The Middle East Crisis With Its Infernal Consequences, is Not Being Honestly Narrated to the American Public


September 30, 2016 by Alfred

Lies, Incorporated : The World of Post-Truth Politics” by Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters, reads like a novel of horrors which are hard to believe, but given the present state of affairs as regards to our subservient and self-censoring mainstream corporatized media, the present reality when,  it is being documentably exposed, dissipates any disbelief about what deceit that is  being perpetrated  by the cooperation of undue influence corrupted interests in coordination with an ethically bankrupt environment of values.

Point in case, President’s Obama most embarrassing and absurd statement, after the declassification of the 28 documents, which have been kept secret in a vault for 15 years, and which indicate Saudi officials support for the criminals who carried out the 9/11 attacks, that the families of close to 3 thousand who were killed,  must not be granted the right to sue the Saudis because we must protect them since they have immunity and if they are sued then we will become vulnerable for our actions throughout the world and our immunity from that we are doing around the world.

This is a stunning moment in history when a President who was so popular, and so respected, and admired, is now is capable of either expressing something such as this on his own volition, or worse, is being forced by those who are bereft of principles and have jettisoned principles for the sake of nothing but perverse self-interest in maintaining an intolerable status quo of dominance by this oligarchic and plutocratic  an invisible government over the will of the massive majority of the people of this country when it comes to holding criminals accountable when their serious crimes are documented.

This comes at a time when, as a direct consequence of the criminal and catastrophic invasion of Iraq on the grounds of such falsehoods as that it had weapons of mass destruction, but most importantly at a time when Cheney, Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and many others, who deemed the 9/11 tragedy opportunistically exploitable for undertaking  a disastrous invasion of Iraq  based on lies , something which resulted in the Al Qaeda in Iraq phenomenon, and which has now morphed into an even more horrific ISIS (or Daesh) phenomenon which is decimating Syria, inter alia.

It would seem that a time like this, all of the decent, law-abiding, humanistically inclined, peoples and governments of the world would be united in the one most important mission of containing and dismembering the monstrous Islamic State  movement, which to any self-respecting  Moslem is not considered “Islamic” , nor is it a “state”.

Well, this has now documentably been shown to not be case at all.

It is now clearer than ever that Israel, the United States, and Saudi Arabia, are engaged in activities which are, shockingly surprisingly  supportive of said “Islamic State”.

To be brief, the following reality has been documented and backs this contention.

(1) Israel is supporting the notion that ISIS should NOT be destroyed, because its hate and fear mongering right – wing extremist power structure wants to use ISIS to destroy Iran, a nation which is stable, run by a relatively rational  government of elected leaders, has not invaded or attacked any of its neighbors, and has made enormous progress since 1979 when its people cast themselves of the yoke of the tyranny of the Shah which Britain and the US teamed up support by  destabilizing and thereby crushing the 1953  democratically elected government of Mossadegh .

So to document the supra paragraph see the infra paragraph.

An Israeli think tank, known by its acronym BESA, which is affiliated with Israel’s Bar Ilan University and which has been supported by the Israeli government, by the NATO Mediterranean Initiative, and by the U.S. embassy in Israel , has for  Director of said BESA think tank, a former General whose name is Efraim Anbar.

BESA is the Begin – Sadat Center for Strategic  Studies.   Its Director, Efraim Anbar claims in a paper he published on August 26, 2016 said that “The Destruction of the Islamic State is a Strategic Mistake” because it can be used for the destruction of Iran !

(2) US and Israeli weapons are being used by Al Nusra which is allied with Al Qaeda in their savage and barbaric massacres in Syria, most particularly now in Allepo.

To document this statement, there a number of sources on the subject, but most noteworthy is the one by German author and journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer who wrote the article  “Al Nusra commander :  US, Israel, Saudi’s Back ISIS“.

