The Farcical Debate Between Two Presidential Candidates Who Are Documentably Misfits as White House Aspirants


September 25, 2016 by Alfred

If Americans who can be either conservative of liberal and/or eclectically both (but, it goes without saying, NOT neocons or neolibs) and who are progressive, conscientious, peaceful conflict resolution aspiring and practicing,  and demanding of a genuine participative democracy which is immunized against the neocon/neolib corporatist-militarist corrupt and dishonest elite power structures which are misleading our nation along a perilous and self-destructive abyss, you are probably going to prefer to watch the so-called “debate” between the two misfits who are trying to take over the presidency , in the virtual company of millions of kindred spirits throughout our vibrant nation by tuning in either one of two sources of coverage of said debates.

There are two possible choices which will cover this so-called debate for literally millions of Americans which have joined the huge progressive populist movement whose tip of the iceberg became prominently visible during the Bernie Sanders campaign which was sabotaged by the Democratic National Committee (DNC)  scandal which was exposed by e-mails published by Wikileaks and which forced the DNC director, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, to resign in disgrace only to be immediately hired by her friend Hillary Clinton for her campaign, and to boot, by the synergy of Hillary Clinton’s silence on the scandal coupled to her bizarre, specious, and hysterical accusations that somehow the exposure of this wrongdoing is the fault of the Russian President Putin.

So, there are two parallel choices available to  observe the Monday, September 26,  so-called Trump-Clinton “debate” by  joining the millions of those Americans who cannot countenance the thought of voting for either candidate, and who likely constitute a majority of the electorate which easily would, or will have, won the 2016  election if they all exercise their right and civil obligation to vote for the only and,  impeccably and vastly  most suitable candidate of this traumatic 2016 election, namely the third-party  (Green Party) candidate, Jill Stein, and her equally highly qualified Ajamu Baraka running mate, two parallel choices are available.

The first choice is  Free Speech TV, which will broadcast it on its television network channel, which DirecT carries on channel 348,  and which is commercial-free and pundit-free and will be followed up immediately by a roundtable live discussion with the host of the prestigious Democracy Now program, Amy Goodman.

The second choice is best described via a link to the Jill Stein website.

This site announced that  “Despite Exclusion from the Hofstra Debate Stage, Jill Stein Will Participate in the First Debate by Making her Case Directly to the American People

That site further elaborates on how this will be happening and lists the following
“SCHEDULE OF EVENTS – SEPTEMBER 26, 2016” (with the warning that “all times are approximate as there are many spontaneous factors that can change timing)

4:30 Buses of supporters arrive at Hofstra

5:00 “Let Jill Debate!” demonstration begins

5:30 Dr. Stein holds “People’s Debate” outside Hofstra gates

Protests may continue until approximately 7:00 PM.

9:00 Dr. Stein participates in the debate in real-time via Periscope and on ( and via Facebook Live on her official page ( Watch parties across the country will be listed here:


The last comment by this writer is that the  hell-bent notion and feeble-minded attempts  to silence and sideline the evolutionary democracy upgrading activists  which  the establishment’s democracy corroding plutocratic neocon/neolib cliques have documentably undertaken surreptitiously and have partially established , as they  wrongfully and hatefully now want to in vain  lock-in their status quo gains, by carrying out a hell-bent campaign of strategy and objective of eclipsing those of us whose genuinely constitutionally democratic conscience and values do not allow us to vote for either candidate Trump or candidate Clinton, their strategy has run aground  they are have entered into a dead-end alley.

In desperation theretofore, those failed strategist of bringing about a constitutional democracy violating attempt to  establish a state of locked-in statues quos, an using such mediocre tactics of characterizing us  as  Americans living in an   “alternative universe“, what they are in denial of is that they are a tiny  and shrinking, but still vulgarly powerful , but morally pauper minority which is sailing into the sunset and therefore for their own good, they are better served by ceasing and desisting to engage in this egregious and  anti-constitutional censorship and understand that theirs is an inapplicable  and hence inoperable false charge and strategy as millennials and others young at heart have reached the level of zero tolerance for a  status quo is no longer sustainable.

By any stretch of the imagination, these critics who would and have violated these millions of Americans freedom of speech in a most disdainful anti democratic way by characterizing said huge sector of our society as “spoilers”  when they are actually a very energized, vibrant, and potent real alternative which unquestionably will further evolves as either one of these misleaders of the present misleaders to be, will take the US further in the wrong direction,  and that will at least  have  positively tremendously powerful ramifications for the 2020 election if not before it, since neither Trump nor Clinton will be able to govern on their respective platforms without the inclusion of the will of the preponderant majority of the 99% of the American people who demands an end to the toxic effects of undue influence corporatist and militarist lobbies which have hemorrhaged our treasury and the blood of our soldiers and those of the innocent civilians they have been involved in killing  in  $ 6 trillion-dollar wars since the 2003 catastrophic invasion of Iraq on the basis of false claims which resulted in the Al Qaeda/Islamic State (Daesh)  hellish calamity  phenomenon in most particularly Iraq, Libia, and Syria, all of which were relatively stable countries until then.

