions of said viewers, i.e. individual, or organization, etc.   One can buy a CD of it or download it for 48 hours by making a contribution.

The Argentum Post is simply offering this information to its readers and is not involved in any other relationship with the producers or distributors of this video which incidentally is distributed by Vimeo which allows viewers to stream the video to their television or other devices.

(3) The following facts which are elaborated on in the 1 hour and 26 minutes video are noted very succinctly infra as of possible particular relevance.

During the Gaza Massacre of the Summer of 2014, 22 thousand tons of explosives were dropped on the Palestinian mostly innocent and unarmed population in Gaza.  Some 2,000 were killed and that includes 500 children.  A major hospital in the embargoed, blocked, concentration camp of close to 1.8 million Palestinians was destroyed.

In 1910, when Zionists in Europe and in the United Stated were beginning to plan the take over of Palestine, 93% of its population were Moslem, or Christian  Palestinians and 7% were Jewish Palestinians and all lived in harmony with each other.

By the time of UN partition of Palestine, only about three years after the UN was founded, Jews who then made up one-third of the population received 56% of the land of Palestine, and Palestinians who made up two-thirds of the population kept only 44% of their land.

Then in 1948-1949 after the Jewish terrorist organizations Irgun, led by Menachen Begin who would become an Israeli Prime Minister, and Stern Gang led by Ytzakh Shamir who also would become an Israeli Prime Minister, they declared war on the Palestinians (in their so-called “War of Independence”),

They not only attacked, killed, and expelled Palestinians but they also carried out terrorist attacks on the British colonialist rulers of Palestine who actually facilitated, armed, and trained the mostly Jewish immigrants into the land where the Palestinians lived for centuries, but they also attacked and bridges and the King David Hotel so that at the end of their victorious conquest the Jews took over 78% of the Palestinian land and real estate properties leaving the Palestinians with only 22% of their land.

That was Nakba I (Catastrophe I) for the Palestinians when close to one million had to flee from their homeland to refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria.

Then in 1967, after Israel attacked Egypt and Syria and took over the Sinai desert of Egypt and the Golan Heights from Syria, it continued to invade, occupy, engage in house demolitions and mass killings of Palestinians in the remaining 22 % of the Palestinian lands.

Since 1967, Israel has been in violation of UN Resolution 242, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention and hence in violation of international law as it continued relentlessly in its hegemonic expansionism which after 1967 was endorsed and paid for by the United States.

That was Nakba II (Catastrophe II).

Today, Palestine is under total control of Israel, and this state of Apartheid occupation further aggravates the outlaw aspect of that entity “Israel” which in effect is the embodiment of the nationalization by Zionists of the Judaic religion, something which does is not supported by thousands of Jews world-wide.

For the Palestinians, their whole life during the endless ethnic cleansing of Palestine since 1949 has become to a nightmarish “Holocaust”- like set of decades, perpetrated on them ironically by those people of the Jewish faith who were the victims of the heinous and barbaric ethnic cleansing of Germany and then by Vichy France by the Nazis.

Later in 1982 and again in 1986, Israel invaded its neighbor Lebanon, occupied part of it and in the process killed some 17 thousand Lebanese and Palestinians living in the refugee camps in Lebanon.   One of the worst massacres conducted against the Palestinians was that of Sabra and Shatila when Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon entered into an agreement with right-wing extremists so-called Christian Phalangist pro Zionists to massacre about 1 thousand Palestinian men, women, and children in those refugee camps in said occupied Lebanon.

As Phyllis Bennis, the illustrious Jewish progressive scholar and official of the prestigious Institute of Policy Studies states in the documentary, ” …this dirty legacy of massacres of Palestinians in pre-state and state of Israel continues to this day …”

So, Israel has decided to engage in one of mankind’s most insidious information adulteration propaganda coupled to brainwashing operations known as “Hasbarah” in Hebrew to literally “occupy” the minds of corrupt politicians, of those non-sapient Americans and as well as people globally in campaigns of utter falsifications of historical reality coupled to the use of censorship of speech and now punishment of even Israeli well-meaning and peaceful conflict resolution activists such as those like Peace Now and Breaking the Silence organizations, inter alia.

Abroad, Israeli ambassadors have attempted to muzzle such titans of incisive investigative journalism including, inter alia,  the highly ethical and professional former stars of the “60 Minutes” TV news magazine Bob Simon who, as the documentary shows was confronted by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren who attempted to force CBS to censor a Bob Simmon report on the open air prison which the birthplace of Jesus has become, and the same applies to the legendary “60 Minute” family incisive and principled television journalist  Mike Wallace.

It should be noted that these two most illustrious and dedicated journalists are Jewish, yet nowadays, for the likes of the Netanyahu et al. power structure and for the official of AIPAC,   there seems no hesitation to smear such fabulous humanistic Jews as “traitors” or worse, as “anti-Semites” or “self-hating Jews”.

