A Candid Personal Announcement by the Argentum Post Writer/Editor


July 30, 2016 by Alfred

This writer has decided to activate his “DemExit” prerogative.

In effect this means for this writer, becoming who he always in the first place, namely having been an ideo-political and philosophical independent based and guided by a secular-humanist rationalist and naturalist, with frame of reference values which include a strong pacifist dimension.

The DNC Wasserman-Schultz/Clinton scandal, was further exacerbated by Clinton’s hiring of Wasserman-Schultz to become the “honorary chair” (!?) for her campaign and to boot, Hillary Clinton and the DNC have decided to undertake with a shamefully cooperative mainstream media  a  bizarre and groundless campaign to claim that it is the Russian government which is responsible for the exposure of the scandal, period.  Nevermind the scandal. It will not be discussed…

For the DNC’s director Debbie Wasserman Schultz and its top officials to attempt to use Bernie Sander’s religious background as a means to undermine him by suggesting that (a) he may not be either sufficiently Jewish, and/or  then to speculate that perhaps (b) he could be further damaged by getting the mainstream media to suggest that, heaven forbid, he may be a “secular” human being, is about as low intellectually, politically, ethically, and even legally, as a party’s national committee and its director and her nominee friend Hillary can sink.

The Constitution clearly provides  Article Six which forbids a religious test as a requirement for holding a governmental position.

That the DNC/Wasserman Schulz gang attempt to consider manipulatively exploiting Bernie Sander’s faith, or the insufficient of said faith, or the absence of a faith, as ploy to damage him politically by ignoring Article Six of the Constitution is simply appalling beyond the pale.

This stunningly corrupt proposal constitutes by itself sufficient reasons for one to feel totally alienated by a party whose central committee betrayed its most authentically liberal progressive Democrats.

It is amazing how the exposure of egregious wrong doing by establishment neocon and neolib politicians results not in remedial and punitive consequences but in a scape coating diversionary propaganda campaign to demonize the messengers who exposed the wrong doing as best exampled by the phenomenon of the draconian punishment meted out on whistle-blower Edward Snowden and Australian journalist Adrian Assange in the pursuit of the exposure of wrong doing and accountability requirements for the same.

What an amazingly feeble-minded diversionary move from the real issue is the brazenly demonstrated bias against the real progressive democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, by the seamy behind the scenes manipulations to undermine the Sanders campaign which have been amply documented by the Wikileaks organization.

It may sound repetitive, but for the top operative officials of the DNC who were led by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to have the temerity to suggest that Sanders’ campaign may be undermined by a collaborative mainstream media by their abusive misuse of Sanders religious background reveals a lack of fundamental ethics, respect, professionalism, and maturity which boggles the mind of any normal and decent American voter.

This writer, either as the individual citizen, or as the creator of this Argentum Post, under no circumstance could or would endorse candidate Hillary Clinton, who after the scandalous revelation was unveiled, proceeded to (a) hire the DNC’s failed director as her “honorary” campaign worker, and (b) instantly saw it fit to proceed on the absence of any evidence to falsely accuse Russian President Putin of being responsible for the exposure of this scandal by Wikileaks.

What matters how or who brought this egregious mentality and activities to the forefront ?

Yes, activities as well, since long before this scandal was documented by Wikileaks, it was known and Bernie Sanders commented on how the nomination campaign with its complicit media rigged the system as, for example, when as Jeff Weaver, the Sanders campaign manager accused the   DNC or trying to sabotage the campaign by declaring, as reported on CNN that “The DNC, in an inappropriate overreaction, has denied us access to our own data,” … “In other words, the leadership of the Democratic National Committee is actively trying to undermine our campaign.” and how California was being stolen from Sanders.

