The Washington Post’s Editorial Wrongly States That Trump is Wrong About Saddam Hussein


July 12, 2016 by Alfred


Objectivity requires this writer to correct The Washington Post when it states that “Mr. Trump is Wrong About Saddam Hussein” which is the title of July 9, 2016 of its own op ed.

So, this writer wrote a letter to the editor of The Washington Post which reads as follows :

There Seems to be Something Wrong in “Mr. Trump is Wrong About Saddam Hussein”

In The Washington Post Editorial titled “Mr.Trump is Wrong About Saddam Hussein” it is stated that Saddam Hussein “was…one of the world’s foremost sponsors of terrorism


But in fact this writer remembers well that during at least the Ronald Reagan administration,  former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld embraced Saddam Hussein as Saddam Hussein received arms shipments and intelligence information in his war on Iran.


Consequently this writer undertook a cursory research check and disclosed a document in the embodiment of a National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 82 which proves that for several years the  U.S.  provided Saddam Hussein with intelligence and military support (in secret and contrary to this country’s official neutrality) in his war of aggression on Iran in accordance with policy directives from, none other, than President Ronald Reagan.


So, therefore if according to  The Washington Post Op Ed of July 9, 2016,  Saddam Hussein was “a sponsor of terrorism“, then the U.S. under Ronald Reagan,  by enabling “a sponsor of terrorism” to obtain said U.S. intelligence and said U.S. armaments, could be correctly characterized as a sponsor of a sponsor of terrorism, correct ?  


And this historical fact can render the U.S. under Ronald Reagan a sponsor of terrorism.

Of course Ronald Reagan additionally rendered support in a massacre in conjunction with the supply of helicopters and automatic weapons by Israel, to the military dictatorship of Guatemala in their massive massacre of Guatemalan indians.  This would further buttress is being characterized as a “sponsor of terrorism“.

Additionally by Ronald Reagan’s ordered  bombing of the tiny island nation of Grenada, a terrorizing act which resulted in the death of medical school students,  in a bombing which was ordered by Ronald Reagan because Grenada was happened to be an ally of Cuba and was receiving technical support from the Cubans to modernize their airport and for the lengthening of their only airport landing and take off strip to be able to accommodate more tourists,  quite correctly  Reagan can be further characterized as a “sponsor of terrorism“.

These two horrific acts by a President of the United States are not the only ones which the American people know nothing about.

During the war on El Salvador, using military bases such as the one in Palmerola, the Regan administration supported assassination death squads which besides murdering Salvadorans, murdered precious and noble Jesuit priests who and American Maryknoll sisters because they tended to the spiritual and human needs of the victims of these squads.

Fast forward to 2009 and this time it is Secretary of State Hillary Clinton which insisted that the corrupt military thugs who abducted the democratically elected President Zelaya in a middle of the night coup d’etat would not have us designate such odious coup as a “coup” since it would not be in our military interest as regards to our naval base there.

Subsequently human rights and environmental activists such as Berta Careers were cold-bloodedly assassinate with the support of the present junta which Hillary Clinton saw fit to protect.

The corporatized mainstream media rarely if ever covers  these historical realities in depth, thereby violating the American people’s right to be accurately, ethically, fully informed so as to be able to make educated decisions about their political and otherwise choices.

2 thoughts on “The Washington Post’s Editorial Wrongly States That Trump is Wrong About Saddam Hussein

  1. Manuel Esparza says:

    Hola Fred, me gustó mucho quién es terrorista, uno de tus mejores contribuciones. Desenmascara las muchas mentiras oficiales,Leí hoy el artículo que te anexo, no pude menos de estar pensando en ti cuando lo leía. Tú que tienes olfato antisonista sabrás entender bien lo que algunas autoras definen como racismo contra en los que criticamos el expasionismo de Israel.

    Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2016 02:56:08 +0000 To:

  2. Marie Spike says:

    The American public has been and continues to be brainwashed with lies that serve the ruthless military industrial complex. That’s why your blog and every voice that speaks truth to power is precious and vital!! Peace and thank you!!

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