AP News Flash Digest 3 : Greenwald on (a) Hillary Clinton’s McCarthyistic and Militarist Mindset and (b) Glenn Greenwald on the Unconstitutional Brazil Coup Against Its President

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September 1, 2016 by Alfred

The “AP News Flash Digest” (which will be numbered to facilitate retrievability )  has been developed in response to accommodate the reality that while in-depth comprehensive articles on any subject are highly relevant, given the abundance independent alternatives to the self-censored info-tainment and distraction loaded mainstream media, there arises a need and desire by readers for the alternative independent media to also provide  succinct flashes of highly relevant content,which are highly vetted, and properly sourced,   on which readers themselves can then engage in further research to find elaborations thereon, and or reach otherwise their own conclusions.

With this succinct foreword, “AP News Flash Digest (APNFD)  Nr.3 ”  is hereby presented.

This APNFD Nr. 3 is in part a sequel to the APNFD Nr. 2 dated 08/30/2106, and in this part (a) it further elaborates on and exposes how insidiously the Democratic National Committee / Hillary Clinton attempt to cast Wikileaks disclosed Clinton e-mails which disclose corrupt and dishonest practices as somehow linkable to the Russian government, yet no evidence therefor is given., and it further exposes the extremist inflammatory hawkish mindset of Hillary Clinton as she criticizes President Obama for not having militarist enough.

In part (b) it further gives objective, incisive, independent coverage the way neither the U.S. corporatized mainstream media does, nor the conglomerate of media elites in Brazil do, as regards to the unconstitutional congressional coup against President Dilma Rousseff by a  slim majority of the bicameral Congress of Brazil which is mostly composed by highly corrupt members who are under investigation for crimes involving embezzlement, money laundering, and bribery.

So, with this foreword, the Argentum Post channels temporarily these news reports and analysis by two titans of independent investigative media, namely Democracy Now by Amy Goodman, and the Intercept by Glenn Greenwald,  in an effort to bring to the attention of  readers of Argentum Post these two formidable sources of information, in case they either may  not be acquainted with them, or who live abroad in one of the close to 100 countries where Argentum Post readers reside but where these programs may not be broadcast, so that they can then search them via the IT.

So, for APNFD Nr.3 part (a) the following interviews are presented, in text form and video, of Glenn Greenwald of the Intercept by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

One is titled : “A New McCarthyism : Greenwald on Clinton Camp’s Attempts to Link Trump, Stein, and Wikileaks to Russia

and the other is titled :

Obama Has Bombed 7 Nations, but Clinton Claims He Has Not  Been Militaristic Enough “.


For APNFD Nr.3 part (b), for now, since it is “Breaking News” which occurred today, see

Breaking : Brazil’s Senate Votes to Permanently Remove President Dilma

It should be noted that Brazil’s attorney general, José Eduardo Cardozo, the government’s top lawyer, asked the supreme court to annul impeachment proceedings.

Also, it is noteworthy that Luis Almagro, the Secretary General  of the Organization of American States (OAS) which is  based on Constitution Avenue, in Washington, DC, questioned the legality of the proceeding and  said he would seek the legal opinion of the Inter-American  Human Rights Court.

It is further noteworthy that the last time a coup crashed democracy in Brazil, said coup was a military one, and the United States was caught as an accomplice in that horrific event which led to a torturous military dictatorship for 20 years and under that regime the young democracy activist, Dilma Rousseff, was arrested, imprisoned, and tortured.

BTW, on 9/11 – of 1973, another bloody military coup took place, this time in Santiago, Chile, against the noble democratically elected President Salvador Allende, who died when two Chilean air force planes bombed the Moneda Palace.    The United States also supported covertly and then not so covertly that coup against democracy because Dr. Salvador Allende had, a social democrat, was deemed to be a “socialist”.

It was President Nixon who later disgraced himself and resigned prior to his impeachment, and his Secretary of State, the famous and infamous Henry Kissinger who coddled the fascist, murderous General Pinochet who ordered thousands tortured and executed and who is responsible for the first act of state terrorism in Washington, DC when he ordered his secret service DINA to assassinate the Chilean ambassador by the placement of a bomb under his car which exploded on Massachusetts Avenue by Sheridan Circle killing not only the ambassador Orlando Letelier, but as well the ambassador’s  American secretary, Renee Moffitt and gravely injured her American husband.

Peter Kornbluh, a scholarly researcher and author, found a letter at the National Security Archives which turned out to be a letter by Henry Kissinger to Pinochet wherein he states that he (Pinochet) should not worry about our Congressional criticism of human rights in Chile, declaring that “…we like what you are doing there…”.

Years later it was discovered that the General was not only a murderer but he turned out to be a thief as well and has stashed a huge amount of loot from the Chilean national treasury in the Riggs Bank of Washington, DC.

Pinochet was arrested during a trip to London as a result of lawsuits by the loved ones of Europeans who were murdered in Chile during his savage dictatorship, but – incredibly – the right-wing Prime Minister of Great Britain, Margaret Thatcher, gave him temporary  safe heaven in her mansion.

Kissinger also had to escape through the back door of the Paris  Ritz Carlton when he got word that the French police were on their way with a warrant for his arrest for his role in the coup against democracy in Chile.

If there were justice then and now, Dilma Rousseff would not be impeached,  the vast majority of the totally corrupted to the core members of the Brazilian house and senate who conspired to remove her, while at the same time being involved in crimes,  would be now arrested and tried and convicted, and Henry Kissinger would likewise have wound up in jail, not only for crimes against humanity in Chile, but as well for such crimes in Indonesia, Vietnam, East Timor, and other places where he automatically supported the most egregious right-wing autocrats who had oppressed their people monstrously.




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