Additional Sources re: Israel Wanting the Islamic State to be Preserved to Destroy Iran


September 7, 2016 by Alfred

As a sequel to the Argentum Post’s most recent article titled, An Addendum to : “She Is Not Necessarily Our Next President But Already Clinton is Signed Up to Address AIPAC Next Year Where the Director of An Israeli Think Tank is Addressing His Support for Preserving IS/Daesh “To Use It to Destroy Iran” which was published yesterday, September 6, 2016 the following sources are cited which further document historical reality which contradicts the myths and lies propagated by the Israeli extremist right-wing government and by its AIPAC lobby in Washington, DC.

Said sources are, National Public Radio news  ( news, and Blacklisted

Prior to taking into consideration what these sources have to report about a scandalously unreported and highly inflammatory news development, it must be noted that the number of Jews who are assimilated and living well and in peace in Iran ranges between 10 thousand and 30 thousand, depending on the source of the information.  It is also a fact that Tehran has about a dozen synagogues and that Jews have their own vineyards in Iran.

Of course during the time of the tyranny of Shah Pahlavi which was installed with the Anglo-American backing of Churchill and Eisenhower who supported the crashing of the Iranian democracy of democratically elected President Mossadegh of the Tudeh (socialist) party in 1953, a tyranny whose feared secret  service Savak killed thousands of workers, students, and intellectuals, there were 100 thousand Jews living in Iran.

Furthermore, the largest number of Jews living currently and assimilated in the Middle East, with the exception of those in Israel and Israeli occupied Palestine in violation of international law, live in Iran.

So, the National Public Radio website has published a fascinating article titled  ” Iran’s Jews :   It is Our Home and We Plan to Stay. ”

One particularly relevant section of the NPR website states the following about what a Jewish lawmaker in the Iranian parliament has declared :

A Commitment To Stay

Today, the Jewish lawmaker says simply that Iranian Jews are Iranians. They stay because it’s their country. And Moreh Sedgh says he supports his country’s foreign policy, even when it comes to the Jewish state.

He says Judaism is not the same as Zionism, the project of building Israel.

Siamak Moreh Sedgh is the only Jewish member of Iran’s Parliament. Jews are not allowed to hold high office or be judges in Iran. Moreh Sedgh is also a surgeon who runs the Dr. Sapir Hospital and Charity Center. Most of the staff and patients are Muslims.

Molly Messick/NPR

“There is a great difference between being a Jew and being Zionist,” he says.

The lawmaker draws more distinctions when it comes to Iran’s controversial former president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who raised questions about the Holocaust.

“I think that the Ahmadinejad case must be viewed from another window,” Moreh Sedgh says. “He does not deny [the] Holocaust clearly. He said there is some question about [the] Holocaust, and this idea was not the official statement of the Iranian government. This was only a personal idea of President Ahmadinejad.”

Moreh Sedgh said Ahmadinejad’s comments prompted him to write a letter to the president saying that denying the Holocaust is denying truth, and “it’s not even in the direction of Iranian national interest.”


The website has published an article titled ” Israeli Think Tank : Don’t  Destroy Islamic State ”  as it is deemed by the Israeli Think Tank as useful for the destruction of Iran and Syria (and Iran)

Incidentally, and the Argentum Post edition noted supra revealed, said Think Tank’s Director, Efraim Inbar,  representative will be addressing AIPAC in Washington, DC in March of 2017 along with Hillary Clinton who is already signed up to address AIPAC and who is a bizarrely  an utterly uncritical supporter of Israel’s most extremist right wing misleader, PM Benjamin Netanyahu,  and of its dangerous hate, fear, and war mongering AIPAC lobby.

This site reports as regards to the Israeli Think Tank headed by Efraim Inbar who insists that the Islamic State must be not destroyed so that it can be used to destroy Iran and attack Syria, that,

Indeed, it sounds very cynical, especially for Syrians, nearly a half million who have died thanks to this “Hobbesian reality” of playing one side off against the other.

The threat is Iran, Inbar insists, never mind that the country has not invaded anybody in over 200 years. This cannot be said for Israel. It invaded neighboring Lebanon in 1978, 1982, and 2006, killing thousands of innocent civilians. It has pounded Gaza mercilessly for years.

Hezbollah was responsible for ending 22 years of Israeli occupation in southern Lebanon.

The Washington Post admitted the Israeli occupation led to the creation of Hezbollah.


In the meantime, as regards to this new  development, the mainstream media reports …NOTHING…?!

So the American public sector of those to busy to take time out to research, remain oblivious that once again, our neocon/neolibs are moving in the direction which will  bring us potentially into an additional calamitous war, in our name and with our funds, while we cannot even vote for a decent presidential and vice-presidential team since both candidates are fatally flawed to lead us away from “permanent wars” for permanent special interest toxic and often invisible actors of undue influence such as, most particularly , the military-industrial lobby -which President Eisenhower warned us about- and such other lobbies as the big dharma-hospital complex, AIPAC, and NRA.


Meanwhile as regards to the incredible revelation that the Israeli power structure, anticipating a Hillary Clinton electoral victory is focusing on increasing its role of being part of the problem in the Middle East, rather than part of the solution, all along, and because, it feels assured to continue to receive a sum of approximately $ 15 million dollars a day from our taxpayers funds, to pursue its atrocious and inflammatorily destructive hegemonist path now zeroing in on Iran for no valid reason, other than that Iran has become  a major political and economic player and to boot is made up of a society and government of rational and therefore stable characteristics something which the right-wing extremist nationalists in Israel does not want to allow and can do so due to our neocon and neolib corrupted congresspersons, a pathological support and enablement,  which is doomed to further deteriorate with either a Trump or with, more dangerously,a hawkish, militarist, dishonest Clinton in the White House.

So, the only alternative to this debacle is an immediate coalition between the non-establishmentarian rationalist, humanist, progressive forces of our nation’s best people in support of a Bernard Sanders/Jill Stein team with many other non “neo” authentically non-establishment genuine conservationist conservatives and authentically genuine liberals and independents.



2 thoughts on “Additional Sources re: Israel Wanting the Islamic State to be Preserved to Destroy Iran

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I had no idea that there were so many Jews in Iran. Of course not because I am sure it’s a well kept secret. Thank you for your tireless efforts to inform the public of critical information that is suppressed by the corporate & Zionist controlled media.

  2. Michael Corey says:

    Interesting information and well worth the time to read.
    Perhaps, it should be noted that the Wall Street Journal published three weeks ago (Sat/Sunday edition) about Iran, and if the extremist Revolutionary Guards benefited from the Iran/UN /US agreement, or the moderates…The WSJ clearly makes the case that the moderates lost out.

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