AP Flash Digest 2 : Glenn Greenwald on the Unconstitutional Brazil Coup Against Its President and on Hillary Clinton’s Unethical “Pay to Play”

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August 30, 2016 by Alfred

The “AP News Flash Digest” (which will be numbered to facilitate retrievability )  has been developed in response to accommodate the reality that while in-depth comprehensive articles on any subject are highly relevant, given the abundance independent alternatives to the self-censored info-tainment and distraction loaded mainstream media, there arises a need and desire by readers for the alternative independent media to also provide  succinct flashes of highly relevant content,which are highly vetted, and properly sourced,   on which readers themselves can then engage in further research to find elaborations thereon, and or reach otherwise their own conclusions.

With this succinct foreword, “AP News Flash Digest Nr.2 ” is hereby presented.

AP News Flash Digest 2 :  Glenn Greenwald on the Unconstitutional Brazil Coup Against Its President and on Hillary Clinton’s Unethical “Pay to Play”

A Foreword by the Writer of the Argentum Post

Neither America’s corporatist mainstream media nor Brazil’s spectacularly homogeneous media dominated by a small group of elites bent on shaping and thereby creatively distorting the coverage of current events, or simply remaining silent on major dimensions of said current events, can be trusted to tend to their ethical obligation to inform and educate their respective publics about vital and complex issues which characterize and affect the everyday life of their inhabitants.

To the extend that neither mainstream media can be trusted in their brazenly tendentious news coverage, they can much less be expected to provide the type of professional objective incisive, independent, honest coverage as, the independent progressive media and a select group of bloggers provide by their on-site professional teams of interviewers, expert scholarly analysts, and writers.

So, with this foreword, to cut to the chase, the Argentum Post highlights two of the most extraordinary independent organizations which have selflessly dedicated themselves to respect the public’s right to be accurately and precisely provided with the unvarnished reality of current events, in their ethical and professional pursuits of reality wherever the truth takes them, and this serves democracies, and social and economical justice, and human rights the way the corporatist mainstream media has an obligation to , yet abysmally fails in ways which render it literally guilty of dereliction of duty to their readers  which furthermore damages fundamental principles of civil societies in the same way reckless, corrupted, dishonest politicians and political hacks fail to serve the electorate by jettisoning principles and ideals for interests based on nothing but pure unadulterated greed for the generation of political and financial capital.

The Argentum Post therefore now introduces infra the texts and videos of two interviews by the legendary Democracy Now daily news program’s producer, Amy Goodman, of the Pulitzer Prize winning equally legendary Glenn Greenwald who is one of the founders of Intercept and who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The interviews were broadcast on Democracy Now today, August 29, 2016.

The first interview is on the attempt by corrupted politicians in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, to remove by impeachment their President Dilma Rousseff via a congressional conspiracy which amounts to an unconstitutional coup, against a President who did not commit a crime, period.

In both chambers of the Brazilian congress the majority of the extremely corrupted politicians are either under investigation for serious crimes of corruption or, have already been indicted, and they have the shameless temerity to attempt to judge their President.

While their claim is that under the government of Dilma Rousseff the country went into an economic recession and that Rousseff engaged in budgetary maneuvers to borrow loans from a state bank and delayed repayments to make it look that the country owes less than it does, to continue to fund social programs which brought millions out of poverty, a maneuver which other presidents engaged in as well, the reality is, as now corroborated by a leak two months ago by a Federal Police official, the objective of this coup is to thwart a huge investigation of the massive crimes of money laundering and embezzlement of the very congressmen who are trying to oust, Dilma Rousseff.

While the only U.S. presidential candidate which assertively criticized this sordid coup WAS Bernie Sanders, neither President Obama, and much less Trump or Clinton criticized it, with the latter in fact having supported in 2009 a coup against the populist and popular President Zelaya in Honduras who was abducted by thugs int the middle of night and forced to escape to the Brazilian embassy in Tegucigalpa.  Hillary Clinton insisted the U.S. should not call the coup and coup, since using that work would force the U.S. to suspend military aid to the corrupt government who ousted Zelaya.

The second interview is on the “Pay for Play” scheme as exemplified by Hillary Clinton’s background going back to the time when she was a real Republican supporting Barry Goldwater, until the present, when she became an establishment “neocon” disguised as a so-called “neolib”.

Goodman asks Greenwald to address Hillary Clinton’s “Pay to Play” scandalous strategy which is documented by a long list of flagrant ethical and even legal violations, and yet the mainstream media lets her off the hook as exemplified by the fact that she has not granted a single press conference since December of 2015 and denies that by such creative deceptions as the ludicrous suggestion that conversations with comedian shows represent a form of press conference.

The Argentum Post has published an abundance of redundance of documentation which clearly establishes the “pay to  play” strategy used by Clinton to give special treatment to those who fill the coffers of the Clinton Foundation.

The most recent article published on August 27, 2016 and titled ” Clinton’s Pay for Play is Exposed in a Clinton E-mail Where She Asks a Billionaire to Give Instructions on How She Can Fight Those Who Strive to End Israel’s International Law Violations ” is just one example of this insidious practice which, inter alia, has reduced her untrustworthiness level to a high of 69% of her electorate, but notwithstanding that, given the abysmal record and behavior of Donald Trump, and given the politics of fear mongering, the American democratic electorate still is willing to voter for her as the “lesser of two evils”, notwithstanding the alternative of the far, far, superior background and integrity of the third-party candidacy of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

Goodman asks Greenwald to talk about his recent Intercept article titled “Why Do Saudi Arabia and Other Gulf State Tyrannies Donate Millions of Dollars to the Clinton Foundation”.

Besides receiving these funds from these tyrannies, one of which, namely Saudi Arabia,  has been carrying out a literal massacre in Yemen of the kind Netanyahu has carried out in Gaza during the Summer of 2014, Hillary Clinton has embraced such murderous 30-year dictators a Hosni  Mubarak and expressed bizarrely that she considers him with affection as a “friend of the family”.

Furthermore it must be remembered that Hillary Clinton is a close friend of the former director of the Democratic National Committee, and who hired her for her campaign after she was forced to resign due to a scandal which was leaked by Wikileaks and which exposed how Wasserman and her top executive officers discussed ways to sabotage the campaign of the progressive Democratic party contender for the nomination by impugning him with a smear campaign suggesting he was either “not Jewish enough” or, heavens forbid, secular, in which case he would as he did, call for an equitable resolution of the Israel in Palestine forcible implant conflict.

To this day Hillary Clinton refuses to address this scandal except for bizarrely and baselessly charging the Russian President Putin for the leak of said e-mails.

So, to sum up, in Brazil a coup is about to take place against an innocent President who in her youth was imprisoned and tortured during the military dictatorship which toppled the President João Goulart in a coup where the U.S. was caught as an accomplice in 1964.  Said  was stamped as a “communist” by his political opponents after he made a trip to China.

And now in the U.S., candidate Hillary Clinton is about to probably be elected who is unethical and untrustworthy, and who has supported the crushing of democracy activists in Bahrain, Egypt, and who vehemently opposed characterizing the crushing of democracy by a violent coup, urging and succeeding in having the U.S. not characterize that coup what is it was, namely a brazen and violent coup, because it is not principles but the interests of maintaining  our military base in Honduras, as well as selling armaments to the thugs who crushed that democracy is what was the priority in her mind.

Here is the link to the first interview which deals with Brazilian crisis.

Here is the link to the second interview which deals with the US electoral crisis.

PS For the Brazilian (or Portuguese speaking) readers of the Argentum Post

Glenn Greenwald announced that the Intercept will be published in the Portuguese language.



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