Crosstalk on Syria Burns Through the Fog Like the Sun [APNFD Nr. 6]


September 24, 2016 by Alfred

APNFD is the abbreviation for Argentum Post News Flash Digest.

These are very succinct short articles which typically come with a foreword by the writer of the Argentum Post, followed by either text or media videos.

Peter Lavelle is a distinguished independent thinking American journalist who is also the host of Crosstalk on the English-language TV channel RT.

On September 23, 2016 Peter Lavelle hosted a half our discussion about the complex situation which has unfolded in Syria and which has been confusingly and/or tendentiously covered by the corporatized mainstream media (MSM) which nowadays can no longer be trusted to objectively focus on the reality of tragedy which has befallen Syria and its suffering people, since said MSM nowadays is mostly aligned with the  political interests of the neocon/neolib sector of often less than honest politicians who misconstrue the genuine historical genesis of the debacle which  has by now claimed hundreds of thousands of Syrian lives and has forced millions to become desperate refugees.

So, with this foreword, this writer introduces its readers to the prestigious Crosstalk program segment which aired on the RT channel on September 23, 2106, and which presents a more accurate and honest perspective on the Syria crisis and thereby helps in educating the American people about a reality which scholarly historians, political scientists,   and others of academic perspectives have, which congrats with those of politicians with agendas present to the public and which often are based on half-truths at best.

Peter Lavelle in this segment has brought in three of those highly informed scholars on this subject to present perspectives which debunk mythologies which are presented as distractions to the public in such a way that it generates confusion and apathy instead of capturing the public’s attention, particularly as we are about to be forced to accept the debacle of an election where both candidates offer seem unqualified and unwilling to bring the U.S. war now on Syria to an end, while the third-party candidate Jill Stein, who is eminently better qualified for the presidency is being ignored and/or downright blocked by the MSM, by the CPD (Commission on Presidential  Debate), and by the neocon Republicans and the neolib Democrats, and thereby the American people’s right to know the facts is being violated brazenly.

The three distinguished guests which Peter Lavelle hosts in this September 23, 2016 discussion, contribute enormously to the dearth of honest information to which the average American who does not have time to engage in a research project, can be informed  about the dynamics which fuels this infernal war.

Basically the reality of the Syria tragedy is that it is yet another war to impose regime change by the West in order to thereby implant a puppet regime in Syria which,  unlike the present one, will not oppose the construction of an oil pipeline from Qatar via Syria and Turkey to Europe.

So, without any further introduction, the link to this segment of Crosstalk RT is hereby provided with the objective of not only bringing this particular brilliant team of scholars to the readers of the Argentum Post, but also to shine the limelight on the excellent host of Crosstalk, namely Peter Lavelle, undertakes in support of educating and therefore accelerating the urgency to bring the horrific and unnecessary suffering of all concerned to a sustainable end.

BTW, Robert F.Kennedy, Jr. shares the views presented in this Crosstalk segment and he has expressed that in his book ” Why the Arabs Don’t Want Us in Syria “.

Similarly Mike Whitney is also a contributor in spreading the truth about the war on Syria and he is the author of ” Assad’s Death Warrant ” and he is a contributor to “Hopeless : Barak Obama and the Politics of Illusion“.

Here therefore is the link to the supra described segment of Crosstalk RT


One thought on “Crosstalk on Syria Burns Through the Fog Like the Sun [APNFD Nr. 6]

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Impressive. Thanks for sharing and informing! The war in Syria is yet the latest human tragedy our leaders and their allies are directly responsible for. It points to the absolute necessity of making ALL war illegal and holding those who incite, start or engage in wars responsible! We need a Peace-Justice, a world wide organization of legal experts working on this within all countries in association with the ICC and the UN! It also points to the absolute necessity of transforming all weapons into non-lethal devices to enable law enforcement to stop criminal activity without bringing harm to the suspected criminals.

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