We Must Use Russia to Confront the Extremist Terrorists, but Clinton – Unlike Trump – Wants to Use the Extremist Terrorists to Confront Russia


October 5, 2016 by Alfred

It becomes painfully clearer by the day now, that Hillary Clinton is hell-bent on yet another intervention in violation of UN rules, by a violent military attack on yet another country for the sake of regime change, similar to the invasion and infrastructure destruction  and innocent unarmed lives killing war on Iraq, which she supported, and similar to the same type of UN rules violating military intervention in Libia, both of which failed to lead to any solution, in fact they aggravated the situation to all peoples involved, with the exception of the undue influence lobby of the industrial-military complex which profits from this pathological corporatist-militarist mindset of neocons and neolibs alike, but which dishonest, greedy, and corrupted politicians are hooked on.

The results of these immoral and illegal destructive interventions led to the criminal and unnecessary hemorrhaging of treasury and blood by the United States, coupled to the loss of hundreds of thousands of innocent unarmed civilians in all countries affected, which are primarily three, since Afghanistan has similarly been affected and yet now, 15 years later, the Taliban controls large portions of Afghanistan again.

Bottom line is, these interventions had horrifically disastrous consequences and primarily benefited, besides the industrial military complex, the recruiters for the extremist violent movements such as Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, and eventually the so-called Islamic State which horrified the world with its beheadings, yet our “ally” Saudi Arabia has in the past and continues to this day to use beheading and mutilations for often victim-less crimes of its own people.

This time around though, it is becoming clearer at an accelerating rate of events evolution,  that if Hillary Clinton is elected, given that she is guided by a corporatist-militarist mindset, that she is likely to push hard for a full-fledged bombing of Syria, and it that happens, the consequences could be unimaginably calamitous, since Hillary Clinton is as well focused on irrationally, pathologically and obsessively and speciously blaming Russia and its President Putin for any and all problems she is having, and that includes her hysterical reaction to the exposure of the DNC scandal by the Wikileaks publication of the e-mails which proved that the DNC’s top operatives were secretly active in conspiring to sabotage the Bernie Sanders nomination campaign, something which forced the resignation of its director, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a close friend of Clinton who immediately hired her for her campaign after the revelation of said scandal.

The consequences of a bombing campaign on Syria’s capital, Damascus, have the probable potential of bringing the US into a major direct confrontation with Russia and  that would mean an unacceptable risk of a nuclear armed calamity which must be prevented AT ALL COST.

Trump has made it clear that he wants to engage with Russia to confront the extremist terrorists, but Clinton is showing that she is ready to use the extremist terrorists, i.e. Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, which are attacking the Syrian government, to confront the Russian government.    This is simply insane and must not happen.  

At this point, weapons we are delivering to Saudi Arabia find their way to Al Nusra and Al Qaeda which in turn target the Syrian people.  Some of these weapons which we are delivering to Saudi Arabia are also being used daily in the barbaric Saudi Arabian bombings of Yemen, which have cost the lives of some 6 thousand Yemenis, and that includes 1 thousand children.  A similar bombing massacre was carried out by our other “ally” in the region, namely Israel, when in the Summer of 2014 close to 3 thousand mostly innocent unarmed Palestinians were killed and that included some 500  children.

Incredibly and scandalously Saudi Arabia is our main “ally” in this perverse approach to funnel weapons to terrorists to attempt as well to destroy Iran, besides Syria,  and Israel has a so-called “think tank” named BESA whose director, Efraim Anbar,  is going to attend an AIPAC conference in Washington, DC which already listed Hillary Clinton as one of the attendees,  where he will talk about the desirability of NOT destroying the so-called “Islamic State” in order to use it to destroy Iran (!) which of all nations in the Middle East is relatively stable, and has an evolving democracy, and which has about 75 thousand Jews living in it, in peace, this being the greatest number of Jews living in any state of the Middle East, besides Israel, and has never invaded any of its neighbors but had to fight a war of U.S. supported aggression when Sadam Hussein was our man and had Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with him approvingly.

Trump is repulsive in all manners.  However if he is elected and actually tries to empower his bizarre ideas of mass deportations, etc.  he probably  would run afoul of the US constitution and hence would become readily impeachable.

Clinton on the other hand, has a record of dishonesty, clever manipulations, and lust for hegemonic “exceptionalist” military power projection, and if she empowers the bizarre notion of attacking Syria, and somehow thinks that she will  not meet the most serious resistance and reprisal from Russia if she initiates bombing strikes, then she have taken  us closer, if not into, the potential of a nuclear confrontation with Russia, which is an abomination which must not even be imagined, much less use as chicken game.

Bottom line, while candidate Doctor Jill Stein of the Green Party is undoubtedly formidably more qualified to lead our nation into an era of peace and prosperity, it seems that a vote for Trump rather than for Clinton, would actually be a more rational and safer way for the American people to go with, regardless of character dimensions of Trump which are execrable.

Furthermore, when confronted with the nightmare scenario of us provoking Russia and coming to the margins of the unthinkable abyss of a nuclear bomb exchange, when one candidate maintains that this will not happen and the other is threatening it already, then common sense dictates that the former is actually “the lesser of the two evils”, namely Donald Trump.

What is presented infra, is a relevant segment of ‘Cross Talk’, hosted by Peter Lavelle which consists of a debate on the supra Argentum Post published article.


3 thoughts on “We Must Use Russia to Confront the Extremist Terrorists, but Clinton – Unlike Trump – Wants to Use the Extremist Terrorists to Confront Russia

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    I wholeheartedly agree! Peace & thanks 🙂

  2. Alfred,
    You’ll probably agree that these are some unbelievable surreal days seemingly soaked in irrationality, including the growing threat of world war with no resolutions proposed by either Clinton-Kane or Trump-Pence. Add to that set of disturbing circumstances the apparent low level near-collapse of support from the U.S. progressive community for the only presidential election ticket offering sane solutions for prevention of World War III, Stein-Baraka, and it becomes tough to find reasons for optimism. On the other hand, the dire situation has compelled many to act and speak out more powerfully than ever after recognizing the immense dangers. Pray the power of truth and peace prevails over the power of the war-makers. So be it. Best regards.

    • Alfred says:

      I appreciated your Argentum Post experience enriching and eloquent comment a lot, Jerry.
      It is also comforting to be reminded that there people such as you around, doing commendably what you do. Congratulations for that.

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