Furthermore, since Clinton has established herself as an unconditional supporter of the international law violating Israeli regime of Netanyahu she totally discredited herself.   And this most particularly after Netanyahu had the “chutzpah” to enter into intrusion by collusion with 47 Republican Tea Party right-wing extremist Senators to enter without the White House approval, the Congress building in an outrageous attempt to sabotage President Obama’s successful negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue.

This reality is something which undoubtedly became part of the callous calculus which led that perverse regime of Israel, anticipating a Clinton election, to just announce now on July 24, 2016 that (a) yet another major expansion of the international law violating take over of invaded and occupied Palestinian territories is about to take place by a Netanyahu order, a misleader who Hillary Clinton sycophantically praises,  and (b) the declaration by said Netanyahu regime issued on the same date that a “state of alert” has been declared based on the specious ground that  Lebanon has now reached a defense capability which calls for another bombing attack by Israel, presumably of the kind which was carried out in 1982 which killed some 17 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilian Palestinians in refugee camps  and Lebanese.

It is clear that the outlaw regime of Netanyahu is encouraged by what it sees ahead as being the possible election of the corporatist-militarist hawk who Hillary Clinton documentably is, as she uncritically and deferentially  serves the industrial military complex, AIPAC, and the extremist ethnocentric nationalists in Israel and their supporters in the U.S. and this makes it impossible for any sapient voter to not speak out in outrage against Hillary Clinton and the corrupted to the core Democratic party.

Since its founding in 2013, the Argentum Post has been dedicated to the pursuit of the truth wherever it takes the investigative process in its mining of the unvarnished historical reality facts, either by exhaustive literature research, or by attendance at national and international conferences which provide opportunities for the interviews of scholars, politicians, human rights officials, and governmental and NGO officials, or by any of a plethora of other means.

A rudimentary search of the Argentum Post will bring up a numerous series of articles which expose the Hillary Clinton which the mainstream media has studiously avoided bringing up, and/or has even deliberately covered up.

As the Argentum Post is specifically dedicated to issues which neither the establishment’s Democratic neolib nor the Republican neocon, nor the mainstream media in America,   cover honestly and comprehensively, and furthermore given that now it is amply documented that the DNC, Hillary Clinton, and the mainstream media conspired to rig the Bernie Sanders campaign in support of Clinton, it is up to the genuinely independent media and blogs such as the Argentum Post and many others to burn through this fog of corrupted mass disinformation by those in the establishment who use hate and fear mongering, distortion and cover-up of reality to perversely  shore up their oligarchy.

The Argentum Post is not now nor ever will be a “political” blog.

The AP  does not focus on “liberal” versus “conservative” since these are valid generic designations of vast numbers of people and organizations which may have equivalently valid and constructive philosophically and historically grounded foundations for their ideologies and practices.

The same applies to differentiations between “religious” and “secular” people and organizations and perspectives.

The Argentum Post reflects the view of its writer and of his supporters and of most of some 10 thousand readers in close to 100 countries who access it.

The fundamental element of said views is based on a perspective imbued with the secular humanist rationalist and naturalist values which calls first and foremost for an immediate end to national and international violence.

The toxic undue influence special interest lobbies of such democracy destroyers and merchants of death benefitting generators of hate, fear, and chaos are the industrial-military complex, the NRA, the AIPAC Israel lobby, and those neocon and neolib members of Congress and other officials who generate their financial and political capital by supporting such toxic entities.

In the aftermath of this DNC/Wasserman-Schultz/Hillary Clinton/media collaborative scandal to undermine the candidacy of Bernie Sanders, this writer’s decision to not vote for either the Democratic or, much less, the Republican nominees was met by some with unexpected criticism.   So be it.

When criticism is formulated in respectful and constructive terms, it is of course welcomed.

The salient point in the criticism as relates to this issue, has been one pointing out that by not voting for Hillary Clinton it is deemed deplorable that this writer has “left the fight to defeat Donald Trump“.

Indeed as regards to this writer’s decision as an individual, the decision to not vote, is equivalent to an extra vote for Trump.

