She Is Not Necessarily Our Next President But Already Clinton is Signed Up to Address AIPAC Next Year Where the Director of An Israeli Think Tank is Addressing His Support for Preserving IS/Daesh “To Use It to Destroy Iran”


September 5, 2016 by Alfred

This is another AP News Flash Digest (APNFD)  

So, accordingly what follows is   APNFD Nr. 5 .    

After considerable research this writer of the Argentum Post has been startled to discover that candidate Hillary Clinton is scheduled to address, again, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) next year, on Sunday March 26-28, 2017.

This fact per se is already more than eye-brow raising since it is documentably established that AIPAC is a literally dangerous Israel lobby which is neither in the best interest of the United States nor of world Judaism, as it embodies the hate and fear mongering extremist right-wing policies of the most fundamentalist misleaders of Israel who have done damage to the best interests of decent and rational humanist Jews in Israel and globally and who therefore, categorically condemns it.  It in effect does damage to Israel and Judaism.

Jewish Voice for Peace, the Council for American Judaism, Gideon Levy of the Israeli Haaretz prestigious newspaper, Ilan Pappe the scholar and author who wrote “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” are among many, many highly prestigious and respected organizations and ther individuals who work for peace and justice for Palestine and for the Jews in Israel, as this writer does, who also happens to be a direct descendant of parents who survived the Nazi atrocities against the humanity of Jews and of others.

Now, back to why Hillary Clinton’s uncritical support for AIPAC AND for Netanyahu’s horrific policies which brought us, inter alia, the Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre which killed mostly close to 3 thousand unarmed civilians including 500 children, in the same way that our “ally” Saudi Arabia, a recipient of British and American weaponry is now committing an atrocious massacre in Yemen where thus far 6 thousand mostly civilians have been victimized, is just  the tip of an iceberg of the revelation of this AP News Flash Digest,

Here, therefore,  is the “iceberg” of said APNFD.

On the date Hillary Clinton , who must be dreaming to becoming our next President by the time she addresses AIPAC, is signed up to be addressing this dangerous Israel lobby, and she will do so  alongside the Director of an Israeli Think Tank, who is calling for the preservation of the infamous and most wretched mass criminal terrorist organization in the Middle East, namely the Daesh (or “Islamic State” which Daesh wants it to be called while it is neither genuinely “Islamic” nor genuinely a “State”).

Yes, indeed.  This is documentably a reality, as literally insane and repulsive it sounds.

Efraim Inbar is the Director of the Israeli organization called the “Begin Sadat Center for Strategic Studies”, and Yaakov Amidror, who represents said Center will be the guest speaker at AIPAC, alongside Hillary Clinton and others of the same mindset.

This speaker is listed as :

Major General (res.) Yaakov Amidror

Former Israeli Head of the National Security Council, Senior Fellow at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Bar Ilan University

Distinguished Fellow, JINSA’s Gemunder Center

Hillary Clinton is listed as:

The Honorable Hillary Clinton

Former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential Candidate

Efraim Inbar, the Director of the center for which Yaakov Amidror speaks.

Efraim Inbar declared that the murderous Daesh (or IS, or ISIS, or ISL) organization which is universally utterly condemned, as a result of the genocide it is committing in Syria and Iraq and beyond, must not be destroyed.

Inbar had the audacity to state that  “The continuing existence of IS serves a strategic purpose,” and that “The Destruction of Islamic State Is a Strategic Mistake,” and he expressed that in paper published on Aug. 2, 2016.

The bizarre reason Efraim Inbar gives for this pathologically disgusting statement is, as he puts it, that ” The American administration does not appear  capable of recognizing the fact that IS can be a useful tool in undermining Tehran’s ambitious plan for domination the Middle East.”

That this rubbish carries any weight should be obvious to all except to those who are unaware of the history of Iran.

Iran is now the most stable society in the Middle East. It has democratic elections, and it has some 30 thousand Jews living there happily.  This  constitutes the largest number of Jews in the Middle East outside of Israel and in the international law violating Israel – occupied Palestine.

So, the thought that the President of the United States should be someone who underwrites the crimes against the humanity of Palestinians and who supports AIPAC which invites speakers who want to not destroy Daesh/IS but use it to destroy Iran because Iran has become a major economical, industrial, and political player in a region decimated by the Cheney/Bush war initiated on false claims, and that hence this then bothers the expansionist Zionists extremists in the Israeli decadent present power structure, is totally unacceptable to the civilized world.

Coincidentally today, September 5, 2016 , is the anniversary of the founding of the Argentum Post.

The Argentum Post is a solo practitioner production of literary activism whose mission is to report the unreported, or misreported, or underreported facts and truths wherever this writer is taken to find, analyze, and publish them, and it is a coincidence that on such a date such a major disclosure is now going to hopefully shame the mainstream media in reporting it as well.

The ramifications of this story are of huge consequences for the candidacy of Hillary Clinton, and they  may very well end her run for said presidency, although it may not even take this reality to bring that about, given the track record and background of Hillary Clinton, which the mainstream media abysmally failed in its ethical and professional imperative to report to the American people in-toto, and without editorialization.