Things do not necessarily have to get still further worse, before they get better.

This writer additionally calls of a democracy evolution upgrade which must comprise  (a) the direct vote in American, i.e. the extinction of the obsolete and democracy stymying Electoral College, and (b) the immediate establishment of the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system.    The previous Argentum Post article titled ” The 2016 Choice-Less Election Begs For Democracy Upgrade via the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) System Now ” elaborated on this subject.

Finally a last comment which then follows the inclusion in this article of a letter to the editor of what should be all newspapers of our nation,  by an extraordinarily informed, intelligent, articulate, passionate, lady whose name is Marie Estelle Spike, who is a follower reader of the Argentum Post, and (inter alia)  the editor of the book titled

“Outcry : American Voices of Conscience, Post-9/11″.

This noble lady writer, also published an article by this writer in her above-noted book, in 2003 which is titled ” Pursuit of War on Fradulent Grounds “.

So, annexed infra, is the letter by Marie Estelle Spike which is fabulously well written critique of the Commission for Presidential Debate (CPD) which should be published in every major newspaper of the nation.

Said letter speaks for itself.  Essentially it calls for the CPD to get out its democracy obstructionism.


Dear Editor:


In 1988 The League of Women Voters withdrew its sponsorship of the Presidential Debates because “The League Refuses to Help Perpetrate a Fraud.” According to Nancy M. Neuman, the League’s president that year, the Commission on Presidential Debates or the CPD’s demands to control the selection of questions, composition of the audience and access to the press was “outrageous.”

Alarmingly, the CPD, a private corporation controlled by both the Republican and Democratic parties, has only strengthened and solidified its political advantage.  A third-party or independent candidate has not been permitted to debate the Democratic or Republican presidential nominees since Ross Perot in 1992.  The Green Party of the United States and the Libertarian National Committee have filed lawsuits against the Federal Election Commission, accusing the agency of failing to fairly regulate the debate process, as well as a legal complaint against the CPD. Both to no avail.

Even when independent and third-party candidates have attained official ballot access in a significant number of States, the CPD, instead, requires unreasonable polling criteria, which has successfully eliminated those viable and very important candidates from the crucial debates. Furthermore, these marginalized candidates are unable to get any or barely enough exposure from the mainstream media to become known to the public or even the pollsters in order to achieve the excessive 15% CPD poll requirement. They have essentially no chance to adequately inform voters about their experience, viewpoints and platforms, not only giving the Democratic and Republican candidates an unfair advantage but depriving American citizens of vital information and choices necessary for the preservation of our civil rights and democracy itself.

Aside from the politically manipulative and restrictive CPD rules, which many in America and around the Globe consider part of our system’s ‘rigged’ election procedures,  both Donald and Hillary are considered ‘flawed’ candidates by major news outlets and unpopular with the American public resulting in historically low poll numbers. Never in my life – as a 68-year-old can I remember seeing so few bumper stickers and noting deliberate silence on the subject of our presidential candidates.

Now is the time to open the debates to all candidates who have a right to be in the political limelight because they will be on the ballots in just about all states in November. As of 9/8/16, Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka of the Green Party are on the ballot in 44 states, including DC, and are qualified for write in status in another 3 states for a total of 47, and the likelihood of RI making 48 states. Gary Johnson and William Weld of the Libertarian Party are on track to be on the ballot of all 50 states.

In a thriving democracy, all voters not only deserve but have a right to be fully informed by the media and learn about all qualified candidates before they vote!  Will the mainstream media help America’s democratic process by calling for open, fair and intelligent debates on all the issues by all the certified candidates on the 2016 Presidential Ballot or will they help the major parties control and manipulate the process and outcome? I call on the NY Times to question and examine the fairness and legality of the CPD to restrict the Presidential Debates to the two major parties.

Thank you,

Marie Estelle Spike



One thought on “The Farcical Debate Between Two Presidential Candidates Who Are Documentably Misfits as White House Aspirants

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    As always, thank you for REAL NEWS and EXPERT ANALYSIS of the most vital issues affecting not only Americans, but the entire World who must be so weary of our destructive interference in their lives! Thank you as well for publishing my Op-Ed letter. Peace & hope, Marie

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