It so happens that the writer of this Argentum Post has on occasion been thusly mischaracterized but that is the least of it since it cannot be taken seriously , but what is noteworthy is that the writer of this Argentum Post would not have come into existence had the Zionist right-wing extremist community of undue influence in Lima, Peru succeeded in preventing his father who escaped the Nazi genocide to disembark from a freighter in Callao, where his entry was blocked and  he was told to return to Marseille where the Vichy government would have efficiently collaborated with the Nazis and sent him to a concentration camp.

The reason this phenomenon was being observed was that the Zionist Organization of America in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization  were focused on channeling escaping Jews to their Palestine colonization project to such an extend that some were rerouted in their escape in ways which caused them to be returned to Europe and executed.

Books have been written by this atrocity but the mainstream media has not reviewed them or mentions them.  To wit, three of them, written by Jewish authors, are “51 Documents : Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis “, edited by Lenni Brenner, and “The Transfer Agreement : The Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine ” by Edwin Black, and “The Wandering Who ?” by Gilad Atzmon.

It should likewise be noted that at a time such as none other in history when refugee lives needed urgently to be saved, the United States did NOT allow Jewish escapees to come to America, particularly if they were not wealthy.  This writer’s parents were rejected in their appeal to leave but luckily eventually reunited in Bolivia where this writer was eventually born in Cochabamba.

This highly informative and valuable documentary also exposes how the Evangelical Zionists, most specifically “Christians United for Israel” who are a very un-Christian like lobby to this day represented by corrupted neocon and neolib politicians in their greedy and obscene lust for electoral funds to support Israel on the basis of what of what the disgusting Pastor John Hagee, the founder of that obscurantist and fundamentalist cult, characterizes as being “…the biblical mandate…”by  adding in his demented and delusional pathologically stated angry manner that “…there is no occupation of Palestine…” since Israel belongs to the Jews because it was given to them by God.

This documentary also features exposures of dishonesty and corruption by a former AIPAC staff writer, namely M. J. Rosenberg who must be applauded for his courage and strength of conviction in his contributions, not only to the documentary, but who also writes for such prestigious and progressive publications as Rabbi Lerner’s Tikkun.

Amira Hass of the progressive and liberal Haaretz newspaper in her book ” Diary of Bergen – Belsen 1944-1945″ also appears in this unique documentary.

Who also writes for Haaretz but is not mentioned in said documentary is a highly devoted, independent, rational, humanist Jewish author and journalist who this writer had the opportunity to meet twice in as many years (of the last two) at the National Press Club  during annual conferences supporting the end of the,  hugely damaging to Judaism, uncritical support of Israel, namely Gideon Levy.

His book “Punishing Gaza” is precious and vital for anyone eager to exorcise himself or herself from the infamous occupation of his/her mind by the fear, hate, and war mongering dishonest and greedy opportunists who are presently in the Israeli power structure and thereby threaten our own national security since Israel is now an Apartheid state which is about to further enhance its refugee generator status in its misleading quest to enshrine the myth of  viability of using ethane-centric nationalist to literally occupy and intoxicate the minds of the unsuspecting.   While falsely attempting to conflate Palestinian reprisal activists with Daesh (aka ISIS), Netanyahu further confirms is status as opportunistically  off-hinged and deranged since in fact Daesh has battled Hamas in Gaza

The corporatized US mainstream media is all but totally ensnared by this occupation phenomenon, with rare exceptions when it occasionally comes to the New York Times and as one proof of that, as the documentary exposes further exposes, is that during the massacre of besieged and blockaded Gaza massacre  in 2014,  the siege and blockade by Israel are mentioned 779 times, while the Hamas’ home-made rocket reprisal attacks are mentioned  6,904 times even though, comparatively speaking to the devastation caused by  Israel, these primitive small rockets missed their targets most of the time, and when they did not their damage was quantitatively minimal, although, it goes without saying, even one innocent life lost is a crime and the Palestinians’ best interests would be served if they were disciplined to not retaliate at all  to Israeli provocations.   These figures come from Lexis-Nexis,  July 8 – August 27, 2014.

It is to cover up this and other massacres and the whole documented history of how Israel was synthesized at the expense of the Palestinian autochthonous population,  that Netanyahu now in an obvious act of desperation, has decided to undemocratically target Israeli human rights activists and dissidents by a law which he himself hastily wrote which is intended to muzzle the rapidly evolving opposition within Israel and abroad to the 50-year international law violating occupation and Palestinian ethnic cleansing.

Said law targets 25 groups in Israel which receive donations from the European Union, both of which are dedicated to the peaceful end of the aggression on Palestinians with justice for them and security for the Israelis.

The hypocrisy of Netanyahu knows no limits.

The law does not cover the many extremist violent right-wing nationalistic and fundamentalist religionist organizations of Israel which receive millions or billions from their Republican neocon and some Democratic neolib mega donors and from Las Vegas casino mogul Sheldon Adelson.