But, that is limited to this writer’s individual choice, and that choice means less than a fraction of a subatomic particle in the universe of national voters, which in effect makes zero difference as far as the outcome of the election goes.

This writer is not into investigative reporting literary activism to tell anyone for who to vote, nor whether to vote, or not.

What makes a difference as regards to the kind of literary activism which the Argentum Post represents is that it remain objective and not be tainted by subjective decisions as regards the voting preference of its writer.   And that is a built into the guaranteed mission of the Argentum Post.

Bottom line is that the DNC has empowered one Democratic candidate at the expense of the other, by means not involving consideration of merits on a leveled playing field, but by backroom unethical maneuvers designed to thwart the genuinely progressive candidate’s chances of becoming the nominee, and when these maneuvers were exposed via Wikileaks documentation the focus of the candidate which benefitted from such unethical calculus became the generation of a smokescreen by candidate Clinton, who in collusion with a collaborative mainstream media, engaged in hysterical unsubstantiated cold-war era type anti-Russia fabrications.

So now, after the American people on a bi-partisan basis expressed its rejection of establishment politicians, the Democratic National Committee has designated a neolib corporatist, militarist establishment politician to be the party’s nominee.

As noted previously, there is an abundance of documentation which directly ties Hillary Clinton to some of the world’s most authoritarian and human rights abusing misleaders and dictators.

One of most murderous thief and dictators is Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, who ruled with an iron fist for 30 years and stole from the Egyptian treasury along with his sons.   Incredibly but documentably  Hillary Clinton declared  that she loves dictator and feels as if he is a friend of her family.

Hillary Clinton did not condemn the coup against the first democratically elected government in Egypt’s history.   She now supports the continuing military aid to Egypt after its first democratically elected government of Mohamed Morzi was overthrown by the murderous gang of General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in July of 2013.   Since then he ordered the mass killing of some 1,300 peaceful protesters, and whole groups of people are sentenced to death regularly without any due judicial proceeding.  Today, July 29, 2016, the regime arrested and convicted its top anti-corruption official.  Journalist and bloggers have been locked up and beaten.  But Hillary is busy inciting against Mr. Putin.

Hillary Clinton in 2009 imposed her suggestion that the midnight coup abduction  of the populist and democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras, was not be characterized as a “coup” so that the U.S. could continue to funnel military aid to that country’s decadent ruling elite, given that we have a military base in Palmerola.

The thugs who abducted President Zelaya and who operate death squads which target and kill human rights and environmental activists (such as Berta Careers),  as well as union organizers , are firmly entrenched in the government of Honduras and its capital Tegucigalpa is now the murder capital of the world.


Similarly Hillary Clinton did not support the “Arab Spring” democracy activists in Bahrain, where we also have a military base, and did not criticize the incursion of Saudi Arabian soldiers to put down violently said activists.   Even the doctors and nurses who tended to the needs of said democracy activists, were arrested and punished for carrying out the ethical and professional duties.

Hillary Clinton supported the criminal Cheney/Bush war on Iraq which was carried out on fraudulent fabricated grounds for which former PM Tony Blair may now be indicted thanks to the Chilcot Inquiry, as he uncritically supported the Cheney/Bush neocons as Hillary Clinton supports the Netanyahu international law violating invasions, occupations, and house demolitions of Palestinians, always repeating that insulting mantra that “Israel has a right to defend itself” ignoring that it is the aggrieved party, namely Palestine, which is the victim which has a genuine right to defend itself, of course preferably and ideally by non-violent resistance.

Part of the insidious neocon/neolib / mainstream media propaganda machine is to deliberately use a false narrative which puts historical reality upside down and characterizes the perpetrators (Israel) as the victims and vice-versa.

Unfortunately with the majority of Americans who have been literally brainwashed for decades to believe in this mythology, this insidious propaganda works, and will continue to work until the U.S. reassesses once for all its horribly dishonest and dishonorable relationship with Israel.

