Our National Anthem by Francis Scott Key Needs to be Revisited and Perhaps Revised


September 11, 2016 by Alfred

After the mainstream media gave wide coverage to the protest by Colin Kaepernick against our national anthem by refusing to stand up when the anthem was played, the same mainstream media has not delved into the reason as to the rationale of for Kaepernick’s stand.

Well, Free Speech Radio and Free Speech TV have done that, since they simply “free” and independent to accurately and precisely inform and educate, as compared to the mainstream media’s proclivity to under inform and entertain titillatingly, the American people which deserves better.

The reason for the protest by Colin Kaepernick and by others, against the our national anthem is that explained by Shaun King, namely that, the author of our national anthem lyric, namely Francis Scott Key,  was not only an absolute racist who supported slavery, but to boot, in the missing verses of the poem he wrote for our national anthem, he celebrated the killing of slaves.Incidentally, the Francis Scott Key written national anthem did not become a national anthem until 1931.

To document this historical reality the  Free Speech TV segment hosted by the widely respected and admired Thom Hartmann on this subject his hereby provided.

Incidentally, as the well-known and brilliant sports journalist and political analyst Dave Zirin of The Nation magazine made it clear, Colin Kaepernick is owed a major apology of those who ignorantly and/or racistically  condemned Kaepernick for his protest which was NOT an act of anti-patriotism.

One thought on “Our National Anthem by Francis Scott Key Needs to be Revisited and Perhaps Revised

  1. aliceny says:

    Well said, Alfred.

    I do agree with the motive for Kaepernick’s actions and wonder if it had been a painful decision for him to make in front of the entire viewing world. I understood, too, when athletes gave the ‘Black power” gesture during the violent 60s.

    It is painful and morally wrong to see our American history continually being told and recorded for posterity using untruths and distortions. I think that we will not reach a turning point as a truly ‘united’ nation of disparate individuals until we confront the terrible human judgmental hate-filled errors and actions we have made, and accept them for what they truly were – and are – hatred and non-acceptance of the other. In an ever-shrinking, presently hostile world, it is crucial and necessary for our future survival that we stand united, by accepting our individual differences, celebrating the ethnic and cultural value and ultimate potential of these differences and by refuting written and recorded untruths in our history.


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