More offensive to decent, progressive, humanistic Jews, is Netanyahu’s false smear of said targeted groups as “traitors” and who are colluding with interventionists abroad when he himself is a rather infamous and feeble-minded master interventionist himself.

Similarly he refers to such peaceful organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace in his futile attempt to intimidate and muzzle with lies and threats said organization simply because their success, particularly with the ever-increasing embrace by churches, businesses, and individuals of the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) campaign to bring an end to the occupation and an end to the egregiously horrific abuse of Palestinians in their own land by a genuine process of restoration of their human, civil, and legal rights, by the respect of their right to return and their right to have their sovereignty respected in whatever form an internationally enforced solution is negotiated.

Finally referred to in the documentary is Glenn Greenwald, founder of Intercept, whose “Samples of Israeli Horrific Brutality and War Criminality in Gaza” is a must read.

It is inconceivable of how backwards America will be going to the future with either a Trump or a Clinton presidency since both absurdly and corruptly state that they are “Friends of Israel“.

Trump being the stupid idiot he literally is, has no idea of what he is talking about.  He likes to say that his son-in-law is an orthodox Jew – as if all orthodox Jews support Israel, when in reality thousands throughout of the world do not.

Many of the orthodox Jews showed up with this writer protesting the intrusion by collusion with the 42 Republican neocon Senators and some neolib ones, of Netanyahu into our Congress building to intervene, disrespectfully and attempt to sabotage,  our President’s laudable and noble endeavor of , through the P5+1 partners, in the now successfully and diplomatically resolved  Iran nuclear refinement issue, a process to which Iran has a legal right.

In contrast Israel acquired clandestinely in 1969 in an agreement between Gold Meir and disgraced President Nixon, an arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction and to add insult to injury, it refused to sign to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty and then in the mid 80’s it proliferated the nuclear weaponization technology to the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa.   One excellent book on this appalling atrocity is that written by Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky and titled ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa” .  The author and his family, who were escapees from the Austrian Nazis and emigrated to South Africa were then  expelled therefrom.

In contrast to Trump though, and more dangerously, is that Clinton is intelligent, and aware of what she is doing in her greedily insatiable desire for political and monetary capital generation.  She therefore is more likely to win the Presidential election but if she is not forced to remove from her agenda her bizarrely uncritical so-called support of Israel, she may become part of an Israel engineered plan to provoke a war with Iran on utterly specious grounds, and voila, we will be back to the Cheney/Bush criminal war on Iraq (after having supported Saddam Hussein and facilitated armaments transfers to Saddam Hussein in his war on Iran.

Only this time, a war on Iran would have even more catastrophic consequences which the Cheney/Bush junta et al. war on Iraq had and still is having.

As the supra noted brilliant and compassionate journalist Gideon Levy states it in his book, “Punishing Gaza” , ”  …with ‘friends’ like Clinton, Israel needs no enemies…”

Netanyahu to this day remains  eager to sabotage what has been achieved and get the US into a war with Iran for absolutely no valid reason except that he needs the cover to shield himself for his crimes against the humanity of Palestinians as long as possible.

Hopefully Netanyahu et al. will be held accountable to the world now that the Chilcot Enquiry Report has been issued, something which may lead to the indictment of Tony Blair, which by logical extension must lead to the indictment of the whole neocon cabal of George W Bush, Cheney, et al.

One more aspect related to the “occupation of the american mind”.

As an avid reader of David Harris-Gershon articles published by the prestigious Tikkun Magazine, I congratulate him for exposing in his  excellent account the shameless attempt by AIPAC (and by our equally shameless neocon/neolib misleaders) to use black leaders to dishonestly mislead and distract the American people about the real history of the reckless, ruthless, and violent take over of Palestine followed by the tagging of its autochthonous Palestinian land owners for centuries as “savages” and “terrorists” in the relentless attempt to portray victims as aggressors and vice-versa.

The AIPAC lobby is as toxic to our foreign policy which calls for an end to the uncritical support by the US of Israel’s international law violating occupations, collective punishments, and massacres,  as the NRA lobby is to our homeland security which calls for strict gun legislation so the American public and its ethical and professional law enforcement officers can experience their right to be protected from criminals using particularly automatic assault weapons to engage in mass killings in our cities.

It goes without saying that unethical and unprofessional law enforcement officers have no business serving in a profession whose obligation is to protect all of us equally

The title (and link) of the David Harris-Gershon article referred supra, is :

How AIPAC is Using Black Leaders to Erase Palestinian Suffering from the Democratic Party Platform

 So, to cap up, provided in the following sentence is the link to the documentary which has been from the onset the objective of this article.

The Occupation of the American Mind : Israel’s Public Relations War in the U.S.” 


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  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thanks for sharing information about this desperately needed documentary, as well as the complicity of the Democratic Party in Israel’s brutality toward and oppression of the Palestinians.

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