Faced With Two Equally Unacceptable Nominees for the Presidential Post, The Green Party Nominee, Doctor Jill Stein, Constitutes the Only and Best Alternative Choice By Far


August 9, 2016 by Alfred

As a natural sequel to the previously published article titled Now That Bernie Sanders Campaign Launched the Democratic Progressive Movement, the Instant Runoff Voting Enablement of It is an Immediate Imperative, which focuses on the dire need for the U.S. to once for all provide the “Instant Run Off” (aka IRV) voting choice, with or without said IRV, at a time when (a) the American electorate is faced with the choice of two candidates who constitute the most unpopular and unqualified in history, and at an unprecedented historic time when (b) the American electorate by a huge margin demands and has launched a galvanizing yearn for and has developed a movement to depart from and thereby end the democracy diluting and polluting and threatening establishment Republican neocon, and establishment Democratic neolib system and its misleaders of our nation, it is an imperative and a most unique opportunity for decent and rational liberals, as well as decent and rational conservatives, and all independents to unite and vote for the genuine alternative to peace, prosperity, and undue special interest corruption free governance, which Doctor Jill Stein of the Green Party, who was nominated on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at a convention in Houston,Texas, will provide.

A Harvard Medical School graduate, Jill Stein was the Green Party’s 2012 candidate for President and currently holds the record for most votes ever received by a female candidate for President of the United States in the general election.

In an abundance of redundance, this Argentum Post has in the past reported documentably on the utter lack of qualifications of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton for the Presidential elections.

In the case of Trump, hardly any words are needed to point out how woefully he is unqualified and how dangerous his election would be as regards to our stability, national security, and respect in the world.    His own words do the job.   It is worth to note that the leader of the U.S. Nazi Party, Rocky Sohayda, stated that there is one political figure who presents a “real opportunity” for the “…white nationalists…and that is Donald Trump.

“We the people” are not “white nationalists”, as we are one of the most vibrant and diverse mosaics of humanity in a single nation which must go back to inspire, rather than lead, by the power of example and not the example of power.

In our loyalist friends to the north, namely the Canadians, we can find inspiration.  Canada has no reprisal terrorizing attacks, no mass killings by people who own mass killing of humans assault machines, since they to not have an “all-mighty” untouchable and toxic NRA special undue interest lobby, has an excellent single payer health care system, it has no military bases around the world, does not have a grotesquely and corruptedly bloated so-called defense budget which is greater than that of all of the industrialized nations combined, and does not have 3 thousand nuclear weapons so it does not need to allocate one trillion dollars for the next decade to “modernize” them.  Canada does not consider itself “exceptionalist” and its society is much less unequalized in its stratification

In the case of Clinton, it is not as obvious who she really is for many, since the corporatized mainstream media has shamelessly been derelict of its duty to objectively inform and thereby educate the non-sapient, and therefore non-suspicious segment of the American electorate of her very dark side, particularly as relates to her dishonesty and her corporatist-militarist mindset which is documented by her support and even admiration of dictators such as the 30 year murderous dictator of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak who she characterized as a “…friend of the family…”.  This she declared in 2009, in the same year she insisted that when the democratically elected President Zelaya of Honduras was abducted in the middle of the night and overthrown violently, the coup would not be called a coup since we have interests in Honduras given that we have a military base there and hence the ramifications of characterizing the coup what is was would force the U.S. to end military aid to the thugs who overthrew the government.

The same argument was used during Clinton’s support of the oppression of the Arab Spring democracy activists in Bahrain who not only violently put down their peaceful demonstrations but as well punished doctors and nurses who tended to the needs of the demonstrators.  Furthermore Clinton did not object the incursion of Saudi Arabian troops to put down the protesters just as she is not criticizing the barbaric bombing of Yemen by the Saudi Arabs which has cost the lives of many thousand innocent civilians as well as the lives of at least 500 children, the same number of children killed by the barbaric Gaza massacre perpetrated by the Netanyahu misleadership of Israel in the Summer of 2014.

The Argentum Post reported in detail on these and other terrorizing human rights violations and has provided the necessary documentation therefore.  So,  Clinton has supported democracy oppressing regimes from Honduras, to Bahrain,  to Saudi Arabia, to Israel when it comes to its violent oppression and massacres of Palestinians, unhesitatingly.

Clinton also was an ardent supporter of the war on Iraq on the basis of mostly fabricated Cheney/Bush claims, a war which has brought us and the Middle East and Afghanistan nothing but a catastrophic hemorrhage of blood and treasury.