Incidentally, for those not familiar with this writer, it may be noteworthy to mention that he is a direct descendant of parents who survived the ethnic cleansing by the Nazis of Germany and this is one of the reason he has been an activist calling for the end of U.S. support for the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” by the nationalists ethnocentric right-wing extremist Zionist in Israel.   The quotation mark in this characterization is due to the fact that this phrase characterizes the title of the book of one of Israel’s most scholarly, humanist, rationalist, and noble Jews, namely Ilan Pappe, who describes the systematic expulsion, punishment, and killing of Palestinians who do not go along with the mandate “leave, abide, or die”.

Jews rightfully exclaim never again when it comes to the crimes of the Nazis, and progressive and humanist American Jews and non-Jews by the millions now demand an end to the brutal oppression and torture of the Palestinian people in their own lands.

It would literally take a miraculous conversion for Hillary Clinton to find ways to see the writing on the wall and end stop supporting the israeli atrocities being committed with our enablement in our name.

Until President Obama via the P5+1 successful diplomacy with Iran resolved the impasse created by Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy generation system, Hillary Clinton strenuously opposed negotiations with Iran just as she opposed negotiations with Cuba which thanks to 18 months of secret negotiations of President Obama in cooperation with the humanist and progressive Pope Francis are now reaping fruits.

The list of the historical facts which render Hillary Clinton a threat to our national security in view of her relentless support for the so-called “exceptionalist” policies which would further lead us into more wars is sadly long and solidly documented.

The notion that her platform has now been “progressivised” is risible.

We must look at and be inspired by our former loyalist neighbors to the north, namely Canada particularly now under the leadership of Trudeau.

It suffices to note that terrorism is practically non-existent there, that the single payer health care system works well, that its social classes are much more equalized in their wealth as ours is, and that it does not have fear, hate, and war mongering special interest lobbies, nor does it have lobbies which are responsible for the acquisition of human beings automatic killing machines which can be bought without restriction.

So, only “we the people” and by only disciplined and intelligent and peaceful means can avoid furthering our hemmorage of treasury and blood by Hillary Clinton’s hawkish provocations which may now involve more utterly necessary tensions with Russia and China and Iran as these are the targets of the upper 1% neocons who she represents as well as a neolib hegemonist.

A much more meaningful historical event that has much more profound historical positive ramifications for America than that of the nomination and possible presidency of the first woman in U.S. history, is the progressive democratic movement which has been unleashed and unified by Bernie Sanders and is irreversible and is now becoming bigger than its progenitor.

This movement will have to organize and evolve to the point that it will sweep out the corrupted neocon and neolib congresspersons and will thereby usher in a new era of sustainable peace, growth, and prosperity.

This movement will have to galvanize all of its resources to stop the historically fist female president if she either starts agitating provocatively for unwarranted military provocations and practices against Iran and Syria and, heaven forbid, Russia or China, or does not end the policy of enablement of Israel’s Apartheid war on the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine who have lived in their land for centuries until Israel was synthesized and violently implanted into their midst  in 1948.


















One thought on “A Candid Personal Announcement by the Argentum Post Writer/Editor

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Thank you for this excellent article highlighting why people of conscience cannot vote for Hillary Clinton, though by doing so may help elect the crass, bigoted, misogynist and next dictator – Trump! Hillary is a world class criminal and belongs behind bars! She will likely start World War 3! Trump – on the other hand – wants to restore friendly relations with Russia, and thinks our foreign policy of “regime change” is stupid. Though I believe America will be safer with Trump, I can only cast my vote for Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party, who truly represents me and my values in all respects. Sadly the voters don’t even know about the Green Party or Stein, as well as Hillary’s criminal record because she’s protected by and a central player in the corrupt media, government and legal system that are owned and controlled by the military-industrial complex that is destroying this planet for power and profit! “Let the chips fall where they may.”

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