As the Trump-Clinton Charade Continues to Evolve, Israel is Demanding an Additional $ 50 Billion in Military Aid a Year for 10 Years – In Addition to the $ 30 Billion It Already Gets


August 1, 2016 by Alfred

As the so-called debate charade between the nominees of both parties now unfolds ad nauseam, the American public is hardly aware that the stage of a massive increase of military aid demanded by the infamous Netanyahu regime is about to signed off in a the form of a 10-year “memorandum of understanding” which means that in addition to the $30 billion dollar per year Israel already receives it might now receive an additional $ 50 billion dollars per year which the Netanyahu regime demands, and demands to be signed NOW, even though it is clear that Hillary Clinton who is uncritically following the Likud/AIPAC demands would also sign it, although it is not so clear that Trump will, since as David Makovsky, who is analyst at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy declared, that while Trump professes his support of Israel  “,,,he is also someone saying America is broke…”.

It is a disgraceful tragedy that President Obama is now saying that he may be prepared to to go along with this insolent demand by the misleader of Israel who has been documentably established as a dishonest, arrogant, hate, fear, and war monger in his quest to pursue the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” (the title of a book by the illustrious, scholarly, noble, and humanist Israeli author, Ilan Pappe).

What is also stunningly difficult to comprehend is how can President Obama, who was so egregiously offended by Netanyahu’s incursion by collusion with 47 Republican Tea Party extremists into the Congress building to attempt to sabotage President Obama’s successful Iran nuclear impasse via the P5+1 diplomacy.  It would seem that agreeing to such a destructive deal would have the potential to enormously damage President Obama’s legacy.

This is exactly why the establishment neolibs in coordination with the DNC and a compliant mainstream media, as well as the neocons enthusiastic support did everything possible to prevent the nomination of Bernie Sanders, who, notwithstanding his Jewish background, made it clear during a debate with Hillary Clinton, that uncritical business as usual with Israel, particularly given their “disproportionate” military attacks on Palestinians would not be entertained.

So, notwithstanding Clinton’s risible and intellectually insulting contentions that she has “progressive” dimensions in her platform,  “we the people” , are left out of what should be an abomination, namely the further enabling of Israel’s international law violating occupation, of its collective punishments (28,000 houses of Palestinians in their own land have been demolished), of Israel’s mass killings of Palestinian mostly unarmed and civilian population as occurred most recently during the Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre.

And so the hemorrhage of blood and treasury in our name, with our tax funds, will go on as in the past and so will the provocative terrorizing behavior by the Israeli fundamentalists in power in turn continue to function as a desperate veritable generator of reprisal terrorist attacks, and this spiral of violence which has actually gone on since Israel was implanted violently into Palestine in 1948 will eventually spiral out of control and bring the US into much wider war with catastrophic consequences.

It is absolutely incredible that the grotesquely and insolently demanding  Netanyahu and his ilk can carry any weight at all, given that he has mocked the Unites States during a visit to illegal settlers in the West Bank and was captured as saying to said illegal settlers in a hot microphone that the it was amazing how “easy it is to manipulate the United States” and “how we can do anything we want”, further adding that the was proud to have scuttled the Oslo Peace Talks.

This is the moment when it is more important than ever that “we the people” peacefully and assertively demand that our corrupt leaders stop acting as if we l do not live in a democracy, while our leaders disgustingly and relentlessly refer to the words “democracy” and “freedom”, and that we thereby end our leaders deference to both, the industrial-military complex of undue influence, and the Israel and Israel lobby, particularly the AIPAC lobby.

“We the people” must be factored into any calculus by our leaders which involves the adding of fuel to fires burning everywhere in the Middle East by their provision of blank checks to perversely ethnocentric extremist nationalists elements in Israel which have sought hegemony over all of Palestine and more since 1948.

Ideally ALL aid to Israel must be ended NOW so that with the help of such prestigious Israeli organizations as Bet’Selem, Peace Now, Breaking the Silence, and many others, a new team of humanistic Jewish and secular leaders come to power to once for all end the nightmarish suffering of the Palestinians and thereby render Israel secure and cooperative in an environment conducive genuine diplomacy under the strict presence of UN peace keepers.

The Apartheid house of cards will naturally sooner or later implode, opening up an era of Jewish Palestinian cooperation not seen heretofore.

Then and only then, the U.S. will have a constructive humanitarian role to play which will not involve providing walled fortress Israel with $ 80 billion dollars a year in military aid, which is in addition to the arsenal of nuclear weapons Israel has acquired clandestinely starting in 1969 as a result of a secret agreement between President Nixon and Israel’s PM Gold Meir.

Incidentally, having acquired its nuclear weapons of mass destruction and having refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Israel then proceeded to (documentably) proliferate the nuclear weaponization technology to, of all nations, the white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa.  Sasha Polokow-Suransky, inter alia, is the author of a book titled ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa“.  The author and his parents are Austrian Jews who escaped the Nazis by emigrating to South Africa, wherefrom they were then expelled by said racist Apartheid regime.

Incidentally,  Carol Morello and Ruth Eglash recently reported on this subject in The Washington Post.


2 thoughts on “As the Trump-Clinton Charade Continues to Evolve, Israel is Demanding an Additional $ 50 Billion in Military Aid a Year for 10 Years – In Addition to the $ 30 Billion It Already Gets

  1. Alfred says:

    I am sorry, dear Aliceny. And I totally empathize with how you feel.

  2. Marie Spike says:

    Truly sickening how this evil prevails!! Thank you for your constant vigilance and devotion to truth and justice for the sake of peace and fairness, especially in a part of this Desperate World that is forgotten.

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