John McCain Was Cited Undeservedly in a Good Fareed Zakaria Article

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July 22, 2016 by Alfred

On July 22, 2016, Fareed Zakaria  The Washington Post published a good and needed article by this journalist titled “Trump’s America : Banana Republic and Brand Enhancer


In said article, Fareed Zakaria correctly critiques the GOP’s Trump Convention, stating that “The picture presented to the world has been of America as a banana republic“.

However when Fareed Zakaria tried to contrast this with a moment eight years ago when the Republican nominee, John McCain,  was trying to tell a supporter who claimed that “Obama was an Arab“, by denying this to said supporter and adding that Obama was a “decent family man“, and adding that this shows how far we have descended,  Fareed Zakaria must obviously not have known or may have forgotten, that the same Senator John McCain on June 16, 2016 incredibly and inflammatorily had the temerity to claim “President Barack Obama was “directly responsible” for the recent horrific massacre at the nightclub in Orlando.

Hence, John McCain does not deserve to be cited as a voice of contrast to and reason, since this is only one of the most irrational  and offensive statements he has been known to make in public.

The Argentum Post  elaborated on John McCain’s penchant to melt down and make outrageous statements in an article titled as follows :


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