“The Coup Which Will Impact Every Democratic Institution in Brazil”


September 2, 2016 by Alfred

The “AP News Flash Digest” (which will be numbered to facilitate retrievability )  has been developed in response to accommodate the reality that while in-depth comprehensive articles on any subject are highly relevant, given the abundance independent alternatives to the self-censored info-tainment and distraction loaded mainstream media, there arises a need and desire by readers for the alternative independent media to also provide  succinct flashes of highly relevant content,which are highly vetted, and properly sourced,   on which readers themselves can then engage in further research to find elaborations thereon, and or reach otherwise their own conclusions.

With this succinct foreword, the “AP News Flash Digest (APNFD)  Nr.4 ”  is hereby presented.

This is the 4th of a series of 4 APNFD’s published articles in about as many days, mostly focusing on the Brazilian coup of its President Dilma Rousseff which has not committed any crimes and which has been orchestrated by highly corrupted members of the bicameral congress of Brazil, many if not most of which, have been charged with crimes of corruption for which they are currently being investigated.   Their incentive and hope is that said crimes investigation will be thereby derailed.

This last article is of interest in that it provides readers with text and video of the Democracy Now interview by its host and producer Amy Goodman of  Professor James Green, who is a   distinguished scholar and professor of Brazilian history and culture at Brown University, where he is the director the Brown Brazil Initiative.

Additionally James Green is the author of several books, including “We Cannot Remain Silent : Opposition to the Brazilian Military Dictatorship  in the United States”.

The coup took place in 1964, one year prior this writer’s exit from Brazil to the United States.   It lasted two decades.

What followed was two decades of a ruthless dictatorship which carried out tortures, and imprisonments without warrants, and that included  the incarceration of the young Dilma Rousseff democracy activist who was also tortured.

The U.S. ambassador at the time, Lincoln Gordon, confirmed that the coup took place with the active complicity of the United States which had a  military base on the island for Fernando de  Noronha, off the coast of Brazil’s northeast, and General Vernon Walters was  known to have made preparations to intervene in this crashing of Brazil’s democracy if the  coup appeared to NOT be succeeding.

Incidentally, the same General Walters was involved, along with Michael Townley, and Miami Cuban right-wing criminals in the first state-terrorist sponsored attack in Washington, DC  which resulted in the assassination of the Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier on Massachusetts Avenue, on Sheridan Circle.    This was an assassination ordered by General Pinochet carried out the militar coup against the democracy of Dr. Salvador Allende,on  9/11 1973.  President Nixon and Secretary Henry Kissinger supported this coup.

Two days after the coup, President Lyndon Johnson recognized the military junta who which empowered itself.

While candidate Hillary Clinton supported in 2009 a violent coup against another democratically elected president, namely President Zelaya of Honduras, when he was abducted in the middle of the night by thugs who to this day are oppressing social and union organizers, and have been implicated in the assassination of the Berta Careers, who was a human rights and an environmentalist activist, she is officially remaining silent on this coup, but has for many years supported the opposition leader of the Workers Party, namely Henrique Fernando Cardoso.

Without additional comments, therefore, the links to the interview of Professor James Green is hereby provided.

It is presented within the context of what the prestigious Democracy Now program characterizes as : Dilma Rousseff on Ouster : This is a Coup That Will Impact Every Democratic Organization in Brazil “.







One thought on ““The Coup Which Will Impact Every Democratic Institution in Brazil”

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    So alarming and so sad that more and more ruthless thugs run so many governments, including ours! Thanks for your article on this most disturbing news of the day!

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