At this historic junction, only a little over two months prior to the presidential election, a major decision occurrence must take place peacefully and orderly.

ALL decent, peace, prosperity, transparency in governance free of the toxic influence of money and special interest minded Americans deserve this denouement of our current electoral debacle, so that our constitutional democracy is reformed, thereby strengthened, and preserved sustainably.

This means that ideo-political differences must be temporarily frozen.

It also means that this is the moment for the DNC to cleanse itself of its corruption with led to its scandal for which Debbie Wassermann Schultz had to resign, only to shamelessly be immediately hired by her friend,  Hillary Clinton, for her campaign,  and that all American unite to prevent the election of either one of the two most unsuitable, incompetent, disastrous candidates for the presidency of our nation’s history.

This can be done effectively by a “coalition of the united” across party lines in an effort to not only elect an independent and progressive leader into the White House, but to gradually start the process of cleansing our Congress of establishment neocons and neolibs who have become infected with the contagious disease of attempting to sell, as if “we the people” were gullible and/or naive and/or stupid, with “the best democracy money can buy” which is leading the 90% of us into an abyss and/or possibly into a major war which might be catastrophic and from which we may not recover for generations.

This must involve immediately the end of the Bernie Sanders support for Hillary and instead the formation of a coalition of Bernie Sanders, Jill Epstein and many others who qualify as eclectic, pragmatist, genuine independent liberals and/or conservatives focused on conservationism, and focused on bringing out the best in America for generations to come.

We must be inspired by our loyalist neighbors to our north, namely the Canadians, particularly now under Trudeau junior.

No wars, no special interest groups, no terrorizing reprisal attacks, an excellent single payer health care system, no industrial military complex, no NRA, no AIPAC.  They are happy, healthy and prosperous AND they did not choose to become a socially stratified, unequalized society.

This article ends with what was written prior to the finding of the announcement by AIPAC that Hillary Clinton is planning to address them next year in her bizarre deference to some of the most extremist mindset right-wing ideologues who maintain, as she does, that the U.S. and Israel are “exceptionalists” and consequently must be given free rein in their neocon/neolib obsessions with ruling with a militarist/corporatist hegemonic hawkishness to literally control the world.    A recipe for major and total disaster.

So, for those interested in additional background on the utterly failing Hillary Clinton campaign which is touted by some as a “lesser of two evils”, when both candidates in reality are “two different but equivalent evils” which we the people must not countenance for our future, the infra info is additionally provided.  Most of it has not been given the due coverage by the msm it should have.


Additional Background, Either Not at All or Hardly Covered, by the Derelict of Duty MSM

As Hillary Clinton has now started to decline in the polls, even among Hispanics where her support went from 71% to 55% as reported by Abby Phillip of The Washington Post on September 3, 2016, and as her lead over Donald Trump is now rapidly decreasing, since she is now leading Trump by only 3% , as the New York Daily News reported on August 28, 2016, not only is her electability being now questioned, but even before said decline in the polls, it has been there all along, based on her documentable lack of honesty, and her militarist hegemonic and reckless inflammatory statements as regards to her perspective on foreign policy, a recklessness which even comprises unnecessarily threatening statements directed at Russia and Iran wherein she mentions that the nuclear option is on the table but as if these two countries were threatening the U.S. with nuclear weapons.

Hillary Clinton boasted that the murderous dictator of Egypt for 30 years was someone she regarded as “a friend of the family“.

Hillary Clinton was allowed to succeed in her outrageous opposition to the United States characterizing the 2009 coup against President Zelaya who was abducted in the middle of night by thugs, as what it was, namely a “coup”.  Being bereft of ethical considerations Clinton jettisoned fundamental principles for perverse self-interest in the continued military support of the thugs in Honduras who have carried out assassinations against dissidents such as most recently, Berta Careers, who was “guilty” of being a human rights activist and an environmental activist.

Just last week, Hillary Clinton boasted to have been endorsed by of all people, the disgraced and dishonored  John Negroponte.

As Charles Pierce so aptly described in the August 10, 2106 issue of Esquire ,is ‘sthis most wretched man’s succinct background, a background which exposes wanton disdain of humble humanity and who brought immense suffering to humble Hondurans, and other Central Americans..

In the 1980s,  he served as the U.S. ambassador to Honduras. In addition to (at best) covering for that country’s murderous autocrats, he also served the Reagan Administration by helping to turn Honduras into a staging area for American-trained death squads in places like El Salvador and Guatemala. (Remember, Eugene Hasenfus was flying out of a base in Honduras when he got shot down over Nicaragua, which is when the Iran-Contra criminal enterprise began to unravel.)


To boot, Hillary Clinton is now appearing more evasive than ever about issues which she fears to be asked by the media, so she has decided to continue to not give any press interviews, calling appearance at comedian shows “press interviews”, while the last real press interview she appeared for was in December of 2015.

