Jill Stein Outrageously Censored by PBS


September 14, 2016 by Alfred

It is common knowledge by now, that the corporatized mainstream media (MSM) shamelessly and brazenly fails the American people in its brazenly biased coverage of events and interviews which powerful corporate and political elites do not want the American people to be informed about.

This is a scandalous violation of free speech and of the American people’s right to be objectively informed.

All three major networks are guilty of this outright type of censorship which suppresses and/or manipulates newsworthy facts which are of major relevance to decisions Americans have to make during elections, during crisis which are manipulated by the corrupted neocon/neolib elites, often in coordination with the industrial/military/military contractors establishment so as to distort or omit reality in order to take the country to war, as happened most despicably during the 2003 Cheney/Bush et al. war on Iraq on the basis of falsehoods and omissions.

What is most astounding though, is that it is not only the corporatized media which is guilty of this highly unethical and civil rights violating cover-up by the MSM, but to a lesser extend the public media as embodied by the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) which is run by the (public) Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) is guilty of the same offensive egregious practice.  CPB is a non-profit corporation funded by the American people

Additionally, of course the MSM evening news programs further dilute their informational content by the distracting tactics of mixing hard news up with feel good stories of no consequence, a strategy called “infotainment” , and to add insult to injury, the MSM news programs additionally squeeze in what is left of the 30 minutes evening news programs, advertisements by the mostly big pharma industry pushing their drugs for everything imaginable, including erectile dysfunction.

This phenomenon has become progressively worse in the last 25 years, during which countless wars on fraudulent grounds were carried out with a complacent MSM rarely exposing the waste and corruption which underlies the pretext for, particularly the invasions of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Panama, Dominican Republic, Cuba to name a few.

There were some glorious moments when professional and principled TV journalists such as Walter Cronkite, or Dan Rather, would go against this trend.

Given that in no time in our history we have faced a presidential election dilemma when both candidates are utterly unacceptable to function as our next president, and given that the only candidate which towers among Trump and Clinton is Jill Stein, not only are we to blame ourselves for not long ago having demanded the provision of an Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system which is a prerequisite for a functional democracy so that voters can then be able to have a third-party candidate for which they could vote without being characterized unjustly and repulsively as “spoilers”, since simultaneously while voting for said third-party candidate they would have the option to designate as well one of the other two candidates as the recipient of the vote they cast for said third-party candidate, if said third-party candidate did not get win a majority of the votes, but the

What is now happening to Jill Stein, and her running mate Ajamu Baraka, of the Green Party is a major undemocratic injustice, in that the MSM is hardly recognizing their existence, at the same time as they could potentially be the ones to finally inaugurate the era of a re-democratization of America which it desperately needs to survive and evolve and furthermore as the Bernie Sanders campaign has made very clear, if all American voted, the majority would NOT vote  for Democrats or Republicans whose establishment neocons and neolibs have demonstrated their incapacity and unwillingness to address the vital exigencies of the progressive Americans who demand an end to electoral corruption, to perpetual wars, and a focus on a social programs, infrastructure repair and maintenance, and more.

Now to focus on what PBS has done to Jill Stein.

It is another disgraceful example of how even a non-corporate organization has violated the fundamental ethics of broadcasting by wanting to appear to interview Jill Stein while in reality censoring her grotesquely in ways that are offensive to her candidacy and to all Americans who had a right to hear Jill Stein’s reply to an important question.

YouTube commentator Matt Orfalea, must be given credit for how he, in a recent Truthdig video compilation added crucial parts of a reply by Jill Stein to Judy Woodruff’s question about Hillary Clinton, which PBS eviscerated from the interview, thereby depriving PBS’s viewers of an articulate,  comprehensive, cogent, reply by the very intelligent candidate of high integrity which Jill Stein is.

PBS not only owes the American people and its viewers an apology, but it must rebroadcast the Jill Stein interview with the censored content restored, if it expects to not lose supporters over this unjustifiable act of suppression of speech.

In an ideal world, the FCC should have a role in demanding that the corporate and public media function as ethical and objective media and not as a politically motivated or extraneous undue interests controlled  censoring board, since the media, just like our educational institutions, are some of the most vital parts of an authentic participative democracy.

The “press” is the only institution mentioned in the U.S. constitution.



2 thoughts on “Jill Stein Outrageously Censored by PBS

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for this very important article on our system’s widespread censorship of the truth!

  2. aliceny says:

    Alfred, would you say this is a cabal?
    CPB funded by American people?
    Yes, to some extent individuals do make donations in response to CPB’s incessant fund drives.
    But what about the corporations and foundations with vested interests that are funders?
    I am suspicious of many of them.
    I have reached the point where I trust or believe only a few journalists
    and others in the media. I think most of them are bought and controlled
    by the ‘puppet masters.’

    Wait until the ‘snow job’ re Hillary’s true health status gets in full gear. Notice how quickly the camera-loving flunky Schumer dove in about his just having had pneumonia?
    ‘Fool some of the people some of the time?…

    And — how strongly do you think Obama would like to finagle a third term by having SCOTUS
    do another end run around our Constitution as they did for Bush 2?

    We must find a way out of this political morass, Alfred, or soon we will have reached the
    point of no return!.

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