VP Candidate’s Tim Kayne Inspiring Work with Jesuits in Honduras Clashes With Hillary Clinton’s Role in Coup Against Democracy in Honduras


August 16, 2016 by Alfred

The Washington Posts, to its credit,   published a surprisingly inspiring background of VP candidate Tim Kaine which was written in an article by Michelle Boorstein’s Kaine’s sharing of his faith life and on his devotion as a result thereof to justice in Honduras.

Said article’s title was “Kaine Touts Faith In Plea to Black Voters

It occurred to this writer to share with its readers an extended elaboration of a letter to the editor which this writer submitted to The Washington Post.

The background revealed in said article by Michelle Boorstein, it stands in ironic contrast to, and directly clashes with,  Hillary Clinton’s role in the 2009 coup in Honduras that had the popular democratically elected President Zelaya abducted in the middle of the night, who then was forced to ask for political asylum at the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa.

Hillary Clinton, incredibly, pushed with insistence the bizarre, unethical,  and erroneous notion that the U.S. must not characterize the coup, what it in reality it was, namely a violent coup against Honduras’ democracy, since that would force to the U.S. to end its military support to Honduras.

Zelaya’s  removal  helped lead to a new era of repression and lawlessness, as The Washington Post’s Karen Attiah quite aptly reported in her also excellent Washington Post article titled “Hillary Clinton’s Dodgy Answers on Honduras Coup“.

Said repression and lawlessness resulted, inter alia, in the assassination of, among many other idealist, innocent, unarmed civilians as   Berta Caceres,  a young environmental and human rights activist.  This and other assassinations have been carried out by government thugs.

Hillary Clinton must be held accountable for her  utter lack of ethics,  proper judgment, and lack of respect for the Honduran people’s democratic choice of President Zelaya.

Hillary Clinton, since the days of her ardent support for the right wing extremist Senator Barry Goldwater, when she was a Republican, long ago dumped principles in exchange of political interests, and this trend has only become worse as she aged.

It is hard to understand how Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton can be so totally on the opposite sides as relates to respect for democracy and justice,  in this particular case as relates to Honduras, and how therefore they could work together as a President and Vice-President team.

Of course, as the Argentum Post has reported with ample documentation to back it up, Hillary Clinton declared that the murderous 30-year long dictator of Egypt was regarded by her as ” a friend of the family “, actively supported the oppression of democracy activists in Bahrain who were brutally attacked by the Bahraini dictatorship which called for Saudi Arabian dictatorship troops for assistance in repressing not only the peaceful  Arab Spring demonstrators but also to reign and imprison the physicians and nurses who tended to the need of the badly injured demonstrators.

Just as Hillary Clinton chooses to not condemn the savage massacre of close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilians in Gaza in the Summer of 2014,  as a result of the Netanyahu/Likud led massacre there, a massacre with included 500 children, analogously Hillary Clinton chooses to not condemn the U.S. led savage bombing of Yemen by the Saudi Arab dictatorship, something which thus far has resulted in 6 thousand deaths, and more than 500 children.

As to this day August 16, 2016 the U.S. led barbaric bombing of Yemen continues and further tenths or more patients, physicians, and nurses in yet another hospital destroyed by the barbaric Saudi Arabian airstrike of Doctors Without Borders hospital were killed.

Hillary Clinton also was a solid supporter of the neocon Cheney/Bush war on Iraq based on dishonest claims, a war which constituted the seminal destruction of the Iraqi society something which ushered in the Al Qaeda in Iraq calamity followed now by the Daesh catastrophe which encompasses not only Iraq, but Lybia, Syria, and has spread to terrorist attacks in European capitals.

Hillary Clinton also first opposed vehemently any diplomatic negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue.

It is furhter noteworthy that Hillary Clinton also stated that she liked the 30-year ruthless dictator of Egypt, and thief of the Egyptian treasury, namely Hosni Mubarak, who she declared as feeling for as if the was a “member of the family“.

So, it seems totally inconceivable that if Tim Kaine was sincere when he practiced some of the most noble commands that Jesus allegedly preached in his association with the progressive Jesuits in Honduras in support of social and economical justices for the impoverished and exploited masses in Honduras, that suddenly Tim Kayne and Hillaly Clinton could become involved in a political show wherein they play to the American people the roles characteristic of those who, fall to the proverbial roles wherein “politics makes strange bedfellows” is shamelessly observed.

Something is terribly wrong with a Clinton/Kaine team at the helm of a team running of our country, since on the surface at least, Kaine is too principled to stoop to the depths of the dishonest political chameleon which Hillary Clinton represents quite documentably a politician which recklessly and heartlessly dumps principles in support of interests based on greed, and political capital generation by the use of hate and fear mongering, in pursuit of a mindless and treasury and blood hemorrhage generating global hegemony.

Bottom line is, Hillary Clinton is as dangerous or more than Donald Trump to the best interests of ALL decent Americans and neither is most definitely qualified to the presidential post of our nation.

The “Third Party” alternative though is alive and well.

The indisputably most highly qualified candidate for the Presidency is the Harvard Medical School graduate candidate, Jill Stein, of the Green Party.

The mainstream media which has become derelict of the imperative of its duty to inform objectively the American electorate, has all but ignored this Third Party alternative candidate and to add insult to injury it has gone along with the DNC – Hillary Clinton – Debbie Wasserman Schultz conspiracy in their feeble-minded and obsessive attempt to scape goat bizarrely the leadership of Russian for the revelations of the Wikileaks released e-mails exposing the sordid scandalous scheme to damage the candidacy  of Bernie Sanders by targeting the absurd notion that he may not be “sufficiently” Jewish, or worse yet, may be secular, as if our Constitution did not have the 1st Amendment and Article VI which clearly stipulates that there shall be no test of religion for any candidate to a public office in the United States.

This article ends with the very welcomed announcement by CNN, that finally at long last,  long after Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales interviewed Jill Stein of the Green Party, CNN will for one hour interview Jill Stein and her VP candidate


2 thoughts on “VP Candidate’s Tim Kayne Inspiring Work with Jesuits in Honduras Clashes With Hillary Clinton’s Role in Coup Against Democracy in Honduras

  1. Ms. Clinton and her husband epitomize the political professionals who’ve honed their double-speak talents to the highest levels, to the point where educated and otherwise reasonable men and women allow themselves to become hoodwinked in totality. Vote for the sole remaining candidates with integrity, honesty and moral courage: Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka of the Green Party.

  2. aliceny says:

    I don’t know how much more convincing people will need for them to believe the extent of Hillary Clinton’s total lack of the most basic decent

    human moral virtues. She has been accurately proven by government agencies and by verifiable honest journalists to be a liar; a thief; a war monger; allied with the anti-American interests of AIPAC and the present corrupt leadership of Israel; and an abettor of murder and genocide of innocent non-combatants as she will lead our nation deeper into wars and other foreign entanglements. Basically she

    would continue to act as she always has – in her own self interest and greed, the same as her nefarious husband continues to do.

    She will stab Americans in the back by reneging on every positive campaign promise by using her slick, well-used method of finely-honed

    doublespeak! When are we American voters going to take our blinders off and see this person for what she truly is? If she is elected, we will see her as she truly is (as we did with Obama) when she removes her mask of deceit that has served her so well since the days as Arkansas’ ‘first lady.’ By then, of course, it will be too late. The die will have been cast that will ensure the continuation of our nation’s economic and social decline and its once proud place as a leader among nations.

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