Hillary Clinton’s evasiveness of the press is also matched, astoundingly, by her confused, and at time, use of downright falsehoods in her replies to FBI Director James Comey as regards to her use of private server and devices to receive and reply to matters which contain classified information.

Clinton told the FBI director she supplied all the e-mails she had, when in effect thousands were not submitted, she declared that she did not handle any classified material on those servers when in fact she did, and once confronted with that fact replied that she must have had a “short circuit” and later she indicated that she is not well-informed about how documents are classified, and that she thought that  the letter “C” for classified  was a letter indicating a talking point alphabetic designation, and there is more, and more,  but all of it points to a very troubling prospect for her electability now.

The FBI wrote in its report that it was unable to track down all of Clinton’s electronic devices because some of it had been destroyed and that one staffer told FBI investigators that he had destroyed two mobile devices “by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer .”  The FBI said it requested 13 devices from the law firm representing Clinton, and the firm replied that it could not produce any of them.  These findings were reported by The Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky and Rosalind S. Elderman on September 4, 2016.

In her evasiveness as regards to the Wikileaks e-mails which exposed the DNC/Debbie Wasserman Schultz scandal, namely the failed attempt sabotage the nomination prospects for Bernie Sanders by a discussion of Schultz with top operatives that perhaps the DNC should use Sanders’ lack of sufficient Jewishness, for even suggest he may be secular to thereby, in their minds, damage Sander’s quest. When asked about this matter Hillary falsely demagogues it away by changing the subject and hysterically, speciously, and dishonestly states that it was President Putin who leaked these e-mails, as if it is the source and not the CONTENTS of e-mails which are really the issue.

It is also worthy to note what David Gergen, who was the former senior adviser to President Clinton, said about Hillary Clinton,  that “She does not see the world in the same way that others do, when it comes to transparency and accountability

A bit of an understatement, but very well and accurately expressed.

Finally it can be noted that even Glenn Kessler the “Fact Checker” of The Washington Post, who has been either unaware of Clinton’s record or has decided to go softly on her since, heaven forbid, he could be seen as helping Trump, reached  the level when he had it and therefore called her to task for continuously and relentlessly using hyperbolically, demagogically and erroneously  the expression which Hillary Clinton attributes to Trump, namely that  “he threatens to throw out every immigrant in the country” , when in reality he says that he will “…throw out every illegal immigrant. “. 

When taking on Donald Trump, who is his own worst enemy when it comes to rendering himself almost as unacceptable as Hillary is,  it must be borne in mind that it is Hillary Clinton who has that metaphorical “blood on her hands“,something which is not the case with Trump.

Hillary Clinton, on the basis of her track record on foreign policy has that metaphoric “blood on her hands“, for – inter alia – voting for the Cheney/Bush neocon/neolib gang for war on Iraq on false claims, the way she would be expected to as a former Barry Goldwater Republican that she was, besides being raised by an extreme right-wing military officer father who must have brought out in her the worst of her obsessive penchant for using militarist solutions for potential conflict resolution,  or for using  the threat of them for the sheer hell of it, as when she made it clear that she would use nuclear weapons on Iran and Russia at a time in history where neither Russia is threatening nor Iran probably ever would, since unlike Israel, Iran  does not have nuclear weapons nor tried to acquire them – except perhaps during the U.S. and Britain era of the Shah tyrant.

Israel did clandestinely acquire nuclear weapons via a secret agreement between the Israeli PM Gold Meir and President Nixon in 1969.

Meir bizarrely declared that there was “no such thing as Palestine” while Nixon declared bizarrely that ” I am not a crook”, both risible statements where it not for the tragedies and damages both caused to so many.




3 thoughts on “She Is Not Necessarily Our Next President But Already Clinton is Signed Up to Address AIPAC Next Year Where the Director of An Israeli Think Tank is Addressing His Support for Preserving IS/Daesh “To Use It to Destroy Iran”

  1. aliceny says:

    Wow! As more truth emerges — from you and from a very few truthful, and courageous professional journalists it gets murkier and more disturbing. The relevant question is: will these laudable efforts be timely and persuasive enough to prevent this amoral, deceitful, power-lusting chameleon-woman from becoming president – or even considered for any government position where she is given free rein to continue her efforts to destroy our nation.

    As far as Israel’s current inbred evil government is concerned: there is an old adage that comes to mind here – ‘when one lies down with dogs, one gets fleas.’ If Israel’s current actions and genocidal policies continue, it will not be harmless fleas that will be the result. It will be nothing less than the total destruction of Israel – and with it the millennial dreams, hopes, and hard work of many Israelis and their ancestors who well remember the feelings of being unwanted, persecuted ‘outcasts.’

  2. Efraim Inbar’s public statements referring to Islamic State as a “useful tool” should be front page news around the Earth. If his insane comments remain censored and out of the world’s headlines, humanity is facing a far graver risk of war than most currently perceive. How can anyone see this other than a confession and major scandal?

  3. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks once more for this critical news that won’t be publicized in the mainstream media who is in collusion with and owned by criminal Zionists and their cohorts!

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