If Americans Knew Then, What They Know Now, Then Israel Would Not Have Become Part of the Problem in the Middle East


September 16, 2016 by Alfred

If Americans Knew ” is the name of an organization which provides Americans with what everything they need to know about the history of the synthesis and implant of Israel into the midst of the land of Palestine where Palestinian had lived for centuries.

It was founded by Alison Weir who is an activist and writer who is also the president of the Council for the National Interest.

CNI sponsors a host of events nationwide and one of the most fascinating ones which brings to Washington, DC scholars, authors, journalists, government officials from the US intelligence, military, and foreign service communities, as well as foreign such distinguished members of academia and governance takes place for a whole day at the National Press Club.

This writer attended three of the most informative conferences hosted  and co-hosted yearly by CNI at the National Press Club, where he had the opportunity to meet such legendary journalists of unique humanistic and intellectual dimensions as Gideon Levy of the liberal Haaretz newspaper of Israel, which informs Israelis more honestly, and more scholarly, than our own corporatized mainstream media does, in ways which often are highly critical of the international law violating occupation and atrocities against Palestinians by Israel’s successive right-wing extremist misleaderships such as, inter alia, particularly Ariel Sharon one was, and as the Benjamin Netanyahu’s is now.

The conferences focused on the imperative of a major reassessment of our totally corrupted and self-destructive policy toward Israel, a policy which is bound to become even more destructive given that candidate Hillary Clinton’s record of downright bizarre deference to Benjamin Netanyahu, to the Israel lobby AIPAC, and to Israeli multibillionaire Chaim Saban who has so generously donated to Clinton’s Foundation that a leaked e-mail exposed her “pay to play” strategy adherence when she asks him for instructions on how to proceed with sabotaging the Boycott , Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) peaceful program, supported by the Jewish organization J-Street, by Jewish Voice for Peace, and the National Council for Judaism, to force Israel to abide by international law and end the occupation, the collective punishments, the siege of Gaza, and other atrocities it commits daily on the Palestinians, while bent to become an Apartheid state as South Africa was.

Netanyahu has gotten away with the horrific massacre of close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed innocent Palestinians in the Summer of 2014, a massacre which included the deaths of 500 children.  Yet Israel is now due to receive  $ 3.8 billion dollars per year of our taxpayer’s funds.

This massacre resembles the criminal aerial bombardment of Yemen by another “ally” of the US and Britain, namely Saudi Arabia, which by now has resulted in the death of some 6 thousand mostly innocent unarmed civilians, including by now 1 thousand children.

The propagandistic cultural programming Americans have been fed for decades about the genesis of the conflict is so brazenly toxically polluted, now with the complicity of corrupted neocons as well as neolibs such as particularly Hilary Clinton,  that it has taken a huge effort for bloggers, for independent news media such as Glen Greenwald’s The Intercept, and Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now, plus a whole host of organizations which conduct the noble work of neutralizing said propaganda of falsehoods, such as – in Israel – the Bet’Selem human rights organization , the Peace Now movement, the Breaking the Silence movement, and other unsung heroes who have had to put up with the grotesquely pejorative characterizations of “traitors” being hurled at them by the fascist-like Likud coalition of Netanyahu,  which is now getting desperate as its fabrications no longer stick and therefore these perpetrators try to impersonate playing the role of “victims” as embodied by the recent video Netanyahu had the temerity to put out wherein he states that Palestinians are committing “Ethnic Cleansing” in, of all places, lands taken by “might makes right during the 1967 Israeli war of aggression, which invaded the 22% of the land Palestinians were left with during the 1948 war of aggression by Irgun led by Menachen Begin, and by Stern Gang led by Yitzhak Shamir, both of which were terrorist organizations led by men who would later become “Prime Ministers” of Israel.

With this foreword this writer presents a symbol of the ushering in of a new era which is represented by the posters depicted infra, thanks, in this case,  to the noble, intelligent, and constructive effort of Alison Weir and “If Americans Knew”.  ( It may take bringing the cursor over the picture and clicking on it to enlarge it to a better readable picture ).

These posters are a positive sign that at long last the American people awareness of how it has been deceived is now evolving at an accelerated rate which is unstoppable, something which may result in a regime change in Israel which will then hopefully begin to force Israel that for its own good, it is an imperative that it cease and desist from the path it has been in, since its inception by violence in 1948, and becomes finally  part of the solution rather than remaining part of a festering problem in the already badly inflamed  Middle East.

BTW, one of the best books which is a must reading for all genuinely interested in seeing through the smoke screen of propaganda and learning thereby the hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel is titled “Against Our Better Judgement“.  This book should become mandatory reading in our public high schools.



2 thoughts on “If Americans Knew Then, What They Know Now, Then Israel Would Not Have Become Part of the Problem in the Middle East

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent article, Alfred. Glad to see that you are giving Weir’s must-read book some publicity.
    She has written the truth — it is a fact that Americans still do not know the truth behind our slavish mis-directed support of Israel., I have compared American payouts to Israel over decades to ‘blackmail,’ but for what, I wonder? What she documents will make your blood boil — it did mine — and now more money for Netanyahu and his greedy lying Zionist regime that will eventually bring Israel down. Meanwhile, our country’s infrastructure is in dangerous disrepair, our veterans need assistance and proper medical care — the most recent ME vets have served
    their time in hell doing Israel’s dirty work, sent there at the behest of our government’s lies about why they needed to be there. Those items are just two of the critical need that we have to take care of our own country first. I think Ike must be turning over in his grave. He warned us. It fell on deaf ears; now we are paying a terrible price.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    So glad to learn about “If Americans Knew.” Bookmarked it and shared it on Facebook and Twitter. Peace & thanks, Marie

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