It must also be noted that she not only first opposed President Obama’s participation in the P5+1 successful diplomacy with Iran as regards to the nuclear issue, when during the campaign for the election said “…have you no shame Mr. Obama, to negotiate with terrorists…” which Iran is documentably not, as scholars agree that Iran, while supporting its Shia community from the Sunni Saudi Arabian aggressions is not a “terrorist” nation, but one of the very few stable ones in the Middle East which democratically elected a reformist President Rouhani and with whose very rational and multilingual and soft-spoken Foreign Minister MohammadJavad Zarif, our Secretary of State, John Edwards found good chemistry while negotiating the successful agreement.

It furthermore must be noted that Hillary Clinton is subservient to such undue special interest groups as the industrial-military complex, Wall Street’s firms such as Goldman Sachs, and the hate and war mongering Israeli lobby such as AIPAC which she recently addressed in Washington, DC and declared that she would invite Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House as one of the first things she would do after inaugurated, this after Netanyahu engaged in an offensive intrusion by collusion with 47 Republican obstructionists Tea Party right-wing extremist senators in order to attempt to sabotage  our negotiations with Iran on said nuclear issue.

Clinton is intelligently manipulative and deceitful, and as a former Republican and Wall Mart member of its Board of Directors for 6 years during which Wall Mart fought organized labor and its unions, she is in effect a neocon masquerading as a neolib while calling herself a “liberal”.

So, when it comes to Hillary Clinton, it is what is hidden in plain sight is what renders her utterly devoid of qualifications for the Presidential  position, since she has demonstrated without any reasonable doubt that she obsessed with a zeal for hawkish militarist approaches to foreign affairs and is therefore as well an unacceptable risk to our national security as she has demonstrated when during her campaigning she suggested that the U.S. declare Syria unilaterally a no fly zone, something which most probably would have resulted in the elimination of any constructive relationship with Russia and furthermore could dangerously involve us in at Cuban missile type crisis, instead of contributing to a cessation of military violence in the Middle East and elsewhere.

So, to sum up, at this juncture when we are faced with two prohibitively terribly bad choices for the upcoming presidential election, and we are continuously  being warned that we MUST vote for “the lesser of the two evil” choices otherwise Trump wins, we are in effect under the influence of an extorsionistically outrageous pressure, since if we yield and vote for the “lesser of two evil” choice,  we will be getting exactly who we oppose into the White House and pay dearly for that.

Due to the DNC, and its scandalous behavior, and due to the mainstream media being held captive by the corporate sector, and thereby not reporting objectively,  we are literally entering a dangerous phase in the attack on our constitutional democracy, not only by personalities such as Trump and Clinton, but by a structural decay which already has rendered the Republican establishment long ago ethically, morally, intellectually, and politically a bankrupt entity, and which is now rapidly corroding the Democratic establishment in a similarly fashion.

As the brilliant scholar, author, and investigative journalist, Chris Hedges said,  our capitalism run amok system is now evolving into a corporatism + militarism = fascism type scenario and this most destructive motion, exacerbated enormously by the bizarre Citizens United v. FEC Supreme Court decision, is now flooding our democracy with the toxic polluted waters of “money” which is bizarrely described as “speech” and it has gone so far that even foreign money is now a tributary to this flood as Lee Fang of the Intercept has recently exposed.

So, the conclusion is, that for the first time, and there always is a first time, “we the people” can literally step up and rise to the occasion and between now the November 8 we can salvage our nation by electing the ONLY honest, high integrity, competent, intelligent, educated, candidate who respects our Constitution, who is a peace activist, and who is consistent and coherent.

Jill Stein and her Green Party can be to politics what the Unitarian Universalist church of America is to the seculars and the religious, namely a nucleation center for the vast majority of those Americans, be they moderate conservatives, moderate libertarians, moderate socialists, moderate capitalist, and others independent thinkers whose common denominator is not so much what we believe in or what we label ourselves, but what we make out of our beliefs on the basis of whatever label we adapt, to bring out the best in ALL OF US for the COMMON GOOD and thereby move forward harmoniously towards an unprecedented and irreversible era of peace, gradually evolving  social class equalization, drastic offensive defense budget cuts and closure of military bases, measures which will enhance our funding of the provision of a very public spot in our Affordable Care Act which needs to be  reformed, by shoring up Social Security and providing it with increases to counter inflation,  and most importantly by the nullification of the incomprehensibly bizarre and corrupting Citizens United Supreme Court ruling.


2 thoughts on “Faced With Two Equally Unacceptable Nominees for the Presidential Post, The Green Party Nominee, Doctor Jill Stein, Constitutes the Only and Best Alternative Choice By Far

  1. Marie Spike says:

    Jill has my vote even though it’s not easy being Green 😉

  2. aliceny says:

    Well said, Alfred.
    And all true – and documentable!
    Don’t stop.

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