(3) The misleader of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, attempted rather feeble-mindedly to announce in his dishonest, inflammatory, obscenely hyperbolic statement which is an insult to the intelligence of sapient human beings that “Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas” when in reality Hamas is an elected government of Gaza and it actually had confrontations with ISIS militants.   There is no limit to the repulsive conflations dishonest politicians make, Cheney as another one who was hooked on this travesty.

(4) On the same level of dishonesty, corruption, and  perverse self-interest, as Netanyahu, the Cheney/Bush regime misled the American people into a catastrophic war which escalated into a 6 trillion interminable war fanned by the corporatist militarist complex which in effect engendered the Al Qaeda in Iraq and the Islamic State phenomenon.

For just one of a plethora of documentation for the supra paragraph, it suffices to state that the reckless neocon/neolib cabal, which included Hillary Clinton, manufactured such false allegations as that Iraq was involved in 9/11 and significant portions of Americans still believe that Saddam and al-Qaeda were in cahoots and cooperated in the 9/11 attacks.

So, to sum up, it becomes now clearer than ever that what in reality is announced in the network evening half hour evening info-tainment news shows, is partially surreal and most particularly so when  “we the people” are being fed the “new cold war” cultural programation which is intended to scapegoat everything on Russia’s involvement in the supposed fight against ISIS which however is a fight which involves endless attacks by Al Nusra and Al Qaeda with weapons the US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia has facilitated being channeled to them.

The most hypocritical aspect of officialdom’s and  the mom’s dishonesty is that while Saudi Arabia, with its barbaric policy of beheadings and of mutilations of often individuals who have committed victim-less crimes, coupled to Israel with its international law violating occupation and with its huge and daily atrocities being committed in brazen violations o the dignity and  human rights of the autochthonous inhabitants Palestine, namely the Palestinians, are considered our “allies to be protected” while Iran and Russia are singled out by the hour for demonizations which are inoperable and invalid,  or are risible such as Clinton’s protest over the exposure of the DNC scandal by the content of e-mails leaked by Wikipedia, while she immediately hired the disgraced director of the DNC, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and while Clinton remained silent about said scandalous content of these e-mails which proved how unethical and unprofessional the DNC operation is when its top operatives discuss with the director ways to sabotage the Bernie Sanders campaign by using his religion, or lack thereof against him.    It is hard to sink lower than that.

Only an immediate and intense arms embargo by all suppliers of these human killing machines, coupled by an immediate ending of all aerial bombing, and that coupled by a massive global influx of humanitarian aid brought in by the soldiers from all nations able to afford to send them, but under the UN flag and with only light arms to protect themselves, will begin to solve this infernal spiral to the abyss.

Analogously this applies to our domestic violence which urgently calls for a federal decree banning and calling for the collection all automated assault weapons, and which also bans the carrying of guns by anyone in public, with continuous random inspections of all people of all walks of life, and supported by severe fines and imprisonment in work centers, not penitentiaries, where the young and poor also have opportunities to acquire vocational or academic training.

The exception would be the possession and mandated secured storage of handguns in the residence of dwellers of homes in outlying areas which are not rapidly accessed by the police.

All those wishing to own guns for these purposes should go through similar training and registration and monitoring processes as those required for anyone wishing to drive a car.

Neither Trump nor Clinton seem suited for such a quantum leap forward in our nation and yet without it, our societal norms of civility and security will further spiral downward to unpredictable depths.







3 thoughts on “The Middle East Crisis With Its Infernal Consequences, is Not Being Honestly Narrated to the American Public

  1. aliceny says:

    The lies, deceit, destruction of our nation – certainly our democratic government processes going on right before our eyes…like opening a can of worms – not a very apt description but I am so
    soul weary and discouraged, Alfred, that I cannot think straight anymore. The ‘bought and paid for’ election is a surety as we stand idly by and watch it all take place.

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Alfred.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Systemic psychopathy in charge of the largest arsenal of weapons of mass destruction! Where will it all end?

    • aliceny says:

      I think, Marie Estelle, that we all know how and why it will all end. We are on a path of utter destruction that the world has ever known.
      I always enjoy your very apt, knowledgeable Comments.

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